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Susan Anne Mason: author spotlight

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Howdy, reader friends! I had the pleasure of meeting today’s featured author in person nearly a year ago and I am thrilled to have her here! She has some favorites, bookish news, and a giveaway just for y’all!

About the Author

Susan Anne Mason author spotlight on Faithfully BookishSusan Anne Mason describes her writing style as “romance sprinkled with faith.” She loves incorporating inspirational messages of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness into her characters’ journeys. Her historical romance, Irish Meadows, won the Fiction from the Heartland contest sponsored by the Mid-American Romance Authors chapter of RWA.

Susan lives outside Toronto, Ontario, with her husband, two children, and a big white cat. She loves red wine and chocolate, is not partial to snow even though she’s Canadian, and is ecstatic on the rare occasions she has the house to herself. Learn more about Susan and her books

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Five Favorites

Nancy Drew series

Favorite Childhood Books

Susan: The Nancy Drew series. I loved these mysteries and my first attempt at writing a book when I was about 12 was my own mystery involving a group of young sleuths.

Beth: I wasn’t a fan of mysteries as a child but I’ve seen many people claim these as favorites!

Favorite Character Type

Susan: I love broken characters — ones in need of healing and redemption. My favorite of the ones I’ve written is Adam O’Leary from my historical romance A Worthy Heart (Courage to Dream series).

Adam O'Leary of A Worthy Heart by Susan Anne Mason

Adam is the black sheep of the O’Leary family, whose rebellious ways land him in jail. At the beginning of A Worthy Heart, Adam is newly released from prison and unsure where he is headed next. Returning to Irish Meadow, his father’s horse farm, Adam is truly the prodigal son, reduced to working as a farm hand mucking stalls. He clashes with his father once again and realizes he must make his way on his own.

The prison chaplain becomes the one to guide Adam back into society, helping him to find odd jobs and giving him a place to stay. The other catalyst for Adam’s redemption is the feisty Maggie Montgomery, whom he meets while doing some work for the local orphanage. I loved taking the very broken and angry Adam and slowly turning him into a man worthy of Maggie’s heart.

Beth: God’s redeeming work never gets old! I enjoyed Adam and Maggie’s story(my review)

You're the One That I Want by Susan May Warren

Favorite Series

Susan: The Christiansen Family series by Susan May Warren. This family seems almost real to me.

I loved every book in the series but I think the last one, You’re the One That I Want is my favorite. It’s the story of the black sheep of the family (I sense a theme here!), Owen Christianson, who is deeply flawed and feels he cannot go home again. He runs from his past until his brother shows up to drag him home. Fabulous ending to the Christiansen Family series.

Beth: YES! I haven’t read the whole series yet but oh boy, Owen’s story is fabulous! (my review)

A Passion Most Pure by Julie LessmanFavorite Book Cover

Susan: A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman. One of my favorite books too!

Beth: Another great family series from my favorites!!! Yep, I think we are kindred spirits, Susan! 

Favorite Recent Reads

Susan: I love both historical and contemporary Christian romance and there are so many good books to choose from, but this is my favorite:  Just a Kiss by Denise Hunter.

Just a Kiss by Denise Hunter

This was the first book I’d read of Denise Hunter and she has quickly become one of my favorite authors!!

Riley has always loved Paige but she sees him only as her best friend. When he is deployed to Afghanistan, he vows that when he returns, he will tell her his true feelings. But then he is injured, and with the loss of a leg, feels less than a man. Paige deserves so much more. Can Paige convince him that she loves him exactly as he is?

Beth: Such a rich best friends romance! (my review) 

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Tell us about your latest release

Susan: My latest release came out last September — the third book in the Courage to Dream series called Love’s Faithful Promise. It’s Deirdre O’Leary’s story. Here’s the blurb:

Love's Faithful Promise by Susan Anne MasonWhen her mother suffers a stroke, medical student Deirdre O’Leary makes the difficult choice to put her career on hold to care for her. Dr. Matthew Clayborne is renowned for his amazing results with patients, but when Deirdre approaches him about helping her mother, she finds him challenging and surly.

Widower Dr. Matthew Clayborne is devoted to two things: his work with wounded soldiers and his four-year-old daughter, Phoebe. He won’t abandon either of these priorities to care for one woman. However, when Phoebe suffers a health scare, they’re offered respite at the Irish Meadows farm, where his daughter’s weakened lungs can recover–but only if he cares for Mrs. O’Leary.

Matthew intends to hate Irish Meadows, yet he immediately feels at home, and soon both Mrs. O’Leary and Phoebe are showing improvement. But since he has no intention of leaving his life up north forever, and Deirdre has sworn off marriage in favor of her career, how will they deal with the undeniable attraction between them?

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Beth: I’m need to get this series in paperback for my favorites shelf. The O’Leary family is one that needs to be revisited!


Tell us about your next release

Susan: I’m very excited about my next release which is a stand-alone historical romance set in Derbyshire, England. A Most Noble Heir comes out in March 2018 with Bethany House. It’s the story of a young stable hand named Nolan Price, who dreams of marrying Hannah, a kitchen maid at the same estate where he works. But when Nolan’s mother reveals a secret on her deathbed, his whole world is turned upside down!

A Most Noble Heir by Susan Anne Mason quote

I got the seed of this story from information I uncovered when researching my family tree. My great grandparents were servants at a large estate in Derbyshire called Stainsby Hall—he was a groom and she a kitchen maid. As I dug deeper to find more information about these two, my imagination took off trying to envision how their romance had blossomed. Nolan and Hannah’s story evolved from there!

I’m going to be revealing my new cover very soon! I can tell you I am thrilled with it! I’m ecstatic that Bethany House decided to put a man on the cover!! My newsletter subscribers will get the first glimpse, so make sure you sign up for the next newsletter!!

Beth: This sounds delightful! Thank you so much for chatting favorites and book news with us today, Susan!


Susan Anne Mason has offered to send one fortunate Faithfully Bookish reader a copy of one of her novels, winner’s choice!

Irish Meadows, A Worthy Heart, Love’s Faithful Promise,
Betrayed Hearts, Wayward Hearts, Redeemed Hearts,
Healing the Widower’s Heart

Susan Anne Mason author spotlight giveaway on Faithfully Bookish (open to US & Canada)

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Do you share any of these favorites?
Say hi to Susan! 

43 thoughts on “Susan Anne Mason: author spotlight”

  1. Hi, Susan! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Nancy Drew series, Susan May Warren’s books, Julie Lessman’s books, and Denise Hunter’s books are absolutely my favorites! I loved your Irish Meadows, too, and need to read the other two books!


  2. Good morning Susan and Erin!

    I do so fondly remember reading the The Nancy Drew series when I was younger.

    I’ve not had a chance to read Love’s Faithful Promise yet but very much want to. This would be my choice if I were fortunate enough to be selected. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy.


  3. Haven’t read the other authors she mentioned but I do love Denise hunters books,the others do sound good too though. Would love the chance to read them all.


  4. Nancy Drew was a favorite of mine growing up too!
    I also recently discovered Denise Hunter. Her Summer Harbor series was a pleasant find for me.


  5. Good afternoon everyone! It’s been a busy day but I made it over!! On this first day of summer, let’s share some iced tea (or sweet tea) and chat about books!
    I LOVE that so many of you share my taste in books! How awesome! And I’m delighted to notice that a few new people have signed up for my newsletter, which should go out by the weekend (all being well and no glitches encountered!).
    Thank you so much for having me, Beth! We value you lovely book reviewers SO MUCH and appreciate all your hard work to promote Christian fiction!
    Susan 🙂


    1. Yipee! You’ve made some new friends! I’m so happy to have you here, Susan! All y’all writers just keep on writing and I’ll be reading, reviewing, and telling folks all about it! 🙂
      I’m certainly thankful for air conditioning today, we’re in the mid-90s and I don’t even want to know what the heat index is because it is thick out there!


  6. Great interview, Beth and Susan! I love your Courage to Dream series, Susan. The covers are so gorgeous and the stories were wonderful. I haven’t read your other books but hope to get to them. I’m looking forward to A Most Noble Heir. It sounds fascinating.

    I loved Susan May Warren’s Christiansen Family series. I also loved Just a Kiss by Denise Hunter. We seem to have similar tastes!


    1. Hi Winnie! Thank you for your wonderful support! It does seem we have similar taste in books! (Thank goodness!)


  7. Hi Dianne! I love seeing so many Nancy Drew fans! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Cheers, Susan


  8. I have not read any of Susan’s favorite books. Though I have read Susan May Warren’s Montana Rescue series books (three so far) and I have a copy of Julie Lessman’s “A Passion Most Pure”.

    The only book of Susan’s I have is “Irish Meadows” and love the chance to add another to the collection! Thanks for the giveaway, Beth!


  9. Great interview Beth and Susan!
    Susan, your Courage to Dream series is one of my favorite series and the book covers are all beautiful. Nancy Drew was a favorite growing up too.
    Thank you for this great giveaway.


  10. It seems we like some of the same authors…Susan May Warren, Denise Hunter, and Julie Lessman. Thank you for this giveaway.


  11. Really enjoyed learning about some of your favorites! I absolutely love Denise Hunter’s and Julie Lessman’s books! Nancy Drew is still one of my favorite series to this day! I enjoyed reading the first 2 books in your series and am looking forward to reading the third! Thanks so much!


  12. Hi Susan! I’m just finishing Just A Kiss and I have loved the entire trilogy of the Callahan brothers! So swoon worthy!


  13. Hi Susan and Beth. Susan, I share your love for the Christiansen Family series by Susan May Warren. I have only one sibling so I have a big family vicariously through these books! I’m eager to learn more about your new novel – I love the covers of your current books so I can’t wait to see the cover design of A Most Noble Heir!


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