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Blue Wren Shallows with Dorothy Adamek q&a

I’m delighted to introduce y’all to Dorothy Adamek! She has answered a few q&a’s about her Blue Wren Shallows series for us and provided a two winner giveaway! The cover for book 2 has just been revealed and it’s a beauty!


about the author

Dorothy Adamek

Australian author, Dorothy Adamek, writes Displacement Fiction – the stories of people upended by tragedy and trauma, and their struggle to belong in their new worlds.

Couched in romance, her fiction is set in the late Victorian era.

Author of the Blue Wren Shallows trilogy, she lives at Crabapple House in Melbourne with her Beloved and their three children, twenty fruit trees and Gilbert the Library Cat.

A graduate of La Trobe University, Dorothy studied Literature, History, and Education. She taught secondary school English and English As A Second Language.

She loves black and white floors, collects blue and white china, and makes apricot jam every summer. Her favourite holiday destination is Phillip Island, the real-life setting of Carry Me Home, book one in the Blue Wren Shallows trilogy.

Visit her website or connect with Dorothy on facebook, twitter, or instagram!



What is your favorite activity or hobby not related to books?

Robert Bye on Unsplash

D: Last year, my husband and I both turned 50. Neither of us had explored Europe at great length so instead of throwing a big 50th Birthday Bash, we made the long trek from Australia to London for a few weeks. From there we followed a ‘Celebrated Authors of England’ trail by car into Bath, Stratford, York.

We took the train into Paris for the weekend, and then onto Prague. So exciting. This was all during the ‘Beast of the East’ freak unseasonal winter blast Europe experienced in Feb-March 2018 which not only dusted these cities in snow, but allowed me to make snowballs and walk through these famous cities all rugged up and giddy with bliss… right to my frozen bones!

B: That is some serious traveling! What a wonderful experience for you and your husband!

Do you have a favorite bookish habit? 

D: I like to wear fingerless gloves in the winter when I am writing. Some years ago my dear mum knitted a beautiful pair of cable stitch gloves for me from a pattern I’d found online. I didn’t realize it was such a hard pattern to follow but my mum was a super knitter and she not only made one pair, but several. I used to give one pair away on my Ink Dots blog once a year, but sadly my mum passed away last year and I only have my original, much-cherished gloves left.

Without even knowing it I often put my hand to my face while I’m thinking or reading over what I’ve just written, and the brush of those gloves on my skin is like a sweet kiss from her. I can be anywhere and she’s right there with me. I’m so grateful she persisted with that difficult pattern. And I love to wear those gloves when I’m crafting my own stories.

B: What a sweet reminder of your mama’s love!

Share your inspiration behind Carry Me Away.

Australia coast
Graham Holtshausen on Unsplash

D: Carry Me Away was inspired by the real-life sinking of a ship off the Australian coast in the late 1870s. Only two survived – a young midshipman, and the eldest daughter of a family immigrating from England. Their survival story gripped all of Melbourne, and they faced enormous pressure to marry when Victorian Era romantics begged them for a love match.

I had read that a near-death experience will often bond survivors with high emotions similar to those experienced when people fall in love. This appealed to me as a storyteller and I wanted to explore that with my own characters.

B: Oh, I am so intrigued!!!

What did you learn or discover about yourself while writing Carry Me Away?

D: I wrote and edited Carry Me Away during a dark season in my own life. My mother’s health was declining, and she died shortly after I completed an early draft of Carry Me Away.

Like my heroine, I had many losses to process and a new world to navigate. And like my heroine, it took many months and much courage to face the darkness and find my strength. My heroine’s story was always one of restoration. I didn’t expect that to be mine as well, but I’m grateful for the rough journey that saw me safely onto new shores.

B: I’m so sorry for your loss, Dorothy. Thank you for blessing readers with the fruits of that season.

What is your reading style? 

D: Paper books are always a favourite. Is there anything better than a hot bath and a good book?

But living in Australia means when I want a new release as soon as it’s live, I can download the e-book onto my iPad instead of waiting for a shipment of books to slowly cross the seas.

I don’t read on my phone, but I’m a huge fan of audiobooks and consume more books that way now. I’ve recently discovered lending apps which allow me to borrow e-books and audiobooks from my local library.

Often those collections hold ‘new-to-me’ books and I’m discovering new authors every day. Yay for books in all formats!

B: I completely agree! Be an equal opportunity reader!

What are you working on now?

D: I’m currently working on Carry Me Close, book 3 in my Blue Wren Shallows series.

B: Wonderful!

What’s your writing style? 

D: I’m a serious plotter. I will scribble in multiple notebooks until I have everyone’s backstory in great detail, and love to make up a binder of ‘all things planned’… often to discover my plans are flimsy post-it-notes that don’t stick as I thought they would.

For a plotter, I am amazed at how many nuggets I discover when I ‘think’ I’m writing to plan. But that’s the fun of storytelling for me. The layers that emerge during the writing process that deepen the story beyond where I imagined it would go.

B: You have to let those characters boss you around a little bit or so I hear!

Do you have any writing quirks? 

D: I adore writing with a fountain pen. Purple and green are my favourite inks but I have pink, blue and black inks as well. Maybe it’s because I write historical romance, but there’s something about dipping that nib into the inkpot and hearing the scratch of pen on paper that thrills me.

Add a candle and fireplace to the mix and I’ll never move. The visual of words forming and ink splattering or spilling, even the tiniest dot, is a reminder that even when I think I know what I’m doing, happy accidents always manage to sneak onto the page.

B: I’ve never attempted to write with a fountain pen. My thoughts usually don’t flow unless I have a keyboard handy… and even then it’s a trickle at best, lol!


Blue Wren Shallows

book 1, Carry Me Home by Dorothy Adamek

Blue Wren Shallows book 1 Carry Me Home by Dorothy Adamek

An Australian historical romance set in the pioneering era of the 1870s, on Victoria’s majestic Phillip Island.

Finella Mayfield hates two things: liars and thieves. And she’s determined to marry a man who’s neither. Chasing her dead father’s dreams, the twenty-year-old English bride arrives in Australia in 1875 for an arranged marriage. Anticipating her future as village preacher’s wife, she records her thoughts in her Everlasting journal.

But instead of her fiancé, Finella is met by Shadrach Jones, a poor farmer sent to collect her from the busy Melbourne pier. This is not what her father planned. And it’s only the beginning of the unraveling of Finella Mayfield ~ the bride with no groom. All Shadrach Jones longs for is rows of mustard and chicory. He’s busy growing a farm near the Phillip Island fishing village of Cowes, and caring for Molly, his simple sister. Far from the brutal life they remember with their ex-convict father, Shadrach’s building something new.

But he’s also made a promise to a dying friend. To collect and marry the English girl destined to never be a preacher’s wife. Can Shadrach convince Finella she has a future with a farmer? Can he convince himself, knowing his family secrets will haunt their future?



book 2, Carry Me Away by Dorothy Adamek

Blue Wren Shallows book 2 Carry Me Away by Dorothy AdamekInspired by the incredible true story of an Australian shipwreck and those who survived to tell the tale.

When the Black Swallow sinks off the Australian coast in 1877, Australian midshipman Tom Darley rescues English passenger Ada Carmichael from the disaster that claims her entire family. News of the only two survivors enchants the world, but Ada needs to hide before secrets and old foes find her. Tom is chasing big dreams of a crumbling house he will convert into a small hotel ~ but the promising start he’s acquired now sits at the bottom of the sea.

Inexplicably entangled, Ada and Tom lean upon each other to make sense of the tragedy that’s displaced them. But when scheming journalists observe their affection they drag Tom into life-altering riches and a news-worthy romance he cannot resist. So he arranges for Ada’s protection where only he might find her ~ the quiet Phillip Island farm of his friends Shadrach and Finella Jones.

And that’s where real trouble finds them. When heroic promises fail to shelter, and love refuses to be silenced, only surrender will pluck Ada and Tom from where life has wrecked them.

release date: November 5, 2019



Thanks to the generosity of the author, two fortunate Faithfully Bookish reader friends will win a signed print copy of Carry Me Home.

Blue Wren Shallows book 1 Carry Me Home by Dorothy Adamek giveaway on Faithfully Bookish

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Let me know if you’ll be adding the Blue Wren Shallows series by Dorothy Adamek to your tbr! It’s definitely on mine!

25 thoughts on “Blue Wren Shallows with Dorothy Adamek q&a”

  1. Definitely adding the Blue Wren Shallows series by Dorothy Adamek to my TBR list. I’m hoping sooner than later. Birthday is next month so maybe I need to leave a few hints laying around. 🙂

    Thank you for the interview. Enjoy this forum as a way to get to know the author better. I think Dorothy would be right at home in our home. We found some land with two 1853 large stone fireplaces still standing from the old homestead and designed and built our home around them with one in the living room and one in the bedroom. I don’t know about writing places, but they sure make great reading spots.

    Sharing and hoping to be one of the very fortunate ones selected. Thank you for the chance! ❤
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


    1. Hi Kay,
      You are SO right. That’s exactly the kind of threading of history into our refashioned story that I adore! Especially the bedroom fireplace. What a fabulous idea. Perfect for reading, all year round.
      Good luck in the giveaway. 🙂
      Dotti xo


  2. I enjoyed reading this author interview, and what a Beautiful person you are Dorothy ! I am so very sorry for the loss of your mama, but happy for you that you have your cherished gloves she made you. I lost my mom 6 months ago, mama’s are the Best.Your books sound live very good reads and the covers are Beautiful! I will be adding them to my TBR list. Have a Great week. God Bless you and your family.


    1. Hi Alicia,
      Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry you’ve had to say goodbye to your mama, too. Praying for peace for your grieving heart. Lovely to ‘meet’ you here and I hope you get to read the Blue Wren Shallows series soon. xo


  3. I enjoy author interviews because they give the reader an idea of how the author creates and builds the story they share. I’m sure each writer has their own unique writing style and I enjoy learning a little bit about the author behind the books I read. Ms. Dorothy’s interview was great! I will definitely be adding the Blue Wren Shallows series to my “to be read” list. The series sounds beautifully enchanting and I love a good clean romance!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the first book, Carry Me Home.


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