Just One More Chapter

Hello, reader friends! As much as I would like to write just one more chapter in this blogging journey, it is time to set blogging aside. For now, my book-loving story will continue on Instagram @faithfulbookish (see sidebar).

about blogging

When I started reviewing books six years ago, I did not anticipate the many blessings God would bestow on my life through over five years of blogging. I shared about a few of those blessings and the early years of my reading journey during my first blogging anniversary. Since then, Faithfully Bookish has also opened doors for me to pursue seasons of professional book reviewing, judging for various book awards, graphic design, branding, beta reading, and most recently, a wonderful business partnership.

Thank you to all the blog readers, authors, publishers, and collaborators who have made all of this possible.

about priorities

Different stages of life require different priorities. Being the best wife, homeschooling mama, and business partner that I can be requires prioritizing those roles over others.

As we enter our 2021-2022 homeschool year, we have two children in high school and two in elementary/middle school. Just as I chose to set pleasure reading aside to nurture our marriage and then babies, it’s time for me to come full circle and focus back on these growing kids.

More time and energy are needed to provide our children with a successful high school experience and prepare them for adulthood. They are my most important reason for setting blogging aside during this season. We are readying our precious arrows for their flight into the future.

As mentioned above, I will continue to spread the book love on Instagram (readers who are not on Instagram can see posts displayed on the homepage, in the sidebar, and some images are also on Facebook). As seasons allow, I’ll also be updating our bookish bargains on the shop page.

Working with my book sisters to support authors and publishers through JustRead Publicity Tours will be my primary bookish outlet. My role in our business combines my nerdy administrative bent with my heart for promoting and supporting authors (and publishers) of entertaining, encouraging, and redemptive stories.


One (or more) fortunate Faithfully Bookish reader friends will receive a title of their choice from my book stash! Plus, I will draw additional reader giveaway winners from the newsletter subscribers! There are over 20 Christian fiction and non-fiction titles to choose from before I donate the rest.

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What chapter of life are you in, reader friends? I’d love to hear what’s going on in your world and what wonderful books you are reading (or writing).

40 thoughts on “Just One More Chapter”

  1. Hi!
    I understand your priorities are your children and hope you can still be able to read for enjoyment!
    I’m retired so have lots of time to read and review Christian Fiction. It has become pretty all consuming for me. Always looking out for great books to apply for and contests to enter! There are so many great books and they just keep coming. And lots of debut authors, too. My favorite genres are Historical and Suspense/Mystery but I’m becoming fond of Dual Time also.
    Some great books I’ve read recently are: Yours is the Night by Amanda Dykes and A Midnight Dance by Joanna Politano. Under a Bayou Moon by Valerie Fraser Luesse. And upcoming:
    The Mistletoe Countess by Pepper Basham and Undercurrent of Secrets by Rachel Scott McDaniel.


    1. Hi Paula! Yes, I am at least reading a little bit each night before bed. I agree that Christian fiction has a bright future! Love your book selections, happy reading!


  2. Howdy! I live in a 3-generation household & help care for my nephew. I greatly admire you homeschooling your kids…and am a bit jealous!! We did try it for 4 years, and found he really does better in a fuller classroom setting. I’m looking forward to planning actual vacations for next spring & summer, while working & saving up money. 🤪🥰📚 Be blessed in your next endeavors!!


    1. Hi Becky! I’m thankful that we as parents and caregivers have so many educational options available to build the best plan for each child. It’s nice to have something like travel to look forward to. Thank you and safe travels to you!


  3. Wishing you the best as you open a new chapter. We, too, are in a new stage of our lives as kids grow up and become more independent and parents age and need help.


  4. I totally understand, Beth. You’re wise to put your priorities where they need to be. Children grow up quickly, and it’s important to spend quality time with them while they’re young. I miss you, my dear friend (and cousin)! ❤


    1. Thank you, Carol! God is so good to us. I appreciate all the encouraging comments you have shared here from the beginning. We will be seeing each other on Instagram for sure.


  5. Best wishes with this new stage in your life. I’m adjusting to life without my parents and most days feel lost. I’m busy canning and still sorting my moms belongings. Blessings.


  6. If I were a book, I’d be in the later chapters. I’m fine with that because isn’t that when things really get exciting and with wisdom and having been around the block we learn some of life’s answers.

    With things the way they are and with many medical issues, we are content to stay at home. Thankfully hubby and I both love photography and are visited daily by a wide array of critters for photographic subjects. 🙂 I’m enjoying the summer time with fresh veggies out of the garden and since we are at home all the new flowerbeds we have put in. Still hoping that things will turn around for the good and we can travel again to see this countries many wonders.

    Always enjoyed your blog and getting your emails telling me about amazing books and authors out there. You have lead me to many great reads. Thank you!

    May you succeed in all you branch out in and you always enjoy the wonders of reading!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


    1. Kay, you are exceedingly wise! It has been a joy to get to know you through our interactions here and love of stories. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!


  7. since the pandamic started we have been trying to keep the children motivated to be able to go to the classsroom this year ,but they are confused because so many children are sent home to quarintine. The children are also trying very hard to understand these very difficult times.


  8. I understand the shifting of priorities! We start our school year tomorrow…my daughter just went back to college for her second year and I am still homeschooling my son who is in 11th grade.


  9. Your blog was one of the first I started reading and following. I’ve found many books from reading it! My season of life is being married and caring for my elderly mother who has dementia. I love reading as an escape. Sometimes at night I’m too tired to do anything except read! I’ll look forward to connecting on Instagram.


    1. Hi, Beth! I’m currently editing and paring down on my reviewing. My dad has dementia and my brother is living with them trying to be of help yet he’s not helping like he should be. I feel like I’m in a real sticky wicket.
      I’ve homeschooled and know the priority it calls for.
      You’re a dear friend and I hope God rains down blessings on you.


    2. Hi Ellie! I’m so honored to be part of your reading journey. Reading is a wonderful balm in trying times. My heart goes out to you as you care for your dear mama.


  10. I’m really going to miss your blog, but I admire you for choosing to put more important things first and recognizing you can’t do it all. I hope this new season in your life is full of wonderful blessings and if you do return to your blog in the future I will be very excited.


    1. Megan, thank you so much! I do hope to return in some capacity in the future whether it’s hunting down bookish bargains or participating in Top Ten Tuesdays or featuring author interviews, we’ll just have to wait and see! I appreciate you and your kind words more than I can say.


  11. Hi, you will be greatly missed on your blog, but life takes us on different directions and for the better. I truly appreciate you. My husband and I are both retired, our 2 children are all grown up and they both have little families of their own. We were Blessed with 3 grandchildren. Now my husband and I go for daily walks with our pup Honeybear who is 8 yrs. old. we are taking it easy and enjoying each day as it comes. Thank you so much for your generosity. Have a great week and the Very Best to you and your family. Have a great week and stay safe. God Bless you and your family.


    1. Alicia, your season of life sounds wonderful and I look forward to it while cherishing each moment. I also appreciate you, reader friend! Being part of your reader journey is an honor. I’m hugging you in my heart right now and may God bless you and yours as well.


  12. Wishing you all the best, and totally understand how life takes us on different twists and turns. I truly believe the Lord leads us where and in the direction we need to go in. I have no doubt that He has great adventures coming your way! Maybe at some point, He will lead you back to your blog. For now, I will just follow along on your Instagram and pray that life brings you much joy and great things to celebrate. Thank you for sharing and reminding us all that it’s just fine to put yourself and your family’s needs first. I think we should all do more of that! God bless!


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