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Driftwood Dreams by T.I. Lowe + q&a

Hello, reader friends! In honor of new release Driftwood Dreams by T.I. Lowe, we are chatting with the author and celebrating this heartfelt coastal contemporary romance!

about the author

T.I. Lowe

Tonya “T. I.” Lowe is a native of coastal South Carolina. She attended Coastal Carolina University and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where she majored in psychology but excelled in creative writing.

In 2014, Tonya independently published her first novel, Lulu’s Café, which quickly became a bestseller. Now the author of twelve published novels with hundreds of thousands of copies sold, she knows she’s just getting started and has many more stories to tell. She resides near Myrtle Beach with her family.

For a complete list of Lowe’s published books, biography, upcoming events, and other information, visit her website or blog or follow her on facebooktwitter, or instagram!



What inspired you to write Driftwood Dreams?

T: Don’t we all want our dreams to come true? Absolutely, but how many times do we assume our dreams are too big? I want readers to see that doesn’t have to be the case. To not allow circumstances or the boxes that people tend to put us in to hold us back. I say go for it!

B: We’re made to be creative and share our gifts, I completely agree!

Driftwood Dreams by T.I. Lowe quote graphic Faithfully BookishWhat role does faith play in this story?

T: It takes a heavy dose of faith to dream. Just giving over our hopes and desires to God to do as he sees fit, knowing that sometimes means the answer is no. But we won’t know if we don’t pursue it.

B: Amen! 

What lessons or truths do you hope people take away from Driftwood Dreams?

T: The Bible verse for this book is “No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father” (Matthew 5:15-16). We all have unique gifts, discovered most times through our dreams. We are to use our gifts to shine a beautiful light on just how wonderful God truly is.

B: Absolutely! This is one of our first memory verses for the kids.

What was the most difficult part of writing this story?

T: This is a sweet contemporary romance, so the difficulty of not presenting issues too darkly was always on my mind while sharing Josie’s bout with depression. We all have seasons of despair, so I wanted her experience to be relatable to readers. And I loved how she used her experience with depression to reach out and offer support to a friend going through a dark season.

B: Yes! Thank you for including that thread.

As an author, what did you particularly enjoy about writing this story?

T: The oldest member of the Knitting Club has a more prevalent part in this story. Dalma Jean is considered a senile old lady whom everyone thinks they need to take care of, but the clever woman ends up taking care of people in a sneaky way that was so fun for me to reveal to the reader, at times even before revealing it to other characters. Fans of Lulu in Lulu’s Café will definitely fall in love with this eccentric yet wise lady.

B: Oh, without a doubt! Thank you for chatting with us, Tonya!


about the book

Driftwood Dreams by T.I. Lowe (The Carolina Coast book 2)

Driftwood Dreams by T.I. Lowe

Josie Slater has allowed the circumstances anchoring her in Sunset Cove to become a life sentence. Since her mother’s death years before, she’s spent most of her waking hours helping her dad run the Driftwood Diner. As her best friends, Opal and Sophia, make their dreams come true, Josie watches her own art school aspirations drift on by. But when a French-speaking Southern gentleman from her past moves back from Europe, Josie is launched into a tizzy of what-ifs and I-sure-do-hope-sos.

August Bradford left Sunset Cove six years ago to sow some life oats and conquer his ambitious career goals. Finally ready to lay down some roots, the successful artist is back in town and determined to win Josie’s heart. When he enlists Josie’s help in the preparations for a children’s art camp, Josie finds herself unleashing her artistic side in a way she hasn’t since before her mother’s death. August hopes to convince Josie to paint a life with him, but the problem is convincing her to let go of her apprehensions and give him—and her dreams—a fair chance.

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my thoughts

Driftwood Dreams is a beautiful little contemporary romance. “Beautiful” because of the cover and print quality and the excellent storytelling within. “Little” because of its physical mass-market size but that’s where the smallness ends. The heart of this book is big with humor and sass to spare plus not-so-light-and-fluffy real-life topics.

Driftwood Dreams by T.I. Lowe quote graphic Faithfully BookishJosie reminds me of a dainty bird who remains trapped by a bruised heart long after her broken wing has healed. I commiserated with her as she blundered her way through memories and future fears. Her artistic gift mesmerized my mind’s eye and her compassion challenged my heart to speak louder to my hands and feet. August is a brush-wielding Casanova with a heart of gold. I enjoyed peeling back the layers of his personality and I’ll leave the depths of that discovery for other readers to reveal for themselves.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, T.I. Lowe gently probes the heart with authenticity, hope, and humor. The quintessential coastal town of Sunset Cove is an irresistible setting for this heartwarming and masterfully delivered series. I highly recommend Driftwood Dreams by T.I. Lowe and I am eagerly anticipating the final Carolina Coast novel.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review. Additionally, as a co-owner of JustRead Publicity Tours, I received compensation from the publisher and/or author to coordinate a promotional tour for this title. The opinions expressed are my own.


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The entire Carolina Coast series releases this summer!



Thanks to the generosity of the publisher, a print copy of Driftwood Dreams by T.I. Lowe will be sent to one fortunate Faithfully Bookish reader friend!

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I can’t wait to read the final installment of the Carolina Coast series!
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17 thoughts on “Driftwood Dreams by T.I. Lowe + q&a”

  1. I just recently obtained a copy of LuLu’s cafe that I need to read. This new to me author sounds Like she writes a wonderful beachy read. It sounds perfect for the summer! Driftwood Dreams will definitely go on my TBR list.


  2. I would like to read more about her story. Finally getting a chance at love and her dreams after all but giving up on it . Sounds good


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