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Whitney Braun: author spotlight

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Hello, reader friends! Today’s featured author is sharing her favorites, bookish news, answering questions, and sponsoring a winner’s choice giveaway! I’m delighted to introduce y’al to this new-to-me author.

About the Author

Whitney BraunWhitney Braun is a Canadian country girl, whose passion for writing fiction began in the third grade. Her experiences of growing up in a British Columbia farm town provide unlimited inspiration for her stories.

Whitney currently resides on an acreage outside her hometown of Fort St John with her husband, Ryan.

When not reading or writing, Whitney can be found outside, farming and playing slowpitch in the summer, and with skis strapped to her feet in the winter.

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Five Favorite Outdoor Activities

Whitney:  I’m an outdoors girl, for sure. It’s a true wonder how I ever get anything written. I’m currently sitting at a picnic table in a campground. Go figure.

Beth: Be gentle with me, I’m an indoors kind of gal.

Whitney: I live to farm. I grew up on a grain farm, and to this day, I still play a huge part in harvesting each year on my parents’ five hundred acre farm. In fact, I spent twenty hours on a tractor last week plotting out another book.

Beth: We have free range chickens but just for eggs (I leave the tending to the kids)

Whitney:  Slow-Pitch. My husband and I love sports. We both play on the same slow-pitch team through the summer. He’s our star outfielder while I do my best to make it on base a time or two.

Beth: Impressive! I’m NOT coordinated or athletic in any way.

Whitney:  Skiing. Downhill, cross-country—I’m not picky. My parents raised us on the slopes, so it was no wonder my brother and I were practically prodigy skiers as toddlers. I was known to break the sound barrier, or at least it felt that way, in my youth.

I wear a helmet now and keep my speed below sixty miles an hour. When I don’t have time to get to the slopes, I settle for a cross-country jaunt. Even -28C (-19F), a typical Canadian winter day won’t hold me back.

Beth: I’ve never even had the opportunity to attempt skiing but it sounds cold!

Whitney: Camping. Let’s get this straight—I don’t tent. Curly haired girls need a blow dryer. My husband and I have a travel trailer that we take all over the continent (yes, we drove to Lake Tahoe from Northern Canada). We love to explore and typically find ourselves bunkered down near a lake.

Beth: Ah, at last, we have something in common! I enjoy camping as well, especially if I have a book to read!

Whitney: Parasailing. There is nothing more peaceful than being tethered to a boat with a thousand foot cable soaring above the water. It’s the quietest, most serene place I’ve ever come across. I would do this every day of my life if I lived in a place that wasn’t covered in snow for eight months of the year.

Beth: I enjoyed watching folks parasail when we went to Florida several years ago! Not sure if I’m brave enough to overcome the height issue.

Whitney: **I feel like I need to clarify that I am still stereotypically Canadian in that ice hockey plays a massive part in my life! My husband plays about sixty games a year, and I go to watch most of them. But since they happen “indoors” I left it off the list. Also, I can’t skate to save my life.

Beth: Y’all stay busy! Wow! I also haven’t had a chance to ice skate either BUT this also looks like a cold and athletic activity 😉



Tell us about your latest release

Whitney: My latest release is a Christmas novella, Worth it All. It is the final installment to my Sethburn trilogy and looks back at the three couples from the previous books. This project brings them all together for one rather eventful holiday season.

It was the toughest write of my small career, by far. Because each of the stories lines is intertwined with the others, it took some serious mapping to make sure the story stayed consistent. It was a tricky “he said, she said” game, but I love how it turned out. The people of my made up town, Sethburn, Saskatchewan, are some of my very best friends. I wanted to do justice to their stories by bringing them all together and showing my readers how a family can make it through tough circumstances if they lean on God and each other.

Beth: Great message!

Worth it All by Whitney BraunChristmas is a month away, and the people of Sethburn, Saskatchewan are anything but ready for the holidays. This story is a look back into the small town as drama unfolds for some of your favourite couples as they prepare for the holidays.

Anna Hemming works to hide some big news from her husband, Drake, in order to pull off a grand reveal. Stacy-Lynn is given a chance to redeem the ugly part of the Fraser family’s past, but miscommunication and her stubborn son, Logan, aren’t making it easy. And Amy McMann is faced with a choice that will test the bond between her and Mike one more time.

These families have already been through what most relationships never survive. With more obstacles in the way, will they be able to overcome the hardships in order to have the peaceful family Christmas they have all be wishing for?

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What are you working on now?

Whitney: I’m currently writing the first draft of a whole new series! I’ve said goodbye to Sethburn and traveled east to Toronto. I’ve traded in farming for sports and making a go of another romance. I’m so thrilled about my new characters and getting a chance to dig into new lifestyles and a world I only wished I could live in.

It’s funny though, a few of my Sethburnians have popped up for a special appearance or two. It will be neat to see where these new characters, along with a few of the old, take me in the grand world of sports in the big city!

Beth: How exciting! 



Describe your latest release in five words.

Whitney: Festive, Canadian, challenging, charming, and hopeful.

Beth: Sounds great!

What do you want readers to gain from your story?

I want them to close the book feeling excited about the holiday season. I want them to feel inspired to reach out to family and keep those all-important traditions alive. If I can get a smile out of any of you, I’m a happy camper.

Beth: How sweet!

What is your comfort food?

I’m going to stick with a festive theme here. Since I come from a Mennonite background, my favorite Christmas comfort food is Portzelky, or in English—New Years Cookies. They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner because who are we kidding, there’s no such thing as a Christmas diet. They can be dipped in waffle sauce or just white sugar, and they are to die for! YUM! Easy recipe

Beth: Mmmmm… I’ll have to try these! We LOVE cookies!



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Say hi to Whitney then let’s chat about our outdoor favorites!

18 thoughts on “Whitney Braun: author spotlight”

  1. Hmm. Outdoor activity. My family’s favorite would be hiking. We have lots of trails around here. I don’t swim but my older three children do, and they do love their summer swim season which is in an outdoor pool.


    1. Sounds like fun! It’s a little brisk up here in Northern BC for summer swim season–we ice skate on our outdoor ponds in the winter 😉


  2. Hi Whitney! I can’t wait to read Worth it All.

    I’d say my absolute favorite outdoor thing has to be walking in the woods or photography. I love taking photos or things that others seem to forget to notice or take for granted. We recently moved to the Ozark Mountains which is a great place to do both.


    1. Photography! My hats off to you–my sister-in-law is an amazing photographer and has quite the skills! It amazing how beautiful you photogs can make anything look!


    1. There is just something so wonderful about sitting outside, isn’t there? Fall is in full swing here (as in I had to scrape the ice off my windshield this morning), and I love to admire all the brilliant colours!


  3. I am an indoor bookish kind of gal. I tend to stay out of the sun and the Texas summer heat is brutal. Thank you for doing the giveaway.


    1. I can also relate, but instead of Texas heat, I have Artic cold. A good book and a warm blanket are perfect for a blizzardy, Canadian winter day.


  4. I don’t necessarily love the outdoors, but I grew up in the mountains of NC, so I hiked, visited waterfalls, kayaked and canoed, swam in rivers, and went on lots of picnics!


  5. Favourite outdoor activity is reading in my deck chair! lol Okay, I don’t mind going for walks either. Also Mennontie and do not care for portzelky! Mom would make them on New Years day and not my favourite treat. I’m odd, I know (I don’t much care for rollkuchen either!)


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