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Of Rags and Riches romance collection

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Of Rags and Riches Romance CollectionJourney along in nine historical romances with those who lives are transformed by the opulence, growth, and great changes taking place in America s Gilded Age.

Nine couples meet during these exhilarating times and work to build a future together through fighting for social reform, celebrating new opportunities for leisure activities, taking advantage of economic growth and new inventions, and more.

Watch as these romances develop and legacies of faith and love are formed.

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My Thoughts

This collection is the perfect fit for readers seeking a variety of bite size yet satisfying stories. As an added bonus, there’s also an excellent chance of meeting a new author (which opens the door to MORE satisfying stories… YAY!).

While I won’t take time to comment on each individual story (there are NINE of them after all), I especially enjoyed learning little tidbits about baseball, horses, and fly fishing and my heart melted over homeless orphan children, a secret safe house, academic pursuits (library dates? yes, please!), and a sibling in need. Every story within this book is graced with a swoon-worthy, strong, and heroic male lead.

It’s no surprise that we as readers enjoy rags to riches stories and tales of love rising above all circumstances, think of The Prince and the PauperCinderella, Ruth and Boaz, Esther, and a whole host of modern movies I won’t bother to list here! This collection is a delightful smorgasbord of Gilded Age romance and heartwarming entertainment.

I requested the opportunity to read this book through the publisher. The opinions expressed are my own.


About the Authors

Michelle Griep

Erica Vetsch

Susanne Dietze

Anne Love

Gabrielle Meyer

Natalie Monk

Jennifer Uhlarik

Jaime Jo Wright

Kathleen Y’Barbo


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What is one of your favorite “rags to riches” or “love conquers all” stories?

5 thoughts on “Of Rags and Riches romance collection”

  1. The last one I read and loved has to be To Win Her Favor by Tamera Alexander. I think it hits all the bases – love conquers all, rags to riches, good over comes bad, love of animals, happy ending and more. 🙂


  2. Good morning Beth!

    I so agree Beth, rags to riches stories are so enjoyable to read. I have this book, Of Rags and Riches on my very looooong TBR list.

    The most recent rags to riches novel I read was A Name Unknown by Roseanna White. Wow, what an incredible story! It certainly has it all, from orphans on the streets of London, thieves who become a family unit from those orphans, an impressive disorganized library!, a handsome stuttering hero (who is a writer!), an adorable little girl, danger lurking, fire, romance, secrets and so much more.

    Blessings, Tina


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