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Once Upon a Laugh novella collection

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Ready for a book collection you can’t put down? Eight brand new contemporary Christian romantic comedies are here to keep you company. Some of your favorite inspirational authors have come together in this collection of all-new novellas. From light-hearted romance to laugh-out-loud love, this set will put a smile on your face and keep you reading long into the night.

Jane by the Book by award-winning author Pepper Basham
She lives by the plans. He talks to imaginary characters. Can they team up to solve a family mystery?

Crossed Out by USA Today bestselling author Christina Coryell
Ruth Erickson always spends her morning break doing the crossword puzzle. Tate Darrow just messed it up. What’s that old saying about love and war?

If She Dares by Mikal Dawn
He’s a board game champion, but can he win her heart?

Definitely by award-winning author Heather Gray
Dating isn’t on her to-do list. Dating a pastor? Definitely not.

Under the Honey Moon by Jessica R. Patch
A honeymoon cottage reunites a pair of childhood friends. Can it offer them a future filled with happily-ever-after?

A (wildly) Wonderful Wedding by Krista Phillips
They may be the worst maid of honor and best man in the history of weddings…

Save the Last Word by award-winning author Betsy St. Amant
When conventional meets creative, who will get the last word?

The Long Game by award-winning author Laurie Tomlinson
Whoever said all is fair in love and war never dealt with small-town football…

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my thoughts

These stories are absolutely delightful! I have been looking forward to this novella collection ever since I finished reading last year’s Love at First Laugh collection! I’m hoping a few of them release individually so I can purchase print copies because these entertaining stories are perfect candidates for re-reading!!! If any of these authors are not on your radar, check them out because they should be!

Jane by the Book

Y’all, this story has changed my life… I will never look at shoulders or corgis or chocolate milkshakes in the same way again. Jane and Titus are now and forever dear friends of mine. This story is sweet, quirky, and at times, flat-out hilarious yet earnestly authentic. For a little novella, packs a plot-punch with a historical family mystery, fiction within fiction, and honest discussions of faith.

Crossed Out

Single mom Ruth is a hard worker with an exceptionally clever and charming young daughter who happens to be crazy about pets. A grieving and broody Tate enters their lives in a Darcy-esque manner with his camera and newly inherited poochie pal. Once y’all fall in puppy love with these characters, hang out with them again in previous Beards and Belles novellas.

If She Dares

Lia has mad skills when it comes to organization. Garrison is a bonafide hoarder in need of a twelve step program. I love the sweet attraction between these two and their genuine friendships with Allegra and Tyler. Although I’m not a fan of dares, I think y’all will be happy with the results of the little daring contest that erupts between Lia and Garrison!


Annie is a whirlwind. As a single mom and entrepreneur, she juggles tasks and roles like a pro. Unfortunately for Paul, she keeps herself nearly too busy to think things through. I can sympathize with both characters but especially Annie who has worked hard to overcome grief and circumstances to arrive in her safe and secure comfort zone… but I think God likes to keep us on our toes!

Under the Honey Moon

Juliet has built a little B&B paradise in her small hometown with a lot of help from her best bud Tuck. This birthday girl is tenaciously holding onto an old wish and schoolgirl crush. Enter Bowie, tall, dark, and more handsome than ever… and things get complicated in a hurry! I adore this story and I’m looking forward to more Honeyhaven installments but mostly, I want more Tuck (pretty please)!!!

A (wildly) Wonderful Wedding

Danielle and Drake have a rocky history but neither has ever told anyone of their connection. The animosity is thick when these two are unexpectedly thrust together for the culmination of their best friends’ whirlwind romance but Dani and Drake are determined to save them from making a big mistake. I love these down-to-earth characters and the humor, heartache, and healing in this series!

Save the Last Word

I adore Zoe! She is a talented, compassionate young woman and she isn’t afraid to dance to the beat of her own drum. Ben is a great guy despite the years of enduring his overbearing father’s influence and pressure. The way these two empower one another to be their best selves is encouraging and inspiring (as a matter of fact I was inspired to find even more stories by this author).

The Long Game

High school, ugh. I applaud the courageous men and women who work in schools, it is not a place I wish to return to. Annie agrees with me yet she has carved out a musical oasis for creative students to grow and thrive… until her budget is slashed. Ryan is one of the good guys but his jock status makes it difficult to dodge Annie’s past and present disappointments. This story is completely captivating!

I purchased this collection. The opinions expressed are my own.


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Pepper Basham Mikal Dawn
Jessica Patch   


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9 thoughts on “Once Upon a Laugh novella collection”

  1. YAYAYAYAYAY!! Beth, you are AMAZING!!! Thank you for loving our stories! I love you like Titus loves chocolate milkshakes


  2. Great review! I’m so excited to dig into this novella collection and the one from last year, too. The description you gave for each novella makes me anxious to start reading ASAP. It sounds like a fun read.


    1. Thank you, Chanel! Unfortunately, last year’s is no longer available but I linked the individual titles I was able to find (or the author’s latest) in the “also available” section so you can get all caught up that way! Happy reading!


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