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Once Upon a Christmas collection + FLF

Happy Friday, reader friends! Are you ready for a Christmas story or five?! Check out the first lines of Once Upon a Christmas novella collection by Andrea Boyd, Mikal Dawn, Toni Shiloh, Angela Ruth Strong, and Jaycee Weaver below, then open the book nearest you and share the first line!

Find new ebook deals under $2 on the shop page! Gift one to a friend and spread some bookish cheer! As always, I only share books from authors I am familiar with or those that have been recommended to me by a well-read friend. Feed your ereader or Kindle app or try the Kindle Unlimited program or take the 2 free audiobooks Audible trial for a spin! Whichever way you choose to enjoy your stories, I wish you hours of happy reading this weekend!


Once Upon a Christmas collection

Once Upon a Christmas novella collection



Upon a Dream by Andrea Boyd

Something was amiss.


Claim My Heart by Mikal Dawn

Huang Li Na peered out the window that exchanged Denver snow with Seattle drizzle and eyed the worker bees on the ground… 


A Snow White Christmas by Toni Shiloh

“I love you, Mara, not Amala.”


Christmas Ella by Angela Ruth Strong

If Paxton King was anything like his stepsisters, picking him up from the airport was going to be a wicked job.


A Splash of Love by Jaycee Weaver

“Gabrielle!” Sirene’s sharp voice echoed through the empty women’s locker room.


my thoughts

This collection is packed with enjoyable reads! I love the variety of writing styles and the creative modern-day spins on our favorite fairy tales. Sleeping Beauty and her quirky aunts deliver an interesting behind the scenes peek into the life of a historic theater. Mulan and her hero deliver an intense legal battle seasoned with non-stop laughs and heart. The reality-tv spin on Cinderella in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was loads of modern western wintery fun. The Little Mermaid retelling set on the Las Vegas strip and amidst the vibrant art scene of New Mexico was an unexpected delight. I highly recommend this collection and my teenage daughter enjoyed it as well!

I borrowed this title through the Kindle Unlimited program. The opinions expressed are my own.


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8 thoughts on “Once Upon a Christmas collection + FLF”

  1. Over on my blog I’m sharing the first line from A Match for Emma by Pepper Basham.
    Here I’ll share with you the first line from chapter 5 —
    “There was something about front porch swings.”

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of bookish delights!


  2. Happy Friday! ?

    Over on my blog I’m sharing the first line from Misleading Miss Verity by Carolyn Miller: I’m currently reading Once Upon a Christmas, a novella collection. I’ll share a line from there:

    “Stretching her arm, Li slammed her hand on her phone and tapped to snooze the alarm.”

    Hope you have a great weekend filled with awesome reading time. ?❤?



    Since it is three novellas, I’ll give the first line of each one.

    Jamesport, Missouri

    Nothing is going right.

    GINGERBREAD WISHES by Laura V. Hilton

    The frigid air sliced through Crist Petersheim’s thrift shop parka, sweatshirt, and old flannel shirt.


    “I have something exciting to tell you!” Rosemary said, her voice singing within the small confines of Monroe’s buggy.


    2clowns at arkansas dot net


  4. I’m currently reading More Than a Pretty Face which is Karen Witemeyer’s novella included in Serving Up Love. I’m on chapter 2 so I’ll share thet first line of that chapter here. “Rosalind Kemp approached the new Santa Fe Depot from the west, making use of the exterior door that led directly into the kitchen.” I hope you have a nice weekend!


  5. Happy Weekend! My first line is from “The Strength of Their Love” by Kimberly Rae Jordan:

    “Forrest Williams slammed his hand on the nightstand, trying to find his phone so he could shut off the racket the alarm was making.”


  6. My first line is from The Pursuit of Home by Kristi Hunter

    Marlborough, England 1816
    Sometimes, despite time, distance, and a significant amount of ignoring it, the past never quite went away.

    That fairytale book looks especially good!


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