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Top Ten Tuesdays: Characters that remind me of myself

Happy Tuesday, reader friends! Thanks to the encouragement (aka peer pressure) of my dear friends Carrie (Reading Is My SuperPower) and Rachel (Bookworm Mama). Okay, I admit they didn’t exactly twist my arm but they did make it look like so much fun that I couldn’t resist any longer… I’m linking up for the first time with That Artsy Reader Girl for Top Ten Tuesday & the topic this week is:

characters that remind me of myself

Like me, Julia Jenkins (When You Look at Me by Pepper Basham) is an introvert (as is her love interest Henry). Her boisterous daddy reminds me of my big-hearted mama. We both appreciate the value of both solitude and quiet conversation.

Eleanor Morgan (The Captive Heart by Michelle Griep) lives in the woods with a bear of a man and I love visiting the woods with my teddy bear guy. We’re both a bit out of place in the great outdoors but a capable bearded husband helps!

I have my fair share of quirky tendencies and Elinor Bosarge (Blown Together by Janet W. Ferguson) has an abundance. We both love stories and our pets (although my pup is decidedly more adorable than her hairless cat!)

Although Sloane Bradley (With No Reservations by Laurie Tomlinson) and I are both bloggers and instagrammers, she is decidedly more successful. We also share a love of office supplies, organization, and food!

As the eldest of a gaggle of sisters, Elise Neumann (With You Always by Jody Hedlund) and I have learned the value of sisterly relationships the hard way. Our take charge (bossy) attitudes aren’t always appreciated but we love fiercely.

Ruthie Turner (Jaded by Varina Denman) and I share many experiences of the good, bad, and unpleasant of small town life. Her escapades at the local Dairy Queen and random rural gathering places remind me of my own hometown.

Mamas cooped up at home raising kids so long that they become socially awkward?! Oh yes, Daphne Blakemoor (A Return of Devotion by Kristi Ann Hunter) and I have much in common including a shared love for the quiet country life!

Sierra Rose (Troubled Waters by Susan May Warren) and 1 are behind the scenes gurus, working to make other people’s jobs easier like the oil in a well-oiled machine! We sometimes feel left out but our teams appreciate the made from scratch cookies!

Faith O’Connor (A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman) and I have learned all about the joys of marriage and attraction. At the risk of making some of my reader friends blush, I’ll just say we each quite enjoy our husband’s company and kisses.

Nora Bradford (True to You by Becky Wade) and I share an avid enthusiasm for books and genealogy! Although I haven’t convinced my husband to let me dig any deeper into his family tree, he is the strong protector type like Nora’s squeeze, John.

bonus classics

Mary Ingalls of The Little House series
Diana Barry of the Anne of Green Gables series
Meg March of Little Women
Jane Bennett of Pride and Prejudice

What characters remind YOU of yourself, reader friends?
If you know me, feel free to suggest a character I’ve missed.

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays: Characters that remind me of myself”

  1. Jane Bennet was on my list initially but then I had too many options and had to cut it down. There are aspects of Meg March and Mary Ingalls I relate to, but I think I feel more kinship/understanding with Jo and Laura! 🙂


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