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The Unexpected Champion: First Line Friday

Happy Friday, reader friends! We’ve been celebrating the High Sierra Sweethearts JustRead Takeover Tour & Giveaway on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter this week so today’s featured book should be no surprise! The first line of The Unexpected Champion by Mary Connealy represents the wit of the series well.

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The Unexpected Champion by Mary Connealy

The Unexpected Champion by Mary Connealy cover

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Dismal, Nevada—never had a town ben named so right.


I’m so excited to read this final book in the series and I’ll be sharing my review with all y’all as part of a dedicated blog tour and giveaway for The Unexpected Champion next month!

The Accidental Guardian by Mary Connealy  


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12 thoughts on “The Unexpected Champion: First Line Friday”

  1. Happy Friday!

    Today on my blog, I’m sharing the first paragraph from A Silken Thread by Kim Vogel Sawyer: Currently I’m reading Ladies of Intrigue by Michelle Griep, so I’ll share a line from there.

    “Mr. Farris and the soldiers thundered off, but despite the danger disappearing into the dark, Helen’s heart still beat an irregular tattoo, for Isaac strode toward her.”

    Hope you have a great weekend. Happy reading! ?❤?


  2. Happy Friday!
    On my blog today I shared the first line from When You Are Near by Tracie Peterson: but I’m now currently reading The Baggage Handler by David Rawlings so I’ll share the first line from my current chapter (4) here: “David corralled his nerves and forced them into one knee, which bounced an erratic dance as he sat in the reception area of Sisyphus Financial’s top floor.” Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. I have enjoyed many books by Mary Conneally. I need to pick up this series. Here I will share the first line of the chapter I’m currently on in The Heaven Answer Book by Billy Graham. The question is: Will we grieve for lost loved ones when we are in Heaven? The first line of the answer is: In God’s glorious presence, all our concerns and griefs will be erased. Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Happy Friday! My first line is from “How the Light Gets In” by Jolina Petersheim:

    “The caskets were closed, of course.”


  5. I’m looking forward to The Unexpected Champion soon, too! I’m sharing from General Meade: A Novel of the Civil War by Robert Kofman on my blog, here’s the first line from the next book I’ll be starting, Beauty in Battle by Robin Patchen:

    “Darkness swallowed Harper’s rental home even before Jack navigated his pickup around the corner.”

    Happy Friday!


  6. I’m sharing the first line from The King’s Mercy by Lori Benton on my blog today, and that’s what I’m currently reading. It’s my first Lori Benton book and I’ve heard great things about her writing, so I have high expectations!

    Alex MacKinnon roused to the press of wood beneath his cheek and an ominous churning in his gut.


  7. My first line is from chapter 20 of A Hero for Miss Hatherleigh by Carolyn Miller.

    Today had proved a day of wonders, enough to make Caroline almost believe there might be other miracles to be seen from this God the Kirbys trusted.


  8. Bridgy Mayfield’s aunt Ophelia tapped her extra-long, shocking pink fingernails impatiently on the countertop beside the cash register.
    CAUGHT READ-HANDED by Terrie Farley Moran
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


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