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The Colonel’s Lady: First Line Friday #10

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First Line Fridays

After spending a full and fun day with authors, bloggers, and readers of Christian fiction at CFRR in Nashville a couple of weeks ago, I realized I have not reviewed a book by one of my all time favorite authors! I do have one of her titles moving up the TBR stack but until then and because I love her so much, I’m featuring one of her titles this week on First Line Friday!

The Colonel’s Lady by Laura Frantz

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The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz

Kentucke Territory, November 1779

This is madness. Roxanna Rowan leaned against the slick cave entrance and felt an icy trickle drop down the back of her neck as she bent her head.

Okay, okay! That was two lines but you didn’t really want me to leave you hanging with the first one, did you? Well, the second one leaves you wanting more, too! And you should want more, it’s a fabulous book!!! Go beg, borrow, or buy a copy for yourself!

So, open the book nearest to you and post the first line in a comment below!

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20 thoughts on “The Colonel’s Lady: First Line Friday #10”

  1. I have been wanting to read this one! LOVE the cover!!

    As I climbed up onto the driver’s seat, I saw Ella straighten her back, square her shoulders, smooth her dress and hair as she walked into town alone.
    ~Ella’s Will by Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee


  2. Haha we tell our readers the same-ish thing about our flf book this week…bahahaha!!! “When a bride finds The Dress, there is joy, laughter, and on some occasions, even spontaneous dancing.” Loved getting to hug you last week!!!


    1. HAHAHA! We know how to get our hands on books! We’re resourceful book addicts!
      Oh Rachel, don’t you just love that book? I can’t wait to read whatever she publishes next!!!
      I know!!! Hugging is good 🙂


  3. I just started a paperback book from an author whom I have not yet read a book, and I could hardly wait to post her first line. “I understand your reservations about hiring a draftswoman, but I’ve seen Miss Sinclair’s work, & it’s exemplary.” From Make-Believe Beau by Keli Gwyn And I am reading this on my kindle at night: “Smoke clung to the treetops low in the valley while mist circled the craggy mountaintop cabin.” From Tea Shop Folly by Carrie Pagels. GREAT books!!


  4. A long black train scrapes across Mr. Sutton’s fields. His horses don’t bother lifting their heads. ~ Into the Free by Julie Cantrell

    I hadn’t heard of Into the Free until I was sent the sequel, When Mountains Move, to review. I’m reading a library ebook, but loving it enough so far that a paperback copy needs to be on my shelves 🙂

    The Colonel’s Lady is one I want to get to – and those two sentences make for quite a teaser! 😉


    1. I’ve gotten myself a bit over extended by agreeing to review several book 3s and then squeezing books 1 and 2 in as well! Crazy!!! October scheduling will be much, much different than August and September… I just have to survive until then.


  5. Well, I got an awesome book in the mail yesterday and another today! But neither of them have been released yet, so I’ll pick the one that came three days ago (yes, it’s been an awesome week for the postal service and me). I actually won this one in a contest. It’s by the awesome Brandy Heineman! “Keep your friends close and your beneficiaries closer.” From Whispers in the Branches


    1. Yay for your book mail, Winnie!!! That’s the best kind! I have not read any of Brandy’s books… yet! Thanks for coming by and sharing your first line!


  6. So honored by this! Bless you for bringing back those first words of TCL:) Our rascal of a colonel & Roxie will always have a special place in my heart – & hopefully readers too. ????

    Love these Friday first lines everyone’s sharing. I have a couple books going so here’s one…

    The churning of the steamboat was relentless as it chugged down the Hudson River…it put me in mind of my father. -Flirtation Walk by Siri Mitchell

    Bless you for your heart for my books! ????


    1. I ❤ The Colonel's Lady!!! That Colonel is swoon-worthy!!!
      I have a couple Siri Mitchell titles waiting for me on my Kindle. I've seen great reviews for her work.
      Laura, bless you for your wonderful books and your sweet spirit!!!


  7. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines, I complained to myself, because no one was there to listen. – Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire by Jill Austin


    1. Yay! I began my LF journey with the Ballantyne Legacy. Since you’re injured, I won’t require a second first line from you this week 😉 lol


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