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The Isaac Project: First Line Friday #6

Carrie @ Reading is My Superpower
Rachel @ Bookworm Mama
Sydney @ Singing Librarian Books

First Line Friday

Y’all, I really enjoy hearing what you are reading (or sitting next to) each week! This is such a fun way to grow your book wishlist and meet fellow book lovers!

Yesterday, I finally started a book that I’ve read so many good reviews on, seen mentioned all over social media, and had sitting on my Kindle taunting me for far too long! I love the pretty cover and this is her debut novel. HUGS to my Facebook buddy!

The Isaac Project by Sarah Monzon

The Isaac Project by Sarah Monzon

“In the fourth grade we made little rockets out of old film canisters, baking soda, and vinegar.”

Fun, fun, fun! Enjoying this book so far and I am so excited to meet Sarah and all the other authors, bloggers, and book lovers in person at the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat this month! If you haven’t already registered, it’s too late for this year but we’re all hoping it will be an annual event!

So, open the book nearest to you and post the first line in a comment below!

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If you’d like to share the First Line Friday fun on your blog, let Carrie know!

12 thoughts on “The Isaac Project: First Line Friday #6”

  1. He only needed to survive one more day. Then he’d be home…back on US soil.
    Bridge of Faith by Catherine West



  2. “Death hovered in the shadows of the room, a shapeless presence as familiar to Ashleigh Dougall as the scent of morphine.” The Thornbearer by Pepper Basham. That is the first line of the Prologue. The first line of Chapter 1 is equally great: “There is a distinct difference between marrying a man you do not love, and falling in love with a man you cannot marry.”


      1. She has just become a favorite author to me! I’m glad to be finally reading her books!


  3. yay!! I love Fridays 🙂 My first line at the moment is from Susan Sleeman’s book Silent Sabotage – “The scream was high and sharp, and Emily felt her aunt Birdie’s pain to her core.”


  4. That one is on my TBR list also! 🙂

    “The day before an arsonist set my house on fire, I had a long list of things to do.” ~ The Pug List by Alison Hodgson


  5. Ahhh yes!! Sigh! Another good one!! 😀

    The ground stared up at her like a wrinkled face, blistered and moaning for water as Katie mindlessly pulled the weeds that cropped up between the cracks.
    ~More Than She Dreamt by Sandy Faye Mauck


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