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On Wings of an Avalanche by C.D. Gill

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about the book

On Wings of an Avalanche by C.D. GillA struggling charity hospital, visa troubles, and an arrest at gunpoint leave Dr. Madison Cote at the mercy of the corrupt Malian police. Rescue comes at a price when a warlord demands that she traffic drugs in exchange for her freedom and his protection. When the French embassy enlists her to relay intelligence on the warlord, Dr. Cote’s trapped as a civilian double agent, facing an immediate death sentence if she’s caught.

Royal Air Force recruit Chip Chapman needs to prove to himself that he can be more than his abusive father. A week before basic training, an avalanche replaces his dreams of heroism with raw survivalism. Taken captive for his piloting skills, Chip plans to escape until he uncovers war crimes no human could ignore.

Both pressed into servitude, Dr. Cote and Chip forge a desperate alliance. But with lives in the balance, their allegiances and honor will be the least of the sacrifices required to topple a warlord.

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my thoughts

With heart-pounding action and a deliciously diverse cast of characters, On Wings of an Avalanche is the most suspenseful book I’ve read this year! Culture clashes, a powerful crime boss, and corruption increase the intensity and unpredictability of the storyline and characters. 

Dr. Madison Cote is one brave, compassionate, and independent lady! Despite her personal insecurities, she is a rockstar in her profession and literally changing and saving countless lives every day in rural Mali. I applaud medical professionals like Madison who volunteer their time and risk much to help people in volatile locations.

Chip Chapman falls down a mountain and lands in the middle of a hot mess in Africa! Although his injuries make it difficult for him to get his bearings at first, his determination and compassion help Chip keep moving forward and making the best of an unthinkable situation despite the duplicity and twisted mindset of his host.

Although there are only two main characters listed in the book blurb, the author’s presentation of this story from multiple viewpoints, including complex secondary characters, creates an immersive and engaging reading experience. Once you pick this book up, you won’t want to put it down and I highly recommend it! I am eagerly anticipating more stories from this author!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review. The opinions expressed are my own.


about the author

C.D. GillC.D. Gill caught the travel bug as a young girl. Now she integrates other cultures and faraway places into her fiction. Equally as important is her desire to lend a voice to those around the world without one.

Her favorite adventure buddy is her British pilot husband who doesn’t know how to sit still and whose stories have added fuel to her wild imagination.



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I’m a big fan of international settings and characters!
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