Highly Anticipated Late 2020 Reads on Faithfully Bookish

Highly Anticipated late 2020 reads

Are you ready for some highly anticipated late 2020 reads?! A less dedicated reader might be intimidated by the precarious stack of books that accusingly stare me down, day after day...

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highly anticipated early 2019 reads

I am in grave danger of being crushed by my tbr stack! Seriously, if y'all don't hear from me on social media, send help! Here are my most highly anticipated new releases for January through April! Look for reviews, spotlights, and/or giveaways of these titles here on Faithfully Bookish or Hope By The Book magazine.

2018 swoof reads: what kind of read are you in the mood for?
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2018 swoof reads

Genres, time periods, settings… we love them all! SO, what kind of fictional experience are y’all in the mood for?! Not sure? Can’t decide? I’m here for you! Last year, swoof reads was a week-long celebration so check that out then read on for this year's condensed version of the swoof files!

Cover Love: nature niche featuring the Grace Revealed series by Jennifer Rodewald #giveaway on Faithfully Bookish
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Cover Love: nature niche

Hello, reader friends! Let's have a little cover love fun and a giveaway! Finding Evergreen by Jennifer Rodewald releases next week and that inspired me to round up some of my favorite covers inspired by nature!

February favorites on Faithfully Bookish
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February favorites

Hello, reader friends! Goodbye, little February! In case you've missed some of our February spotlight posts, go check them out! AND the next installment of highly anticipated reads goes live in just two weeks!!!

On Wings of an Avalanche by C.D. Gill
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On Wings of an Avalanche by C.D. Gill

A struggling charity hospital, visa troubles, and an arrest at gunpoint leave Dr. Madison Cote at the mercy of the corrupt Malian police. Royal Air Force recruit Chip Chapman is taken captive for his piloting skills, he plans to escape until he uncovers war crimes no human could ignore. With lives in the balance, their allegiances and honor will be the least of the sacrifices required to topple a warlord.