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Favorite Tropes: Top Ten Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday, reader friends! I’m linking up with That Artsy Reader Girl again for Top Ten Tuesday & the topic this week is: “Favorite Tropes.” Just in case y’all don’t know, I love romance! Here are ten of my favorite romance tropes (in no particular order) and an example from my “all-time favorites” shelves:

favorite tropes

Friends to Romance

Just a Kiss by Denise Hunter

This trope may well be my top favorite because the Master Storyteller used it for my own real-life happily ever after! I love the awkward transition from friend zone to falling for you! Been there, done that… nearly twenty years ago.


Adversary Attraction

The Red Feather by April Gardner

Whether it’s a bratty neighbor from childhood or a ruthless business competitor, given the right characters and circumstances passionate dislike can spark into undeniable attraction.


Friend’s Sibling or Sibling’s Friend

An Elegant Facade by Kristi Ann Hunter

Sometimes your friends’ siblings and siblings’ friends are like an extension of your own sibling set but I love it when that dynamic shifts and a decidedly not brotherly or sisterly love blossoms!


Second Chance

Falling For You by Becky Wade

The timing was wrong or the circumstances prohibitive or the relationship just plain blew up in their faces the first time around but it wasn’t enough to completely kill those warm and fuzzy feelings… this love is something old and something new!


Common Cause

Characters have plenty of opportunities to get to know one another while spending time together and working towards a shared goal. A few shoulder brushes and knowing smiles can go a long way.


Relationship of Convenience

The Esther Paradigm by Sarah Monzon

From mail-order brides to marrying for the sake of children to fake fiancees, I love when choosing to love or pretending to love eventually becomes the full-blown attraction and devotion variety.


Opposites Attract

Count Me In by Mikal Dawn

He’s an athlete, she’s a bookworm. She’s a city gal, he’s a farmboy. Characters who come from different backgrounds or have seemingly opposite interests can find middle ground and romance!


Confirmed Bachelor/ette

They love their independence or work too hard or have meddling mothers or hey, they’re actually wise enough to wait for the right person! From spinsters to workaholics, maybe there really is someone special for everyone.


Protection Obsession

Characters don’t have to be professional bodyguards to be committed to providing protection or security. Safety can be a pretty intoxicating feeling and dangerous situations too!



Tropes are tropes because they work! So why not mix it up and combine the tried and true into something brand new?! I love seeing my favorite story-types mashed up together.


What are your favorite tropes, reader friends?

14 thoughts on “Favorite Tropes: Top Ten Tuesdays”

  1. Love a good friends romance, and of course, the convenience romance is a favorite. I still LOVE The Breath of Dawn even though I read it years ago. Makes me wonder if I’d like it as well were I to re-read it today. 🙂


  2. I am here for that adversarial attraction trope, yes ma’am. I think my husband and I qualify as opposites attract in a way, guess I’m down with that too;)


  3. Second chances are great in relationship stories, and I’m fond of common causes bringing people together too. Totally agree! Mash ups too where we get a new take on an old idea- that’s fun. 🙂


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