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Nicole Deese: author spotlight

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Faithfully Bookish

Reader friends, I am delighted to introduce y’all to today’s featured author! I’ve been enjoying her books for years! She is sharing her favorite travel must-haves, her latest bookish news, and a giveaway!

About the Author

Nicole Deese is a full time lover of humorous, heartfelt, and hope-filled fiction.

When she’s not writing a sweet romance, she can usually be found reading near a window while drinking a La Croix.

She lives in small-town, Idaho with her happily-ever-after hubby, two rambunctious and smarty-pants sons, and a princess daughter with the heart of a warrior.

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Five Favorite Must-have Items to Pack

Nicole: Seeing as my current heroine in A New Shade of Summer, Callie Quinn, is a free-spirit who loves to travel the world on a whim, I figured I should probably create my own must–have packing list.

Although, for those of you who have read the book already, please do not hold me to the same minimalistic standard as Callie. I am not a low-maintenance traveler. Just ask my husband—or er, on second thought, please don’t.

Beth: Oh! This is so timely! I need to make my packing list for our vacation soon!

KindleA fully-charged Kindle (with plug!)

Nicole: Only once did I leave on a trip and NOT bring the charging cord for my Kindle. But one time was all it took to make the dreaded nightmare of a dead screen a reality.

So now I throw in the plug regardless of trip length. You just never know, friends. A plug could make or break your next vacation. Is it really worth the risk? I think not.

Beth: My reader heart hurts for your painful Kindle-less memories! 

Curly hair products

Nicole: The struggle is real for us curly-hair folk. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stranded somewhere without my trusty frizz-taming hair gel only to have to somebody say, “Hey, let’s take a selfie that I’ll forever post to your Facebook page to mark this memorable moment in the timeline of our friendship….”

Yeah, they never really say that, but still it happens. So now my curly hair products take the top two spot on my list.

Beth: I’m completely fascinated by curly hair. Mine is as straight as a board and always has been.

notebook and penJournal or notebook

Nicole: So yes… I’ve been known to jot down book premises on airplane napkins, Walmart receipts, and—heaven forbid—the backside of insurance bill envelopes. But when an idea strikes—it strikes!

So now I try to never leave home without some kind of small journal or notepad to write in. And for all those techy people out there saying, “Why don’t you just use the notepad on your iPhone?”

Because there’s just something soul-satisfying about scribbling out a note to myself by hand. (Even if I can’t read said note come book proposal time.)

Beth: I like to make lists just so I can cross items off the list. Like so…

Make list.
Cross items off list.
Make another list.

Suitable Snackage

Nicole: Okay, so I know what you’re thinking: Really, you take up space in your carry-on bag with snacks? Yes, I do. But please hear me out.

I recently traveled to Asia for three weeks and, well, let’s just say I’ve since learned my lesson on poor snack packing. Five days into an eighteen-day trip (and lots of unexpected tummy trouble later), I recognized the value of packing “safe” and “reliable” food.

Believe me, when you start to covet (and salivate over) the long-past expired protein bar at the bottom of your husband’s sweaty traveling backpack, you realize a re-prioritization is in order before your next adventure abroad.

Beth: Snacks are a must!!! 

Cozy Slippers

Nicole: My friends may laugh at me when I pluck my cozy, black Isotoner slippers from my purse, but believe me, come midnight I will be the one laughing. At them.

Sure, maybe I do look like my great-grandmother after one of her retirement Bingo nights, but my feet were not made to wear uncomfortable shoes all the day long.

I mean, come on! Why would I wear real shoes when I could wear sensible slippers? (P.s. This is the same logic I use when talking about my precious yoga pants.)

Beth: Happy feet are serious business. 


Tell us about your latest release

Nicole: A New Shade of Summer was a lot of fun for me to write–especially when I wrote from Callie Quinn’s point of view. She brought so much joy and positivity to my heart, even in the midst of a difficult patience-building trial in my “real” life.

I truly fell in love with Davis and Callie, and their story is one I will treasure for many years to come. Their journey to love kept me sane during the long months of adoption paperwork and international approvals. I’m grateful theirs was the story God gave me to write during that season.

A New Shade of Summer by Nicole DeeseAs an artist, Callie Quinn relies on inspiration to guide her wandering soul. This summer she accepts a short-term muralist job in her sister’s charming town to spend some much-needed time with her family. After meeting her nephew’s friend, Brandon, she’s eager to draw out his untapped artistic talents—however, it’s the boy’s straitlaced single father who could use a little color in his life.

Davis Carter may be the town’s favorite animal whisperer, but his experience is limited when it comes to understanding his preteen’s rebellious behavior. Desperate for a breakthrough, he follows the lead of a free spirit who claims to know the way into his son’s closed-off world. Soon, Davis isn’t the only one caught up in the hope of a new beginning.

Just as Callie considers trading her unattached existence for a life rich with promise and permanence, an unexpected visit from the past threatens to send her packing once again. Davis and Callie must learn to surrender their fears so they can find a love that will outlast the summer.

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Beth: Eeep! I’ll be reading Davis and Callie’s story SOOOON!!!


What are you working on now?

Nicole: I have a couple new book ideas plotted (with help from my faithful critique partners) and I’m ready to get some words on paper! I took a bit of a needed respite after adopting our beautiful daughter from China this past July, but now my writer brain is powered on and I’m anxious to meet my new characters.

Beth: Congratulations! I’m so thrilled for your family! Even little changes mess up my swoof and I don’t need near as many words as you do! Thank you so much for visiting with us, Nicole!


Nicole Deese has generously offered to send one fortunate Faithfully Bookish reader a print copy of A Shade of Summer!

A Shade of Summer by Nicole Deese giveaway on Faithfully Bookish

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What are YOUR five favorite packing must-haves, reader friends?

47 thoughts on “Nicole Deese: author spotlight”

  1. I love traveling!! My five favorites are:
    1. iPhone charger
    2. Mountain Dew
    3. leggings because I’m not sitting in the car all day in jeans! ????
    4. At least 1 paperback
    5. Same as Nicole. My curly hair needs mousse!! Wind and humidity are the devil! ????


  2. It almost goes without saying but first thing is a good book or two to read. My other must pack items are a hair dryer (after traveling to Maine in the late fall to find that not ALL motels furnish them), my Tempur-pedic pillow (with many medical problems this is essential even with all the motel pillows), small ice chest with some Diet Pepis and Diet green tea for late night drinks (no trips down the motel corridor to the coke machine for me) and at least 4 days more medication than the trip is scheduled for (we are always taking a last minute detour to see or do something else). You can tell I’ve never flown since my items are things that take up a lot of space and that you wouldn’t consider for a flight trip. 🙂


  3. a must have for packing…roll everything! I roll a whole outfit together for my kiddos. Works great to fit everything in and great when you arrive for each outfit to be in one place 😉
    ❤ Nicole's style of writing! Pretty sure A New Shade of Summer is my favorite of hers so far 😀


  4. Some good books to read
    Chargers for all my devices ????
    Comfortable clothes for travel
    Hair dryer and curling brush
    Healthy snacks…
    Among other things!


  5. 1. iPad & charger cables
    2. Enjoy or Unite Leave in conditioner – no mousse for this curly girl. (I love this stuff because you can use it on dry hair. We could seriously have a great conversation about curly girl products).
    3. Books
    4. My medium velcro roller – (tames the bangs & lets the rest dry naturally).
    5. My favorite worn in Levis long sleeve denim shirt (I get cold).


  6. I’m with you on the Kindle! I also like to bring chapstick (since it’s humid where I live, I always dry out when I travel), a sketchbook and pencils, wintergreen Lifesavers, and if it’s a road trip, 5 Hour Energy!


  7. Kindle is definitely number 1. I take mine EVERYWHERE. And I mean EVERYWHERE. You never know when you’re going to find yourself stuck with nothing to do! But absolutely essential on a holiday.

    Second is probably my water bottle. Love my water! Hmm, after that, I’m not so fussy. And quite frankly, thinking about what to pack is one of the worst parts of going away!

    Loved this spotlight! ????


  8. 1- Books. That includes at least one paper book and my kindle, as well as a charger for said kindle.
    2- Flip-flops. Because this girl can’t live without her flip-flops! ???? And odds are I’m not gonna be traveling anywhere that’s so cold I can’t wear them.
    3- Aloe Vera gel & hair spray. Because without those, my hair would be a nightmare to live with! *cringe* (Btw… Nicole, I just love your gorgeous curls!! Growing up, I was always envious of my sister’s curly hair.)
    4- Ipod. Because — music! Enough said, right?
    5- Notebook(s) and pens. Like Nicole, I like to hand write things (though my handwriting is generally very legible ????) and I try to always have a notebook handy to “scribble” to my heart’s content whenever the mood strikes. ☺


  9. Ok, having just completed a 10 day family road trip….top 5 things to have packed:
    1. Phone and charger (for using GPS but most importantly…access to audio books!)
    2. My body pillow! (Since we were driving, I could pack this and it made a huge difference in keeping my back problems from flaring up!)
    3. Dramamine…yep, love road trips but not if I don’t have my Dramamine
    4. Comfortable shoes
    5. Kids and hubby…yep, they wanted to come too! 😉


  10. Hi Nichole & Beth!
    Nichole, from one curly girl to another, I’d love to know what curly hair product you use!

    Your packing list is similar to mine.
    iPad & charging cord
    Curly hair products (leave-in conditioner & springing curls moose)
    Sun glasses
    Comfortable shoes
    Snacks & water


  11. Must have:
    Snacks, my e-reader, my laptop, sunglasses, and my micro usb cable…to transfer potential new books to my e-reader. You just never know when you’ll find a new one you just HAVE to read right away.


  12. I am a bit late posting! Busy month for us here with the kids in school now.

    Things I need when traveling are …
    1. charger for my devices
    2. my journal to write down all my memories!
    3. book that I am reading
    4. some hard candies to help on the trip
    5. my favorite music either on my ipod or cd

    Thanks for the chance!


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