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Thirst of Steel FLF

Hi, reader friends! Check out the first line of Thirst of Steel by Ronie Kendig below, then open the book nearest you and share the first line! Life has been beyond crazy here on the home front for the last couple of weeks so allow me to get y’all up to speed with my chaos.

Two weeks ago, we went camping at one of our favorite local campgrounds and we had quite a scare with my sweet Suzie Q. I took her to our vet for possible heat exhaustion/anxiety and she stayed overnight for two nights before she got the pep back in her step.

I have been on an antibiotic side effect rollercoaster of misery since the middle of last week, but thanks to Jen Turano, I had an exciting yet light-hearted read (review in progress) to get me through this unfortunate series of events.

Suzie Q. is all better now and I am so thankful for that! I’ll be heading back to the doctor’s office for a follow up once I finally finish off these pills. I’m not sure how I feel about the flaming ruins of my well-laid plans for the first two weeks of our new academic year, something between disappointment and resignation perhaps.

Now seems like a good time to remind myself that we’re in charge of the (homeschooling) calendar and not the other way around. Do you ever need that reminder, reader friends?!


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Thirst of Steel by Ronie Kendig

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Deserving to die and wanting to die were two entirely different things.


I took liberties in selecting today’s line, this is the first line of the second section of chapter 1. Tzivia is one of my favorite characters and I enjoy her point of view!

As much as I have been looking forward to this story, it is just not a sick day kind of read so I’m counting it as yet another reason to pray for a complete and speedy (side-effect free) recovery! I need to be 100% to tackle this big adventure!


The Tox Files series

 Conspiracy of Silence by Ronie Kendig Crown of Souls by Ronie Kendig 


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23 thoughts on “Thirst of Steel FLF”

  1. Happy Friday!

    Today I shared the first line of one of my next reads In Another Time by Caroline Leech. It’s a YA historical romance set during WWII in the Scottish Highlands. Here, though, I’ll share something from the book I am currently reading, See All the Stars by Kit Frick. I’m on chapter 31 now so I’m going to share the first line of that chapter.

    I grabbed Jenni before fourth, on our way into the sky dome.

    Enjoy your weekend. May it be filled with great books ????????


  2. Medical stuff is the absolute worst in my opinion. 😦 I’m glad Susie Q’s issues are resolved and I hope yours soon are, too! Happy reading!


  3. So I have a question… should these books be read in order? Or could you jump right in with Crown of Souls and not feel like you were missing out on information? I ask because I won a copy, and was wondering if I should go find copies of the earlier books to read first. Of course my #TBR mountain is huge, so it will be awhile. 🙂


    1. Ooo, I would read them all… but I haven’t read this one yet so you might be okay but the first two (especially the second one) were just so good! I say yes, read them all! They are worth the wait and you only get to read it for the first time once 😀


  4. For the second time in her life, Katie Beiler prayed for God to change His mind, to make His will reflect hers. But the click of her parents’ bedroom door, followed by her dat’s sad eyes and pasty complextion, told her it wasn’t to be.
    by Laura Bradford


  5. Happy Friday!
    The book I am sharing on my blog today is A Season to Dance by Patricia Beal but the book I’m currently reading is The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond by Jaime Jo Wright. Since it was my FLF last week I’ll share the first line from chapter 20 where I am now: “‘You know you live in a creepy old house, don’t you?’ Christen stood from her chair at the kitchen table and retrieved the bag of mint Oreos from the counter.” Hope you have a great weekend with plenty of reading time! 🙂


  6. Happy Friday! My first line (actually first 2 and the little poem before) is from “A Little Ray of Sunshine” by Kimberly Rae Jordan.

    “(Shadows around me, shadows above me
    Never conceal my Savior and Guide:
    He is the light, in Him is no darkness,
    Ever I’m walking close to His side.)

    Ryan McFadden looked at each of the men gathered around the large boardroom table. He searched the familiar faces for any sign of the unease that sat so heavy in his gut.”


  7. Happy Friday, Beth! Mmmmmm, Thirst of Steel….. 😉

    My first line comes from Long Way Gone by Charles Martin.

    I’d seen him before.


  8. They most certainly are two entirely different things! The book I’m sharing on my blog is “The Covenant” by Hilda Stahl. Here, I will share the first line in Chapter 9 of the same novel. “In September, Jennet stood beside the open front door, held the satchel of clothes out to Free, and said dutifully, “Take care of yourself.”” Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. Happy Friday! I’m featuring lines from Julia Wolf’s Cut Free on my blog today.

    Here, I’m sharing lines from Susan Stoker’s Defending Allye.

    “So I’ll see you back at the rendezvous point, right?” Black asked.
    “Absolutely,” Gray told his friend and partner as he readied himself to slip over the side of the fiberglass boat into the Pacific Ocean.


  10. Hugs! Hope you feel better soon. And you’re right, Thirst of Steel is not a sick day kind of read. It’s going to leave you reeling a bit!

    I’m about to start Hiding in Plain Sight by Mary Ellis, so I’ll share that first line here:
    It wouldn’t have taken much to turn a lousy day into something left of atrocious.

    Hope you have a restful weekend, friend!


  11. I’m sharing from True Grit by Charles Portis today, here is a line from the ebook at 7%:

    “If Papa had a failing it was his kindly disposition. People would use him. I did not get my mean streak from him.”

    Happy Friday and hope you feel better soon!


  12. On my blog, I’ve shared the first line from Kim Vogel Sawyer’s upcoming novel Ours For a Season. Right now, I’m just finishing up As the Tide Comes In by Cindy and Erin Woodsmall. I’m going to share the first line from chapter 36 here:

    “Luella drove toward church as Tara fidgeted with notes to her speech.”

    Hope you have a great weekend filled with relaxing reading time! ????????


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