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The Land Uncharted: First Line Friday #16

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Rachel @ Bookworm Mama
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First Line Fridays

Hi, my name is Beth and I’m a bookaholic. I’m also NOT getting the hang of this whole scheduling books for blog posts thing. I determined I needed to blog less so I can read more in October but wouldn’t you know it, there are SO many great books and I want to read and share them all!

So, I keep packing more and more books into each week and try to set the books down long enough to gush and squeal with y’all. This week’s featured book is one I’m squeezing into my bloated book queue because I LOVE to READ! I’ve seen some great reviews for this title. Isn’t the cover gorgeous? Love it!

The Land Uncharted by Keely Brooke Keith

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The Land Uncharted by Keely Brooke Keith

Lydia Colburn refused to allow a child to bleed to death.

Yeah, that one got your attention, didn’t it?!
You can find The Uncharted Series on Kindle Unlimited (30-Day Free Trial), borrow from the Kindle Owners Lending Library, or purchase a copy here.

So, open the book nearest to you and post the first line in a comment below!

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If you’d like to share the First Line Friday fun on your blog, let Carrie know!

13 thoughts on “The Land Uncharted: First Line Friday #16”

  1. Ahhh! So fun! I have this one and the other two in the series that I won in a giveaway a while ago that I still need to read… 😀

    My first line:

    I’ve been robbed of my death.
    ~A Time to Speak (Out of Time #2) by Nadine Brandes


  2. “Dear Diary, Serendipity!” From A Red, Red Rose by Susan Coryell. This author is visiting our local library for a book talk and I wanted to read one of her books before meeting her. I’m hoping this one will be serendipity! Happy Friday!


  3. The Land Uncharted sounds like a book I need to read 😀

    I read my first Amish romance novel this week, so here is the first line of Chapter 1 from Kathleen Fuller’s A Love Made New:

    Abigail’s mouth ached from holding her smile.


  4. Oh Beth!!! You make me laugh….but seriously…it can be a hard balance to find. My first line is from The Cautious Maiden by Dawn Crandall “Hey Vi! You got a minute?” And yes I learned from the best that it is too hard to stop with just the FIRST sometimes.


    1. Well, you know what they say, laugh so you don’t cry (although I usually end up doing both so what do I know!) Yep, one really is the loneliest number. I’m working on my review for The Cautious Maiden right now! GOOOOD book!!!


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