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First Line Friday #52: My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island

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First Line Fridays on Faithfully Bookish

Happy Friday, reader friends!

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It’s time to peek at a first line and chat books in the comments!!! Today, our featured book is from a multi-author series from Barbour!

Have y’all read any of the My Heart Belongs books?

After you say hi and drop off your first line in the comments, hop around to the other First Line Friday ladies for more great book recommendations!

My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island by Carrie Fancett Pagels

My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island by Carrie Fancett Pagels goodreads | amazon

Mackinac Island, Michigan
Monday, June 3, 1895

Maude Welling’s twelve-year-old brother, Jack, raced across the waxed wood floor of the soda shop, straight toward her, then skidded to a halt.

“Greyson’s back!” His loud pronouncement caused several people seated at nearby tables, to cease their conversation and look up.

Thank you, Carrie Fancett Pagels for sharing these first lines with us! Don’t y’all love kids who can draw unwanted attention to their elders? I have a couple like that! ????


 So, open the book nearest to you and post the first line in a comment below!

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27 thoughts on “First Line Friday #52: My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island”

  1. Haha! Kids definitely know how to draw attention, sometimes in the worst ways!

    I have the first line from Kara Isaac’s AMAZING new release “Then There Was You” on my blog, but the first line I’m sharing here is from Kara Swanson’s recent release, “The Girl Who Could See”. (It must be a Kara kind of day!)

    “On television crime shows, they never tell you how cold it is.”


  2. LOL. Yep, love it.

    Here’s mine. Mistakenly Married by Victorine Lieske: “Penny wrung her hands and walked to the back of the room.”


  3. I LOVE Carrie’s stories!

    Suzie shivered at Carson Snotte’s words, not the March air with its hint of lingering winter. Barely Above Water by Gail Pallotta


  4. Good morning. My first line is from a chapter book for kids ~ “Mandy,” by Julie Andrews Edwards.

    “On the outskirts of a pretty country village called St. Martin’s Green, there stands a large, white house called St. Martin’s Orphanage.”


  5. I’m looking forward to reading Carrie’s new book!

    My first line is from Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter: “There was nothing like a letter from the IRS to stop a man in his tracks.”


  6. Good morning! Love Carrie’s book My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island.

    My first line is from the book My Daughter’s Legacy by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould…. “Sometimes a lie was the better choice–or at least that’s what I’d always told myself.”
    Blessings, Tina


  7. The book nearest me is the one I got in the mail yesterday, waiting to be devoured: “Heart on the Line” by Karen Witemeyer! This will be my first to read of hers…
    “The cheerful tinkle of a bell alerted Grace Mallory to the arrival of a guest.”


  8. Oh, I enjoyed reading that book!

    I’ll share a different line here than the one on my blog, just to keep things interesting! Last night I started reading Amber Lynn Perry’s new book “So Pure a Heart”.
    “Alone, Hannah Young stared at the dirt-covered mound as the chilled air breached the warmth of her heavy cloak.”


  9. I have an early copy from Netgalley but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I wanted to read it because it’s set where the movie Somewhere in Time is set and filmed with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve.
    Happy Friday!


  10. I loved Carrie’s My Heart Belong’s on Mackinac Island. I was going to share from it today but saw that you already did.
    From a book I finally got to read from my TBR list.
    The little hairs on the back of Allegra Spencer’s neck stood at attention.
    First line from: Count Me In by Mikal Dawn


  11. “That’s him at your six o’clock, over by the tomatoes.” From Serenity Harbor by RaeAnne Thayne, releasing next week.


      1. Beth, RaeAnne has written over 50 books and is a NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author. Some of her recent books have hit the top ten. She lives about 5 miles from me and my sister used to tend her oldest daughter before RaeAnne started writing books. She doesn’t write Christian fiction, but she is Christian and her books are pretty clean. I’ve been on her street team for a few years.


  12. I haven’t read one of Carrie’s books yet. This sounds like something I need to read!

    My first line is from Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery.

    “I’ve spent over $100,000 and two of grad school for this?”


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