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It’s party time again with one of my book blogger buddies!!! Since I can’t read all the books (no matter how hard I try), I encourage y’all to check out my book blogging friends and find a few of us who share your bookish tastes!

I’ve adopted today’s featured guest as my little blogger sister (even though she’s been blogging longer, she’s still a young pup) and someday I hope we’ll live in the same time zone!

Book Blog spotlight

About the Blogger

RachelRachel is a stay at home mom who LOVES to read. She enjoys good (clean) books of all kinds. However, she has a soft spot for historical fiction. There is something magical that can only be found between the covers a book. Her desire is to share that piece of magic with you.

Rachel has been reviewing books since 2014 and simply adores being immersed in the bookish world. Her husband and 2 beautiful children are her life and joy. Among the 500 things she does a day, she somehow still finds time to read.

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Five Favorites

Favorite childhood book…

Rachel: Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder is the very first thing that comes to mind. I can remember being very young, and my mom reading me these books. As I got older, I reread them multiple times.

I even got to visit De Smet, South Dakota and see historical sights of the Ingalls family. It was incredible. The Little House books began my deep love and appreciation for history and reading. Being swept away into the world of Laura and Mary, meeting Almanzo and learning about life on the prairie was simply fascinating.

Beth: Although my mom is a LHOTP tv show fanatic, I never read the Little House books until I read them aloud to my own children. They are beautiful stories and visiting De Smet was an exciting experience for me, too!

Favorite fictional couple…

Rachel: Ok, I can’t just pick one for this one. I will list these in the order I read them…

David and Catherine (The Thorn Keeper by Pepper Basham)

Charlie and Ella (The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischoff)

Wes and Eisley (Just the Way You Are by Pepper Basham)

Beth: I’m sorry, that is just a crazy hard topic and I have to add Reece and Dee (A Twist of Faith by Pepper Basham)… you don’t see a pattern here, do you? 

Favorite bookish memory…

Christian Fiction Readers RetreatRachel: Christian Fiction Readers Retreat 2016 is undoubtedly one of my favorite bookish memories. I don’t think you can get more bookish than traveling 2/3 of the way across the country to attend a one-day event where you get to meet authors, gush over fictional characters, and completely freak out and flail about with your fellow book bloggers.

Beth: YES, Christian Fiction Readers Retreat is a book-lover’s dream come true!!!

Favorite genre and time period…

Rachel: Two years ago, I would have easily stated that Historical Fiction – Regency is my favorite. Now…It is much harder to decide. However, I find that I am still more drawn to Historical Fiction overall. And in general, my favorite period is 1800 – WWII (1945).

Yes, I realize that is about 150 year span, but please don’t ask me to narrow it down any further, I can’t! I really enjoy books set in England, but enjoy American and Canadian based books during this period as well. I would LOVE to see a wider variety of locations in books, specifically historical. Such as, France, Australia, Africa…

Beth: Historical is my first love, too BUT I’m equally as happy in contemporary. Variety is the spice of life, my dear!

Favorite time and place to read or write…

Rachel: When I wake up in the morning, I need a good 2 hours before I can interact with others. My kids usually wake up around 7, so I try and get up at 5, work out, shower, and then read. Nap time and after they are in bed are also good reading times.

My favorite place to curl up with a book is in my reading nook that my husband built for me last fall. Complete with twinkle lights, it is a cozy place to read, or nap, or blog (as I am doing now).

Beth: I don’t have a favorite time or where, unless ANYTIME and EVERYWHERE count… 

Book Blog

Tell us a little bit about your book blog…

Rachel: Bookworm Mama primarily focuses on book reviews, but I have some product reviews and fun posts that I like to share as well.

Bookworm Mama: book blog spotlight on Faithfully Bookish

Beth: Plus you have the best rating scale EVER! ???? 

Share some of your early blogging experiences…

Rachel: When I was in school, I would read ALL.THE.TIME!!! I grew up on a farm, in the country and whenever I had to spend time outside, I always had a book with me. I remember many times reading in the barn with the goats and cats…sitting in the hay loft, reading the day away.

After I graduated, it became harder and harder to find the time to read like I used to (thank you, adulthood). I would read every once in awhile, but pretty much fell out of the habit.

Fast forward to 2014…My second son was born with some pretty serious medical needs. (After a bone marrow transplant 3 years ago, he is a happy and healthy kid now, praise God!) But I needed an escape, somewhere that my mind could go and not have to deal with the trauma surrounding my life. So I picked up books again.

My best friend told me that there were blogger review programs where I could get books to review, so I looked into it. Bethany House Publishers was the first program I applied for and Mary Connealy’s book Tried & True was the very first book that I read through the program. (So this whole blogging gig is ultimately Mary’s fault, hehe.)

While things were still stressful and chaotic with my son, I read about 4 books a month or less, learned the ins and outs of blogging and reviewing. Got connected with some wonderful authors and fellow bloggers.

Almost 2 ½ years since starting my blog, I have been able to increase the number of books I read and review. I have met some of the most incredible friends (Beth, yes you are one of them), met several of my favorite authors, have been completely immersed into the bookish world…

And I can not wait to see where this opportunity takes me next!

Beth: I’m with you, little mama! This bookish journey is one wonderful, exciting adventure!

What do you hope to accomplish through your blog?

Rachel: I love connecting my friends, family, and fellow bookworms with books and authors that I love. Through my blog and reviews, I aim to encourage, uplift, and support authors. My goal is to be a light in the bookish world to those around me. My heart is to share my love of books with the world and to inspire others to read.

Beth: Thank you, dearie, for celebrating with me today and telling us all about your favorites and your bookish journey! Rachel, you are a precious friend and I’m counting down the days until I can hug your sweet neck!!!

All right readers, let’s talk fictional couples!
Who are your favorites and why do you love them?

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22 thoughts on “Bookworm Mama: book blog spotlight”

  1. Rachel – and you – covered all my fave fictional couples! 😀 And I’m totally jealous of Rachel’s book nook. AND I adore Rachel. And you, Beth. So thankful for both of you!


  2. What a fun post with 2 of my favorite people I’ve never met in person but love dearly just the same! You are both amazing! Can’t wait to hug you in person!


  3. And THIS is Rachel in a nutshell!!
    “Through my blog and reviews, I aim to encourage, uplift, and support authors. My goal is to be a light in the bookish world to those around me.”
    YES YOU DO!!!!

    Beth, you do too, just so you know.

    Both of you certainly encourage, uplift, and light up my world!!



  4. Yay! Hello Beth and Rachel ❤️ I’d just like to say, “You think YOU have Timezone problems?!” ???? Love you girls, and I’m so glad I’ve found you.

    As for a favourite bookish couple, having just finished Jen Rodewald’s ‘Reclaimed’, I have to say Paul and Suzanna go down as a favourite, but I love Pepper’s Wes and Eisley, and David and Catherine, and…oh, I don’t know, probably a hundred or so others! ????


  5. Hey Beth and Rachel! I hope to one day meet both of you in person! Meanwhile, I’m sending lots of virtual (((((HUGS))))

    I’m also envious of Rachel’s book nook. 😉


    1. Caryl! We would be lost without you, dear friend! I’m believing there are real lice in person hugs in our future but until then I’ll take the virtual ones! HUGS! ????


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