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Beautiful in His Sight by April W. Gardner

At first, I wasn’t sure what to think about this time period and location leap by one of my favorite early American era authors but Beautiful in His Sight by April W. Gardner is just as beautiful as her Creek Country Saga which I simply adore!

about the book

Beautiful in His Sight by April W. Gardner

Beautiful in His Sight by April W GardnerIt’s 1917, and Halifax is at war. Silas Quinn, street sweeper and army reject, remains on the home front, shunning God and society as religiously as they shun him. But the night he stumbles across a half-frozen prostitute, his eyes blink open, and his greater purpose is born: preserve and protect.

There’d been a day when shop girl Helen Fraser was desperate enough to believe a few nights in a brothel would cure her troubles. By some miracle, Major Jack Gordon deemed her worth saving, but Helen knows her meticulously recreated identity cannot last. What she doesn’t expect is for its destruction to come about, not by a john or one of the madam’s goons, but by a force great enough to flatten a city and bury her alive.

Set against the backdrop of the Halifax Explosion, Beautiful in His Sight is a Christian historical romance that explores unequivocal grace and identity in Christ.

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my thoughts

These genuine characters, fast-paced plot, and fascinating historical details keep those pages turning and inspire further investigation into the facts behind the fiction!

Silas has numerous heroic traits. He is protective, loyal, hard-working, compassionate, humble, the list goes on and on! Silas loves in a way that reflects the love of Jesus, sacrificial and unreservedly. As the hero of this story, he (and Our Savior) looks past outward appearances and circumstances to the heart of a person.

After the hardships Helen has endured, she doesn’t dare hope for a loving man to embrace her. Even after she is freed from her precarious situation, she continues to carry guilt and shame. Helen’s inner struggles remind me that we often choose to punish ourselves by holding true freedom at an arm’s length instead of embracing the gift of grace in our lives.

Oh, if only we would see ourselves how God sees us, how He created us to be, instead of chaining ourselves to the distorted visions created by the lies of this world. As always, April W. Gardner delivers a poignant and vivid story that showcases a moment in history and Biblical truths. I highly recommend this story!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review. The opinions expressed are my own. 


about the author

April W. GardnerA military spouse, April has performed the art of homemaking all over the world. Currently, she lives in Georgia with her two children, and USAF spouse. She is unashamedly a child of the King. In her free time, April enjoys reading, organizing, and DIY. In no particular order, she dreams of owning a horse, visiting all the national parks, and speaking Italian.

After a year gaining experience as content editor with Clean Reads, April is now a freelance editor, certified through the University of California, San Diego. As a way to give back to the writing community and to promote Christian fiction, April founded and runs the literary contest site, Clash of the Titles.

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Creek Country Saga

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Have you ever heard of the Halifax explosion?
Are you adding Beautiful in His Sight by April W. Gardner to your tbr?

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  1. How am I just now seeing this?? I receive your posts via email AND you posted on my FB page, so how I missed this post is beyond me! But I’m totally delighted that you enjoyed the story. Thank you, as always, for your support!


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