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Top Ten Tuesdays: Authors of my favorite genre + setting

Happy Tuesday, reader friends! I’m linking up with That Artsy Reader Girl again for Top Ten Tuesday & the topic this week is: “Books From My Favorite Genre.” Well, I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite genre so let’s improvise!

My first love will always be historical (especially with romance) but even then I find it impossible to narrow this list down to only ten books… I love giving a big enthusiastic shoutout to some of my favorite authors, maybe that would work!

Well, that list was also way too long… so we’re focusing on authors who use my favorite settings within my first love genre! Here they are (in alphabetical order because I certainly couldn’t rank or rate them, I love them all!):

authors of my favorite genre & setting

historical fiction with a frontier, homestead, and/or mountain setting


Pepper Basham

Pepper Basham

If you’re a fan of Christy by Catherine Marshall, this is a must-read! I’m a huge fan of Basham’s stories from any time and place!


Lori Benton

Her masterful storytelling and vivid details of Native American culture and frontier living captivate me every time!


Joanne Bischof

 Sons of Blackbird Mountain by Joanne Bischof

Regardless of the time period, her stories work wonders within my reader heart!


Mary Connealy

The Accidental Guardian by Mary Connealy

Her one of a kind sense of humor and witty banter always entertains me.


Laura Frantz

A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz

She’s not afraid to make good use of caves or tree trunks in her beautifully researched stories! 


April W. Gardner

April W. Gardner The Red Feather by April Gardner

The stories of her epic Creek Country Saga should be savored!


Michelle Griep

The Captive Heart by Michelle Griep

It’s hard to go wrong with a handsome bearded mountain man hero but Griep does everything right!


Jocelyn Green

The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green

Envisioning places and communities in their early days through the pages of Green’s stories never gets old.


Pam Hillman

The Promise of Breeze Hill by Pam Hillman

I’m beside myself with anticipation for the next book in this series, it put the Natchez Trace on my bucket list of places to visit!


Shannon McNear

I’ve only read one book by this author but she brought everything I adore about frontier mountain stories to life so beautifully that I knew she had to be on this list! I am looking forward to her next release!


Is there a genre or setting that makes your reader heart go pitter-patter?
Share your favorite genres and settings in the comments and tell me which authors you most enjoy as well!

26 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays: Authors of my favorite genre + setting”

  1. Reall great list! For another “frontier” novel, The Pelican Bride by Beth White. It combines my love of history and the Deep South where I live. I featured suspense novels with lawyers written by lawyers today on my blog.


  2. Wonderful list! Now I want to read Pam Hillman’s books, too. My family and I explored parts of the Natchez Trace on our roadtrip home from New Orleans (research trip for The Mark of the King!).


  3. Yes! I kept thinking how much Pepper’s Blue Ridge book reminded me of Christy. I think that is why I loved it so much. The Captive Heart was one of my favorite reads in 2017. Love the others too. And I thank you for introducing me to April W Gardner’s books. They are sooo good.


  4. Wow you picked all my favorites. I loved Beth White’s Pelican Bride and the other two in the series. I have also been enjoying The Mayflower Brides series. The early ones have the “ Last of the Mohicans “ vibe! Lori Benton’s new one The King’s Mercy is set around the same time as Pam’s series! It’s great!


  5. Joanne’s books are always beautiful, and someday I might give Mary’s a chance again. I also remember liking what I read of “The Captive Heart,” but am not sure if I ever finished it…! Thanks so much for the visit to Finding Wonderland, Beth Erin. Always nice to chat with you!! 🙂


  6. Well, you just hit the jackpot with everyone who ALSO loves this setting! And I’m going to check out Beneath the Blackberry Moon. I ‘think’ I’ve seen it but maybe not? Thanks Beth!


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