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highly anticipated early 2019 reads

It’s time to add my highly anticipated early 2019 reads to my book pile and I am in grave danger of being crushed by my tbr stack! Seriously, if y’all don’t hear from me on social media, send help!

Don’t bother keeping track of how many highly anticipated reads from my previous lists I miss. My new strategy is to simply bump each of them along in Google calendar (while ignoring the dirty looks from Trello) in hopes that I will encounter a random rainy day enabling me to binge my way through the stack. Leave me to my bookish fancies, real life doesn’t currently include enough reading time to suit me.

That said, I’ve had to make tough choices because as much as I’d like to, I can’t read ALL the books. In order to cheer for a few of the new kids on the shelf, I’ll be saving several books by some of my favorite established authors for a rainbow binge reading day.

Here are my most highly anticipated new releases for January through April! Look for reviews, spotlights, and/or giveaways of these titles here on Faithfully Bookish or Hope By The Book magazine.

click the covers to either learn more, go to my review (here or Hope By The Book magazine), and/or pre-order on Amazon 


covers unavailable for The Apricot Underground by C.D. Gill (March)

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Which of these reads are YOU most looking forward to, reader friends?
My reader heart is breaking over the MANY more wonderful titles releasing through April, what early 2019 reads would you add?

12 thoughts on “highly anticipated early 2019 reads”

  1. I’m looking forward to pretty much all of these! I’m going to be trying to do some hefty reading, too. ACK! So many amazing books!


  2. TBR lists can get overwhelming, there are so many good books out there. My favorite storylines seem to constantly change, and so I’m always editing my TBR list! Your list is a good one. A few I already had on my TBR list, and I added 5.


    1. You’re so right, Sharon! Our tastes and preferences continue to grow and I’ve found that certain seasons in life often change my reading habits as well. I’m glad you found a few more of interested you!


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