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The Whys Have It with Amy Maytayo’s Cory Minor

Y’all, get your fangirl squeal primed and ready because we have a big time celebrity on the blog today! He is the lead male character in Amy Matayo‘s newest release (today!), The Whys Have It and some have already said it is her best book yet!

Meet Cory Minor

Cory Minor of The Whys Have It by Amy Matayo: character spotlight

He’s 26, single, a Grammy award-winning musician and songwriter with two platinum albums and one gold record, on top of the world professionally…and miserable in private.



Describe yourself in five words 

Cory: I am talented, driven, quick-witted, thoughtful, and haunted.

Beth: Hmmm… one of these things is not like the others.

If you could be an animal, which would you choose and why?

Cory: Probably a Bassett Hound, because I’m tired all the time, they sleep so much, and I also like to be scratched behind the ears.

Beth: Great answer! Dogs are the best and Bassetts have the sweetest sad faces!

What is your go-to beverage?

Cory: I start off with Dr. Pepper, then move on to beer or wine later in the evening.

Beth: Popular choices! I’m more of an ice-water gal.

What is your comfort food?

Cory: Pizza, all the time.

Beth: Mmmmmm… yes, please!

The Whys Have It by Amy Matayo quote

What do you want readers to gain from your story?

Cory: I want people to know that despite fame and fortune, life is hard if you have issues you can’t shake. The key to life is to forgive yourself, and make peace with your past, and to try hard to move on from anything threatening to steal your joy. If you’re shackled to the past, no amount of money or adoration will set you free.

Beth: Wise advice!

Will readers be able to follow your story in future books?

Cory: No, I’m a one-book kind of guy.

Beth: I’d imagine privacy is hard earned when you live in the limelight. Thanks so much for carving a few minutes out of your busy schedule for us, Cory!


About the Book

The Whys Have It by Amy Matayo

“His music holds the heart of America…but his soul holds a terrible secret.”

Chart topping pop musician Cory Minor has it all—fame, money, more women at his disposal than time to spend on them. He’s living the life most American men only dream of. Until an ordinary concert in Springfield threatens to destroy everything he’s worked for.

The Whys Have It by Amy MatayoAs he and his band leave the arena for his next show, Cory’s tour bus crashes into two teenage girls, killing one girl instantly and leaving the other barely clinging to life. Lawsuits are threatened, tabloids are talking, and Cory’s idyllic world falls apart. But what no one knows is that this scene is all too familiar. Because this isn’t the first accident Cory has caused. This isn’t the first time he’s destroyed someone else’s life to save his own.

It’s just the first time he’s had to face it head on.

Small town girl Samantha Dalton has no one—no mother, no father, and now no sister. She’s lost everything in a world that celebrates excess. So when Cory Minor shows up at her doorstep offering money and apologies, she turns him away too. You can’t lose what you don’t have, and she can’t take another letdown, especially not from someone who has managed to rip away all she had left. Samantha has been fine on her own for years, she’ll be fine now too.

At least that’s what she tells herself.

But Cory won’t leave. He’s persistent in the worst possible way.

Will Cory’s determination to make things right pay off in the end, or will Sam keep pushing him away until there’s nothing left to fight for?

How can two people learn to rely on each other when life keeps hurting them both?

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About the Author

Amy MatayoAmy Matayo is an award-winning author of The Wedding Game, Love Gone Wild, Sway, In Tune With Love, A Painted Summer, The End of the World, and The Thirteenth Chance.

She graduated with barely passing grades from John Brown University with a degree in Journalism. But don’t feel sorry for her–she’s super proud of that degree and all the ways she hasn’t put it to good use.

She laughs often, cries easily, feels deeply, and loves hard. She lives in Arkansas with her husband and four kids and is working on her next novel.

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14 thoughts on “The Whys Have It with Amy Maytayo’s Cory Minor”

      1. Okay my Aussie friend, explain “hot chips”
        Is this french fries? (I have heard fish and chips) Julienned potatoes baked/fried to a golden crisp?


      2. Yes, French fries are hot chips, but in Australia, French fries tends to refer to the really narrow ‘shoestring’ (or julienned) potatoes fried in oil. We tend to like our hot chips a little chunkier over here, so they’re usually thicker (half-inch squared is a great size, IMO). You only really get French fries at McDonalds over here. Most other places (including places that sell fish and chips) sell the chunkier ones and just refer to them as ‘hot chips’. Unless of course you want wedges, which are chunkier again! ????


  1. Awwwww, Cory! I loved this book, even though I think it should come with a bonus pack of tissues. What a great character spotlight, Beth. Amy’s books are so fantastic!

    My comfort food is definitely chocolate–in most any form.


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