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Happy Friday, reader friends! Let’s celebrate the weekend with a JustRead blog tour, giveaway, excerpt, and First Line Fridays post celebrating The Cracking of Monday Egg, another kidlit title!

about the book

The Cracking of Monday Egg

Title: The Cracking of Monday Egg
Author: B.T. Higgins
Genre: Middle-Grade Fiction
Release Date: November 21, 2019

An Egg World Allegory

The Maker created Monday Egg for a very important reason. Monday just doesn’t understand it yet. Being an egg with arms and legs has its advantages. Monday can run like the wind and climb trees easily, but he is an egg. What happens when he cracks?

The Cracking of Monday Egg is the story of a cranky crow, a sick little girl, a kind squirrel, and Monday’s struggle to deal with his own crackability.

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A rush of wind pressed the new spring grass against the ground, and in that moment Monday Egg dropped.



A rush of wind pressed the new spring grass against the ground, and in that moment Monday Egg dropped. The bump woke him up. He’d never felt before, so the non-violent drop really caught his attention.

“I don’t like that,” Monday Egg decided. “I don’t like it at all.”

Then the wind pulled back and the young grass rose up around him. Monday watched the green sprigs sway in the natural wind and he decided he liked the green grass and big blue above it.

“This. I am sure that I like this.”

As the morning sun rose Monday Egg listened to the sounds of the world. Birds chirping, bugs crawling, leaves whispering, and one more thing. A distant thing. It sounded like a voice, low and calm.

“I like that sound.” Monday Egg confirmed.

“Good Morning,” said the voice.

Monday Egg looked around and saw no Body, but the voice was clearly some Body.

“Hello,” whispered Monday, “I like the green grass and big blue.”

“Sky. The big blue Sky.”

“Yes. It is wonderful.”

“You have excellent taste. The sky is one of my favorite things too,” said the low voice.

“When I look at it closely, it seems to swallow me up completely.” Monday Egg thought about it for a moment. “Is that normal?”

“That is what the sky is designed to do. Swallowing you up. Taking your breath away. Calming your yolk,” said the voice.

“What is a yolk?”

“It is your inner part. The part that can feel the big, blue sky. Your yolk is especially big, so you can feel the sky more than others. Don’t forget to enjoy the sky, Monday Egg.”

“Oh. How could I forget,” said Monday Egg, and then fell softly into a mid-day nap.


about the author

BT Higgins

B.T. Higgins lives in the wild urban jungles of Alaska with his wife and four children. As you might expect, he is an avid fan of long naps and noise-canceling headphones. He has been a garbageman, a propane technician, a teacher, a tutor, a musician and an exotic-bird-cage scrubber, but writing stories is, by far, his favorite job.

Connect with B.T. on Facebook.


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19 thoughts on “The Cracking of Monday Egg FLF”

  1. My first line is from A Match For Emma by Pepper Basham:
    Molly Caudwell needed a perfect match, and Emma Mitchell was the woman to give the newest waitress her very own happily-ever-after.


  2. Happy Friday! My first line is from “A Match for Emma” by Pepper Basham:

    “Molly Caudwell needed a perfect match, and Emma Mitchell was the woman to give the newest waitress her very own happily-ever-after.”


  3. Happy Friday!
    This week on my blog I shared the first line from Echoes Among the Stones by Jaime Jo Wright but it’s also my current read so I’ll share the first line from chapter 22 here: “She was in no mood for a midnight stroll.” Hope you have a wonderful weekend with plenty of quality reading time!


  4. Thank you for being part of the JustRead blog tour for “The Cracking of Monday Egg”.

    Sounds like a book that all ages would enjoy. Cute cover that grabs your attention.


  5. Happy Saturday! Today, I’m currently reading On My Honour by Elizabeth John’s, so I’ll share from there.

    “Meg looked down at her hands, which were raw from lye soap. How did people do this every day?”

    Hope you’re having a good weekend filled with awesome reading time and rest. ?❤?


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