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Settings I Love and want more of: Top Ten Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday, reader friends! I’m linking up with That Artsy Reader Girl again for Top Ten Tuesdays & the topic this week is: “Settings I’d Like to See More Of (Or At All).” So, I’ve dubbed this post, “Settings I Love and want more of” because rhyming is fun!

Does anyone else have a certain song running through their head now? If so, I’m sorry for passing along the earworm! Let’s hit the books! Here are the top ten general or semi-specific locations I want more of:

settings I love

frontier, homestead

I’ve always been fascinated by early settlers and frontiersmen. Having lived within a ten-mile radius my entire life, I love to taste that kind of adventure and experience wanderlust for myself! 

10 historical frontier authors


mountains, valleys

I’m also a life-long flatlander, I was in my 30s the first time I saw the Rocky Mountains in real life! I’d love to move west where I could just see them out my window and visit them anytime, maybe someday I’d even be brave enough to live on a mountain or in a valley.

Ruth Logan Herne | Susan May Warren | Nicole Deese

mountains and rope swing
Ryan Parker on Unsplash

islands, peninsulas

For someone like me who doesn’t even need a whole hand to count the number of times I’ve seen an ocean with my own eyes, stories set in places surrounded by an immense body of water are fascinating! It doesn’t even need to be a real island, I’m that easy to please!

I want more!


rural communities

I’m not talking about the touristy or charming small towns that are within an hour drive of a major city or little resort towns. There aren’t many truly rural communities in fiction. A remote and isolated ranch is more likely to be a setting than a rural community.

Christina Coryell | Varina Denman

Frances Gunn on Unsplash


Pacific Northwest/Northern Plains

Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, North & South Dakota, maybe even a little Nebraska, I’ll take it!



America’s northern neighbor has a lot of land! Surely there’s room for more stories up there!



Speaking of large land masses, Africa is huge! Why aren’t there more stories set there?


South Pacific

I know a lot of readers share my Aussie obsession but let’s not forget the Kiwis and Polynesians!


Central America

I’m not even sure I can still name all of these smaller countries sandwiched between Mexico and Panama. Need more stories!


Russia/Scandinavian peninsula

Vikings and babooshkas and surely there are more wonderful things in these countries! I want more!


Do you love any of my favorite settings?
What places are on your “settings I love and want more of” list, reader friends?

16 thoughts on “Settings I Love and want more of: Top Ten Tuesdays”

  1. Lovely list!!! I did read a good Scandi crime novel (although the setting is Nuuk, Greenland), but it did talk about Vikings and Norsemen!


  2. I definitely love the mountains and small towns! They’re my favorites. You’re always welcome to come and visit me, Beth, if you need a Rocky Mountain fix! Our beautiful valley is surrounded by mountains, and I have extra beds!


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