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The Solid Grounds Coffee Company with Carla Laureano q&a

Hello, reader friends! Author friend Carla Laureano is joining us for a quick chat in honor of her new release The Solid Grounds Coffee Company!

about the author

Carla Laureano

Carla Laureano is the two-time RITA Award-winning author of Five Days in SkyeLondon Tides, and the Saturday Night Supper Club series. She is also the author of the Celtic fantasy series The Song of Seare (as C. E. Laureano).

A graduate of Pepperdine University, she worked as a sales and marketing executive for nearly a decade before leaving corporate life behind to write fiction full-time.

She currently lives in Denver with her husband and two sons.

Visit her website and connect with Carla on facebook, twitter, and instagram.



What inspired you to write The Solid Grounds Coffee Company?

C: When you’re writing a foodie trilogy that centers around a supper club and you’ve already done both your sweet and savory angles, what do you write about? Coffee, of course. I spent a lot of time writing the first two books in my favorite independent coffeehouses, all of which roast their own beans, so I thought it would be fun to give readers a peek into the small-batch artisan coffee movement in Denver.

B: I’m fascinated by this whole concept of seriously fancy coffee!

What role does faith play in this story?

C: In some ways, Bryan Shaw has a larger journey of faith than Ana, because he’s strayed so far from it. We so often think of coming to Jesus—or coming back to Jesus—at the end of the story, but there’s still our past filled with bad decisions and hurtful actions that we have to deal with. This story addresses what it means to be a changed person in the midst of your own mess. How do you reconcile who you are now with who you used to be?

B: Oh, that is such an important part of the journey!

As an author, what did you particularly enjoy about writing this story?

C: I absolutely love the banter between Ana and Bryan. Because they had been friends for years before the book starts, they’re already comfortable with each other and know a lot of each other’s secrets (which is both good and bad!). But it also makes their romantic interactions really lighthearted and fun. It’s such a contrast to other aspects of their personalities—you can just see how good they are for each other.

B: Banter?! Yes, please! I’m a complete fan of banter… and romantic interactions!

You are known for doing excellent research for your novels and truly enjoying it.  What was your favorite part of researching this novel?

C: I found the roasting process fascinating. In The Solid Grounds Coffee Company, there are a number of specific details on how coffee beans go from green to drinkable, but it took tons of books and blogs and hours of videos just to glean those few details. I even went through a free coffee-roasting class on YouTube!

That said, I had the most fun researching the dramatic climbing accident in the prologue. It took me a fair amount of research to make sure the scenario was plausible and would hold up to scrutiny by climbers. I hope I succeeded in that goal!

B: You get a gold star for dedication to research! Thank you so much for visiting with us today, Carla!


about the book

The Solid Grounds Coffee Company by Carla Laureano (Supper Club book 3)

The Solid Grounds Coffee Company by Carla Laureano

Analyn Sanchez can handle the long hours and arrogant clients that come with her job as a crisis management associate at Denver’s largest publicity firm. The high-powered job, expensive condo, and designer wardrobe are all part of her plan to prove to her family that her life choices haven’t been in vain. But when she’s asked to cover up a client’s misdeeds with serious moral and legal ramifications, she can no longer sacrifice her conscience for her career . . . and the cost is no less than her job.

Ever since a devastating climbing accident in South America eight months ago and a bad decision that dried up his sponsorships, professional rock climber Bryan Shaw has found himself at similar loose ends. When the opportunity to buy a coffee farm in Colombia arises, he jumps on it—only to discover his wandering ways have left him utterly unprepared to run a business.

When Bryan returns home and offers Ana a role in his company as a solution to both their problems, she’s desperate enough to consider working with the far-too-flippant and far-too-handsome climber, even though he’s the polar opposite of her type A nature. As they delve deeper into the business, however, she begins to suspect there’s much more to Bryan than she’s given him credit for . . . and that sometimes the best plans are the ones you never see coming.

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I am looking forward to reading The Solid Grounds Coffee Company by Carla Laureano!
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25 thoughts on “The Solid Grounds Coffee Company with Carla Laureano q&a”

  1. I really enjoyed The Sarurday Night Supper Club, so I definitely need to add her two newest books to my TBR pile. Carla Laureano definitely writes a good “foodie” book!


  2. I absolutely loved the first two books in the trilogy, and I can’t wait to read about Ana’s happily ever after! I’ve loved her character and am ready to learn more about her!


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