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Childhood Favorites: Books I Loved

Happy Tuesday, reader friends! Once again, we’re linking up with That Artsy Reader Girl for Top Ten Tuesdays & the topic this week is Childhood Favorites! I’ve organized these in the order I first read them (to the best of my recollection).

We rarely had pets in our home so I could always relate to Emma’s Pet. Of course, I ended up wishing for a big ol’ teddy bear just like Emma’s daddy but marrying one was a good substitute! My kids have a copy of Emma’s Pet on their shelves.

I read the American Girls Collection when there was just Felicity, Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly. I never wanted the dolls but I always wanted more books! I’m delighted that my daughters especially can still read about these girls and more!

Sarah, Plain and Tall was probably my first mail-order bride story (way before I even knew that was a thing) and I still love that romance trope! I’ve also passed Sarah down to my kids but I didn’t know there were so many books in the series! I need to remedy that!

Perhaps my fascination with tiny houses can be blamed on several installments of The Boxcar Children. I know I didn’t read all of them but I was always impressed by the way the kids worked together despite the occasional sibling dispute.


Where the Sidewalk Ends is an essential pick for every kid’s home library! Silverstein’s timeless humor intices even the most reluctant reader and his illustrations are just as charming as his whimsical and lyrical prose.

I still remember my fifth-grade teacher reading Daddy Long Legs aloud one chapter at a time to the class. Of course, I read and reread the story time and again since we all had our own copy and I’ve never been able to put a good book down.

Island of the Blue Dolphins appealed to me because I have always craved solitude and sharing a room with a younger sister means rarely achieving that state! So, I did what I do best, find a quiet corner and escape into the pages of a book!

The wildness of Alaska has always appealed to me (at least in story form) and Julie of the Wolves was my first taste of that frozen wilderness. Self-reliance and a connection to nature make this story an unforgettable reading experience.


I literarily spent years in the Sweet Valley universe and I sped through those series long before I was mature enough for the content of the high school/young adult editions! Even at the tender age of ten, I loved big books and I still remember reading the Sagas every chance I got until the last page!

I’ve often declared my fondness for Anne so I’m sure y’all aren’t surprised to see her here! My first taste of this series was thanks to the interlibrary loan system through my little hometown library but I loved the stories so much that I bought all eight Anne of Green Gables books! No small feat when there are no bookstores within bicycling distance.


What are some of YOUR childhood favorites, reader friends?!

18 thoughts on “Childhood Favorites: Books I Loved”

  1. Anne of Green Gables has long been a favorite of mine! In fact, my love for the series is also due to my childhood days and a library summer reading program! One particular summer, they allowed me to choose a free book each month, and that was how I began my collection. And I love, love the fact that my daughters currently also enjoy the series with me.
    I also loved those American Girl books.
    Thanks for sharing this! 🙂


  2. Talk about a walk down memory lane! Boxcar Children were easily my favorites but I also loved the American Girl stories and Little House on the Prairie.I love the Anne of Green Gables books but I was actually an adult when I first read them


  3. “Perhaps my fascination with tiny houses can be blamed on several installments of The Boxcar Children.” — You know, I also loved this series and am fascinated by tiny houses. You may be on to something… At the very least, this definitely encouraged my “playing house” as a kid. Which was considerably aided by the fact that my dad added a window to an old woodshed in our yard and turned it into a playhouse.


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