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Ante Up! by Chautona Havig

Are you ready for more adventures with Aggie?! Ante Up by Chautona Havig is book 4 in the Aggie’s Inheritance series!

About the Book

Ante Up! by Chautona HavigMarriage has been good to Aggie. After a few years and a baby under her belt, she’s ready to take on anything–including adding child number ten to the home!

Blessings aren’t always easy, and Aggie is about to discover that in a whole new way!

So, Aunt Aggie has to “knuckle down” and “ante up” to keep from losing ALL her marbles.

When Aggie and crew return home after a month away, all she wants is to settle in and get back into a regular routine. She has just eight weeks until the baby comes, and enough plans to keep her busy for eighteen. But when new and unwelcome surprises greet them upon arrival, her plans are derailed once more.

The children are growing up and the struggle is real. Local girls are on the prowl, and potential boyfriends abound. Little Ronnie has decided who rules the roost, and it’s not his parents! Cari and Lorna appear to be in the middle of a role reversal, and even Ellie is making questionable choices. Tina and William can’t stop fighting, much to the dismay of everyone. Add in the stress of getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it all threatens to break her.

Luke wonders what happened to his wife. Aggie wonders what happened to her life.

Faith, family, and a frenetic life collide in Ante Up by Chautona Havig, last book of the Aggie Series.

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My Thoughts

After reviewing the first three books of the Aggie’s Inheritance series (Ready or NotFor KeepsHere We Come)… I’m going to risk stating the obvious: I LOVE AGGIE! Now I don’t love her because she is perfect but because she is perfectly flawed. Aggie is honest, through and through, for better or worse, she tells it like she sees it. She is a goer and a doer, a force to be reconned with in constant motion. When her careful plans are continually hindered at every turn, Aggie’s frustration blooms into anger (plus hormones, bless her heart!)

I loved becoming better acquainted with the older children and experiencing their perspectives! Vannie is my girl. I know her because I was her (on a smaller scale, I have 3 younger siblings not 7+1+1 on the way). The way she steps up to the plate for her family is a joy that I wish more families could experience (I wasn’t as nice or as skilled as Vannie). Laird, Tavish, Ellie, and even Kenzie stand in the gap so to speak when life gets rocky. As always, the littlest Stuart-Sullivans’ antics are authentic, often humorous, and completely relatable!

“…who knew that ice cream sandwiches are like crack for little kids.
Turns them into monsters…” – Luke Sullivan

Which brings us to Luke and my favorite uncle-daddy character “has his hands full” (and all the mommies with littles have heard that one before, right ladies?) His juggling skills are tested by toddler tantrums, flirtatious teenagers, vandals, an angry pregnant wife, no time to work, and the holiday season to boot! No doubt about it, the calm, cool, and collected Mr. Sullivan is stretched to the limit and fully engaged in survival mode. Aggie and Luke are both forced to dig deeper than ever before.

Ante Up by Chautona Havig is a Kindle Unlimited selection, which means I didn’t have to wait for my birthday to get this book! Yay! KU subscription unlocks access to over one million titles on any device with a Kindle app. Try it out with a 30 day free trial of Kindle Unlimited. OR with the purchase of a Kindle, Amazon Prime members can borrow one book each month from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, which is exactly what I did! Of course, there’s also an Amazon Prime 30-day free trial. OR you can purchase a copy of Ante Up!

The opinions expressed are my own. This review was originally posted on 07/01/16


About the Author

Chautona HavigWhen asked about writing, author Chautona Havig says, “Books. I love them- always have. From my earliest years, I spent most of my free time lost in a book, until one day I realized that I had stories in my heart and mind that I wanted to tell. Time passed, life, family, and work got in the way, and my dream of being a writer seemed to vanish into the desert winds.

“Dreams are beautiful things, though; they never quite disappear. I began writing again, editing, writing, editing… more editing… and now I have over a hundred books in progress and a few dozen published. I write the stories of fictional people who have real problems, weaknesses, and triumphs. Through their stories, I try to share the Hope that is within me.”

Chautona lives in a small, remote town in California’s Mojave Desert with her husband and seven of her nine children. When not writing, she enjoys paper crafting, sewing, and the knowledge that someday she’ll be able to retire from home education.

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Aggie’s Inheritance series

Ready or Not by Chautona Havig For Keeps by Chautona Havig Here We Come by Chautona Havig Ante Up by Chautona Havig


 Do you love Aggie?! Would you like to meet her?
Ante Up by Chautona Havig is probably my favorite of the series!

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