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The Songbird and the Spy: First Line Friday

Happy Friday, reader friends! I’ve pulled today’s featured title, The Songbird and the Spy by J’nell Cielsielski from my tbr! One of my goals this year is to be more active on Instagram and that means more giveaway opportunities for y’all! Be sure to hop over and follow @faithfulbookish! Check our current giveaways (in the sidebar) and recent reviews then open the book nearest you and share the first line!

What y’all are reading this week? I had a book-date with Finding Ever After (a four-novella collection of fairy tale inspired stories) for Valentine’s Day! These stories are written by a few of my favorite authors. I’m about halfway through and loving every moment!


The Songbird and the Spy by J’nell Ciesielski

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Claire Baudin jittered with excitement as she checked her stocking seams.


This book is releasing next week and you can check out an early review in Hope By The Book magazine’s bonus content. The author’s debut novel, Among the Poppies, is available in the Kindle Unlimited program and I noticed they are advertising a $0.99 3 month special for new customers (so let me know if y’all are able to take advantage of that pricing)!

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25 thoughts on “The Songbird and the Spy: First Line Friday”

  1. I shared from Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe by Carla Laureano on my blog. Here I’ll share from American Omens by Travis Thrasher — The spiderweb cracks in the windshield made it easy to spot the old Chevy SUV in the parking lot.


  2. I really enjoyed “Among the Poppies” and this book is hanging out in my Amazon cart, as we “speak”.

    “She should have been prepared.” . . . . I am reading “A Return of Devotion” by Kristi Hunter right now. . . .. so clever.


  3. I’ve had the pleasure of reading The Songbird and the Spy and I loved it! I didn’t want to put it down for a moment! Happy reading!

    I’m currently reading Sarah Sundin’s latest book “The Sky Above Us” I’ll share here the first line from Chapter 30 (because that’s where I am at this moment).
    “At 250 yards, Adler squeezed the trigger. Texas Eagle’s bullets erupted the length of the Messerschmitt 110’s right wing, and smoke plumed out of the right engine. Flames.”

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Val Deniston waved good night to her last customer, relieved that they’d ignored the elephant in the Cool Down Café. No one had rehashed Monique’s rant about her husband’s affair with Nadia.
    BY COOK OR BY CROOK by Maya Corrigan
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


  5. Yep, I’ll be reading this book hopefully this weekend 🙂

    I’ll share the first line from a book I’m starting this weekend, Courting Mr. Emerson by Melody Carlson.

    “George Emerson didn’t need anybody.”

    Have a lovely weekend!


  6. My first line is from A Desperate Hope by Elizabeth Camden

    Summer 1896

    Alex Duval’s first hint of trouble was when Eloise failed to appear at their hideaway.

    I have Among the Poppies patiently waiting on my kindle.


  7. So many good books this month! It’s going to take every single day for me to get through them all. Ok, I won’t get through them ALL but the ones I’ve committed to anyway!

    Wars weren’t won with caution, and aces weren’t made in straight and level flight.
    From The Sky Above Us by Sarah Sundin


  8. Happy Friday!

    Today on my blog, I am also sharing the first line from Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe by Carla Laureano. Great minds, Katie!!! I am loving this book so much. I’m currently just starting chapter 19, so I will share the first line from that chapter here.

    “‘A bookstore?’ Justin didn’t mean for his dismay to show in his voice when he pulled up in front of the address Melody had given him, but it escaped all the same.”

    Hope you have a really excellent weekend filled with relaxing reading time. ???


  9. Happy Friday! What a fun first line. I’m sharing from my current read today, American Omens by Travis Thrasher (Uncorrected Proof). Her is the first line from Chapter 17 “The Same Page”:

    “The moment her father stepped foot in the barn that morning, Cheyenne couldn’t help but let loose with an uproarious laugh.”


  10. Happy Weekend! My first line is from “If Only It Were Yesterday” by A. M. Heath:

    “Oomph. Something solid bashed into my shoulder, knocking me off balance.”


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