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All Through the Night by Tara Johnson + q&a

Hello, reader friends! We are celebrating the release of All Through the Night by Tara Johnson with a quick visit, my review, and a giveaway! 

about the author

Tara Johnson

A passionate lover of stories, Tara Johnson uses fiction, nonfiction, song, and laughter to share her testimony of how God led her into freedom after spending years living shackled to the expectations of others. Tara is the author of three novels set during the Civil War: Engraved on the HeartWhere Dandelions Bloom, and All Through the Night.

She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and makes her home in Arkansas with her husband and three children.

Visit her website and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.



Share five of your favorites.

T: Favorite indoor activity – Playing board games or cards with my kids. Our current favorite is Exploding Kittens but we are always up for new ones. Our game collection is huge.

Favorite dessert – Strawberry pie. ‘Nuff said.

Favorite scripture – Psalm 139. God has used this psalm to comfort me through some of the darkest chapters of my own story.

Favorite character type – I love humorous secondary characters. They lend so much charm, charisma, and wisdom to a story. They usually bring an opportunity for the reader to take a breath but also give the main character a chance to reflect on some sage advice . . . even if it’s delivered in a comical manner. I relate to this character because I’m a bit this way myself! Laughter is great medicine but it also speaks truth.

Favorite bookish memory – When I was a pre-teen, I would curl up in my bed with a bowl of cheddar popcorn and devour Mandie books and the Anne of Green Gables series. I would get totally lost in those magical worlds.

B: A childhood spent reading books is a childhood well spent in my opinion! 

What is your favorite activity or hobby not related to books?

T: I’m an avid basketball nerd. If I see a basketball, my fingers start itching to play. And I’m one of those annoying screamers at the games.

B: You are significantly taller than me, I’m sure that comes in handy for basketball!

Share your inspiration behind All Through the Night.

T: The character of Cadence Piper was inspired by real-life Civil War nurse Elida B. Rumsey. Elida desperately wanted to serve as a nurse in the war but was denied by Dorothea Dix because of her young age and beauty. Elida found another way in… by singing to the wounded soldiers. She quickly found herself being called upon to help boost their sagging spirits. In time, she was called to nurse at the battlefield. She was the first person to ever sing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

Joshua Ivy was created completely from my imagination but was inspired by the heroic abolitionists of the time. Many sacrificed everything for the cause, but even the bravest were not always completely pure in their motivations. While Joshua knows he is doing the right thing, however dangerous, he also uses the cause as a mask to hide his own wounds and insecurities.

All Through the Night is a weaving of real events, including an evil secret society, with fictional characters, all of whom are grappling with spiritual struggles… the need to be accepted and loved.

B: I was fascinated by your author’s note at the end of the book! Thank you for honoring these brave folks with your stories.

What book(s) are you reading right now?

T: I’m reading The Rancher’s Legacy by Susan Page Davis for endorsement. I’m a quarter of the way in and loving it. Next up is The London Restoration by Rachel McMillan.

B: Oooo! Author perks! These both look wonderful!

What is your next release and/or what are you working on now?

T: I just finished a middle-grade story about a precocious preacher’s kid named Sarah Grace. It was a delight to write! I’m currently writing two stories. One is based on the life of Dr. Mary Walker, a surgeon during the Civil War and the only woman ever to receive the Medal of Honor. The second story is about a girl with traumatic mutism who is part of the Irish slave trade during the 1800s.

B: I’m super intrigued by your second work-in-progress! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with us, Tara! 


about the book

All Through the Night by Tara Johnson

All Through the Night by Tara Johnson

With her stammering tongue and quiet ways, Cadence Piper has always struggled to be accepted. After the death of her mother, Cadence sets her heart on becoming a nurse, both to erase the stain her brother has left on the family’s honor and to find long-sought approval in the eyes of her father. When Dorothea Dix turns her away due to her young age and pretty face, Cadence finds another way to serve . . . singing to the soldiers in Judiciary Square Hospital. Only one stubborn doctor stands in her way.

Joshua Ivy is an intense man with a compassionate heart for the hurting and downtrodden. The one thing he can’t have is an idealistic woman destroying the plans he’s so carefully laid. When the chaos of war thrusts Cadence into the middle of his clandestine activities, he must decide if the lives at stake, and his own heart, are worth the risk of letting Cadence inside.

Everything changes when Joshua and Cadence unearth the workings of a secret society so vile, the course of their lives, and the war, could be altered forever. If they fight an enemy they cannot see, will the One who sees all show them the way in the darkest night?

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my thoughts

Is it just me or is it increasingly tempting to overlook a story set during painfully divisive periods in favor of more lighthearted reads? For me, after yet another year of political and social division and strife, purposefully reading historical fiction is even more of a personal mission to learn from the past than ever before.

This story is so much more than meets the eye! All Through the Night explores not only the preconceived notions ascribed to a variety of people groups (people with speech impediments, emancipated people in the North, people who have experienced homelessness, wounded veterans, etc.) but this story also tackles the inner struggles and outer abuses many of these individuals suffered daily.

This story vividly (yet tastefully) portrays medical intervention and advancements applied during the Civil War.  However, it is Cadence and Joshua’s individual journeys towards embracing their own worth in Christ and using their gifts to serve others that make this book exactly what the world needs now. I highly recommend this inspiring and fascinating story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review. Additionally, as a co-owner of JustRead Publicity Tours, LLC, I received compensation from the publisher and/or author to coordinate a promotional tour for this title. The opinions expressed are my own.


also available

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14 thoughts on “All Through the Night by Tara Johnson + q&a”

  1. I’m fascinated by Civil War books. That was such a difficult period in time and I enjoy reading stories based on those who lived during that time period.


  2. “All Through the Night” by Tara Johnson sounds like a fabulous book and one I would greatly enjoy having the opportunity to read this book on my TBR list. I love stories of all times, but especially during this time frame. I think this time is a great part of how our country came to be what it is today. Love the cover!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


  3. I’m loving historical fiction right now, and this book sounds so fascinating. I’m eager to read it.

    Thanks for the fun post, Beth and Tara!


  4. Yes, I enjoy stories that take place during the Civil War, especially when I learn more history and the stories have a Christian message. All Through the Night is on my list.


  5. I have been looking forward to this book, especially since reading her last novel. She is such a fantastic writer! Historical fiction is my favorite genre, even more so when based on real events/people. Lady Tara is great at putting the reader in the story, feeling as if we’re actually there. Thanks for sharing!!! ??


  6. I love reading historical fiction and I enjoy reading books about the Civil War era. This story line intrigues me and I would love to read this book.


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