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First Line Friday: Secretly Yours

Happy Friday, reader friends! In honor of Valentines Day, we’re celebrating with a special edition of First Line Fridays!

I’ve been lost in enthralling stories this week, I wouldn’t be passionate about this book blogging gig if I wasn’t an honestly avid (often compulsive, possibly obsessive) reader. I hope y’all, being like-minded bookish folks, will forgive me when I disappear for a day or two now and again but rest assured, I will sit down for a blog binge soon and share the book love!


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Secretly Yours by Valerie Comer

Secretly Yours by Valerie Comer

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“Please say yes!” Madison begged. Lindsey Solberg leaned out the car window and into the freezing wind. Had she ever been as enthusiastic about anything as her sixteen-year-old sister was now?


Ah, younger sisters! I have three and it never ceases to amaze me how different the four of us are. Lindsey here has the added complexity of being her sister’s guardian. Wow. I didn’t even like babysitting my sisters (and I got the distinct impression they didn’t like it either). Their story has a happily ever after and the other titles in the series follow four other couples in the Riverbend community so there’s something for everyone!

Riverbend Romance series

These stories are super sweet, y’all need them. The five titles are available as individual ebooks (Secretly Yours is only $0.99!) or as a collection in ebook or paperback. First Line Fridays on Faithfully Bookish hosted by Hoarding Books

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18 thoughts on “First Line Friday: Secretly Yours”

  1. I’ve read a few of these and enjoyed them. I’ll have to get the rest!

    I’m sharing the first line from April Gardner’s latest release, Love the War Woman, on my blog, but right now I’m reading a romantic suspense called ‘Panama Deception’ by Jennifer Haynie. Here’s the first line:

    “He was next.”

    Short and maybe not so sweet!


  2. I am sharing from A Heart Most Worthy by Siri Mitchell over on my blog, but here I’ll share from You’re The One That I Want by Susan May Warren. “No one died tonight, not if she could help it.” Happy Friday!


  3. This is one of the Valerie Comer books I’ve read. I need to dive into more.

    The first line from a book I plan to finish this weekend: Wyatt Paxton never realized coming home could be as bittersweet as leaving. -A Sea Before Us by Sarah Sundin


  4. Oh I want to read this series now!! I’m going to check my library after I post here!

    Happy Friday!

    Today my First Line Friday comes from a book I will be reading next week. A Mother’s Gift by Charlotte Hubbard.

    As Lenore Otto sat on the bed with Leah, wistfully watching the dusk of late November fill her daughter’s room, her heart was torn.

    Have an awesome weekend!!


  5. Heaven only knows I should have brought back a tote sack full of beignets that day, like I’d planned, and NOT a sales flyer for the old Sweetwater mansion down the road.
    By Sandra Bretting


  6. These are new to me, but they really sound like super fun stories! I’ll have to check them out! Thank you for sharing them today! Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. My first line is from Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer:
    The cheerful tinkle of a bell alerted Grace Mallory to the arrival of a guest.


  8. That sounds like a fun book.
    First line from Love’s Bright Tomorrow by Naomi Rawlings.
    The dream came in waves, soft and gentle at first.

    Happy Friday!


  9. Happy Friday! The book I’m featuring on my blog is Rumors and Promises by Kathleen Rouser. Since I’m on chapter 14, I’ll share the first line from that chapter here. “I insist that you stay here and rest today, Sophie.” Have a wonderful weekend!


  10. Happy Friday!

    Today on my blog I am sharing the first line from the new novella by Bell Renshaw, As Easy As Riding A Bike. It’s a really fun read.

    I am currently reading The Captain’s Daughter by Jennifer Delamere. I am LOVING this story so much. I am just beginning chapter 7, so I will leave that first line here:

    “Rosalyn drew the blanket around her to ward off the chilly night air as the carriage moved briskly down the near-empty streets.”


  11. I love the covers all side by side – so pretty!

    I’m featuring Kill Shot by Susan Sleeman on my blog, which doesn’t have any link to pink or hearts (although it is romantic suspense so there is some romance). I’m currently reading, Focus on Love by Candee Fick which has a Valentine’s Day scene, even if it’s not central to the plot. Here’s the first line:

    Elizabeth Foster ripped the Christmas wrapping paper from the box on her lap


  12. The covers to this series are attractive. On my blog I am showcasing Elaine Orr’s Jolie Gentil series. I am reading TILL DEATH DOUS PARTY “Landing in Las Vegas was somewhat akin to touching down in Oz.”


  13. I wonder what she is begging for 😉 My lines from the blog: “It was her favorite dream.

    The golden dagger lay before Valia on a velvet cushion. Beautiful. Powerful. Deadly. She picked it up, the golden hilt ice cold against her skin.”

    These are the lines of a much awaited conclusion of the Falling Kingdoms series: Immortal Reign by Morgan Rhodes. Happy Friday!


  14. Prologue

    Vincentio Rossi lifted his glass of ten-year-old Lombardi Brunello di Montalcino, closed his eyes, and sniffed the complex bouquet of the ruby red wine. – Lethal Legacy by Irene Hannon

    Happy Friday and Happy Reading


  15. I love all of Valerie’s covers, and this one in particular – it makes me smile 🙂

    My current first line is from Missy Tippens’ new novella “Her Valentine Reunion” (in the Back to You collection) – In a preemptive strike against the Valentine’s Day funk that hit her every year in February, Abbie Rogers had been working on her latest craft project she’d dubbed Operation Kill Cupid.”


  16. I know I’m late but yesterday was busy! Happy Weekend! My first line is from A Langhorne Romance (which is in Right Where We Belong collection) by Deborah Raney.

    “No sooner had Lily O’Neal plunged her hands into the sticky bread dough than the doorbell rang. Why did it always work that way?”


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