My Hands Came Away Red FLF

Hello, reader friends! Today’s featured title is highly recommended by one of my most trusted reader friends! Check out the first line of My Hands Came Away Red by Lisa McKay below, then open the book nearest you and share the first line!

We are officially moved over to our new host site and while it was a bumpy transition, I am already pleased with the improvements! As much as I’d love to get all caught up here on the blog, I’m starting to think that may never happen, lol!

Hopefully, now that all the kinks seem to be worked out and everything is running smoothly, I’ll be able to get back into a rhythm of posing more consistently. That will have to wait until Monday because we’re taking a family weekend in celebration of our sixteenth wedding anniversary!

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My Hands Came Away Red by Lisa McKay

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It only takes a day and a half for the dreams to find me again.


This story is highly recommended by two of my most trusted bookish friends so you can bet it went straight to my wishlist! The cover is pretty irresistible, right?!



Lisa has generously provided an ebook copy of My Hands Came Away Red for TWO Faithfully Bookish readers!

My Hands Came Away Red by Lisa McKay ebook #giveaway on Faithfully Bookish ends 9/21

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17 thoughts on “My Hands Came Away Red FLF”

  1. On my blog, I shared the first line of Alessandro D’Avenia’s “White as Silence, Red as Song,” but here I will share something from my current read, “Strange Grace” by Tessa Graton. I’m currently 25% into the story and I’m enjoying it! This is the first line of the current chapter I’m on.

    “Three year ago, when Arthur was nearly fifteen, his best friend, Rhun, stopped the along the narrow deer path they’d been stalking along, and kissed him.”

    Hope you’re having a great day! Enjoy the weekend ahead. 😀


  2. Haha! Twinsies! And it is soooooooo good!

    I’ve just finished reading Lisa Harris’s new release “A Secret to Die For”:

    A sharp clatter jerked Grace Callahan out of the novel she was reading.

    Hopefully the same won’t happen to you! 😉

    And congrats on the wedding anniversary!


  3. Happy Anniversary!

    My first line is –
    Marie Bachmann
    December 2013
    I wish I could say I was overcome with happiness as my sister Jessica pledged her life to her beloved. But I wasn’t.
    “A Simple Singing” by Leslie Gould


  4. My first line comes from Thunder and Rain by Charles Martin.

    Five years ago

    Andie grabbed the pommel, slid her foot in the stirrup and hopped up on May-a fifteen-hand black cutting horse with white socks.

    Happy Friday and happy reading!


  5. Happy Friday!
    Today on my blog, I am sharing the first line from Tracy Groot’s novel The Stones of my Accusers. Currently, I am reading Finding Us by Heather Moore. So far, it’s a fun book. One of those books that has me smiling with each page! I am starting chapter 7, so I will leave the first line from there.

    “Opening the bookshop on Saturday morning wasn’t as bad as Felicity thought it might be.”

    Hope you have an excellent weekend filled with quality reading time!


  6. Happy Friday! The book I’m sharing on my blog is “Out of the Storm” by Jody Hedlund. Since I’m still reading it, I will share the first line of the fourth chapter here. “Isabelle,” called Henry from the bedroom. “I need you!” May your weekend be all you’re hoping it will be.


  7. Happy Friday! After preparing my blog post sharing first line from Shelley Shepard Gray’s Her Fear, I ended up reading the entire book. So here I’ll share the first lines for a novella I plan to read soon, Come Fly with Me by Gina Welborn and Becca Whitham:

    Please, let him not be here. As Luanne Palmer climbed the stairs to the second floor, she muttered “please” after “please.”


  8. Thanks for the post, Beth! I’m glad you’ve got things figured out for your blog. I’ve seen a few posts on this book elsewhere, and I’m so intrigued!


  9. Happy Anniversary!

    I’m sharing the first line from All Made Up by Kara Isaac on my blog this week. It’s currently available for pre-order, and it’s another winner in my totally biased opinion 🙂

    I’m currently reading Delayed Justice by Cara Putman. Here’s the first line:

    “It’s time to go, sweetie.”

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Happy anniversary!
    This week on my blog I shared the first line from Playing for More by Case Keenum to celebrate NFL season. (I feel the need to share that I’m a Colts fan). I am also currently reading Indivisible by Travis Thrasher so I will share the first line of that here: “She carries the memories and always will.” Hope you have a great weekend with plenty of reading time! 🙂


  11. This is a timely story and this happens all the time; people getting caught up in other countries’ violence. It sounds suspenseful and adventurous. I look forward to reading the book.


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