Happy New Year, reader friends! Our exciting announcement is finally here! 2020 marks the beginning of a new bookish adventure but I’ll still be Faithfully Bookish too!


JustRead IconAs I mentioned in last summer’s reader update, I’ve been working with Carrie and Annie of JustRead Publicity Tours since last spring. Rachel of Bookworm Mama joined the JustRead team in the fall and today marks the official announcement of our new partnership as co-owners of JustRead Publicity Tours! Head over our JustRead announcement to read all about the team plus learn more about our newest tour type. (btw, the following awesome graphic was created by Carrie and her Knightley. I adore it and my book sisters more than words can say!)

Book Sisters While this new endeavor is not the end of my musings here at Faithfully Bookish, the impact on my available time and priorities is inevitable. Despite a decrease in the number of book reviews shared, it is my hope that by continuing to increase the number of author interviews, fun lists, and giveaways shared, Faithfully Bookish will remain a source of connection and encouragement for readers and authors.

If you’re on Facebook, we’d love to have you in the Hoarding Books Support Group (don’t worry, we fully support hoarding books)! Reader (and author) friends, I appreciate you! May your 2020 be filled with blessings and happy reading!



Two (or more) fortunate Faithfully Bookish reader friends will receive a title of their choice from my book stash! Plus, I will draw two additional reader giveaway winners from the newsletter subscribers! There are about 30 Christian fiction and non-fiction titles to choose from before I donate the rest to local libraries.

Faithfully Bookish giveaway

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Newsletter winners: Joanna P. & Jess B.

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Since I effectively fell off the internet after our chat about 2019 Books To Be Read, I’d like to take a quick moment to let y’all know why. In addition to celebrating the holidays with my family, I was sidelined for over a week by a variety of now-familiar bothersome and persistent symptoms (what I suspect to be migraines triggered by our crazy midwestern weather swings and yes, I’ll be talking to my doctor soon).

My Bookstember was hugely disappointing in quantity but I did enjoy three stories of the highest quality and will be sharing those reviews with y’all soon! Rest assured, I still have plans for our usual swoof lists and late 2019 favorites and a comprehensive list of my personal top favorites for 2019.


What’s the first book you’re reading in 2020? I started reading Seconds to Live by Susan Sleeman last night, it is intensely good!

54 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. My first book of 2020 is The Santa Claus Chronicles by Rene Gutteredge and Dan Short. It’s a delightful little book about a real life Santa who tries to be more like St. Nicholas than the ho ho ho kind of guy we have now. There are some heart wrenching stories in there! I highly recommend.


  2. I love Susan Sleeman’s books. She gives so much detail about the investigation side of things. My first (full) read of 2020 is Trained to Defend by Christy Barritt. I also finished On Wings of Devotion on New Years Day (hmmm…could that be for a tour coming up?).

    Thrilled about the JustRead news. You ladies are the best and I am so thankful to count you as friends.

    Praying for your health and a very blessed new year!


  3. Seconds to live was the last book I read in 2019. The first book I read in 2020 was The Amish Marriage Bargain. I pray your headaches cease in the name of Jesus. Blessings


  4. I just finished An Uncommon Woman by Laura Frantz. It’s fantastic! I’m starting On Wings of Devotion by Roseanna White.


  5. I’m currently reading “A Refuge Assured” by Jocelyn Green, a new author to me. So far so good. I just found out about Susan Sleeman; she’s added to my TBR pile this winter. So excited about this solid crew of ladies teamed together… let the adventures begin!


  6. Glad to hear you will still be around on your blog even with your new responsibilities. I’ve found a number of books by reading your reviews! My first book of 2020 is Abraham by Jennifer Beckstrand.


  7. The first book I’m reading this year is Above the Fold by Rachel Scott McDaniel because I am WAY behind in my reading right now. December was not kind to me 😦

    Praying for you! So happy to hear this announcement. I always knew you four belonged in business together 🙂


    1. I hear ya, friend! I still need to get to Rachel’s book too. I did read a book from this summer last week though, that felt great! Thank you for the prayers and words of encouragement, Jessica!!!


  8. Just started reading PROTECTING TANNER HOLLOW by Lynette Eason.

    Congratulations on your new endeavor and my the work be more fun than work!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


  9. I always appreciate your Highly Anticipated lists. I go right to my library website and put as many of them on hold as they have. Thank you for putting those together. Congratulations and God bless your new endeavor.


    1. Thank you for the feedback, Julie! I can only see which posts are most popular from a numbers perspective. It’s so helpful to know the why and how so I can come up with more ways to connect y’all with wonderful stories!


  10. My reading of 2020 began with the non-fiction book The Wormwood Prophecy by Thomas Horn.

    Ladies, you are an amazing team! May the Lord richly bless you! ((((HUGS))))


  11. I read Susan L. Tuttle’s Love You, Truly to end December and begin January. I’m currently reading End Game by Rachel Dylan.


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