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Hand-Me-Down Princess: First Line Friday #30

First Line Fridays

Happy Friday, y’all! Readers, bloggers, and authors, we’re one big happy circle of friends and we couldn’t do what we do without the support of this bookish community. Thank you for being here and I hope you’re blessed by the experience.

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Hand-Me-Down Princess by Carol Moncado

Goodreads | Amazon

Carol Moncado

 “Nothing like being a hand-me-down Princess.” The words mocked Jessabelle over and over as she stared at her reflection in the mirrior.

Well, since the title is half of the first sentence, I had to go for two lines! This book is one of those can’t put it down stories. Great contemporary romance with a hint of suspense and royalty to boot!

The Brides of Belles Montagnes series

So, open the book nearest to you and post the first line in a comment below!

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21 thoughts on “Hand-Me-Down Princess: First Line Friday #30”

  1. Yay Carrie! And I’m going to have to check out some of Carol’s books. I suspect I have some hanging around on my Kindle… ????

    My first line comes from my favourite art fraud investigator, Serena Jones in ‘Another Day, Another Dali’ by Sandra Orchard:

    “I tore my gaze from the porch that wrapped around the drug dealer’s house and cringed at the number on my phone’s display.
    Mom said there’d be days like this.”


  2. This is from “Jane Eyre,” by Charlotte Bronte. This book is a great favorite of mine. I’m moving around, this first line is from Chapter 31. “My home then, – when I at last find a home, is a cottage; a little room with whitewashed walls and a sanded floor, containing four painted chairs and a table, a clock, a cupboard, with two or three plates and dishes, and a set of tea-things in delf.” 🙂


  3. It was a terrible night to die. Tangled Webs by Irene Hannon

    Happy Friday, Beth! See you tonight at Carrie’s par-tay! 🙂


  4. I love books with royalty story lines. 🙂

    My first line for the week is:

    A Spy’s Devotion by Melanie Dickerson

    April 1811. London, England.

    “Mr. Nicholas Langdon wasn’t supposed to be here. Miss Julia Grey blinked, but he was still standing across the room from where she sat at the pianoforte.”

    Happy reading and happy Friday!


  5. I’m rereading Cold Shot in preparation for Book #2 in the Chesapeake Valor series by Dani Pettrey.
    “Fog wafted over the silent hilltop, dancing in eerie waves amidst the centuries-old trees, the weathered trunks the sole markers of the lost graves littering the grounds surrounding them.”


  6. I read Spring Raine by Delia Latham yesterday, it will be release Feb. 24, 2017. Here is the first line.
    For a moment she couldn’t breathe, and then the barest whisper passed her lips–half spontaneous praise and half simple awe.


  7. “Only a limited patch of Earth could claim the privilege of belonging to Texas. Not that he despised the rest of the world for its misfortune, but there was a difference.” from For the Record by Regina Jennings. That second line just needed to be included.


  8. May 1813

    ​Was this the night she would actually die of tedium, triviality, and hypocrisy?

    ~A Viscount’s Proposal by Melanie Dickerson


  9. This week my first line is from Hunting the President: Threats, Plots, and Assassination Attempts – from FDR to Obama”:

    “President Roosevelt, the only president elected four times, who led America during the Great Depression and through World War II, was the target of would-be assassins who threatened to bomb his train, blow up the White House, and simply shoot him.”


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