A Few of Our Favorite (Christmas) Things: blog hop

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Hello, reader friends! We’re teaming up with my blogger friends at Kat’s Corner Books, Bookworm Mama, Singing Librarian Books, and Reading is My SuperPower for a little bit of bookish Christmas fun!

Five bloggers, Five posts, FIVE Christmas Christian fiction Kindle ebooks for ONE grand prize winner!

A Few of Our Favorite Christmas Things

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Five Favorite Christmas Things

LukeCelebrating our Savior
This season is especially meaningful for me because I was baptized during a Christmas Eve service at the age of 18. Although my family began attending church in my teen years, we celebrated Santa in a big way (excessive presents, overloaded stockings, and all-day feasting) for the majority of my childhood.

My husband and (especially) I prefer a more minimalist, reverent Christmas season for our family. We still have fun with the tree, stockings, and gift giving but on a much smaller scale and in honor of God’s Gift to the world, His Son Jesus!

CookiesCookies and Cinnamon rolls
Granted, ANYTIME is a good time for cookies and cinnamon rolls but we tend to bake more varieties TOGETHER during the Christmas season. Baking is a perfect wintertime activity, the oven warms the house a few extra degrees and who doesn’t love taste testing?!

Our family favorites are tried and true traditional (but not necessarily exclusive to Christmas time) recipes like snowball cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and shortbread. We haven’t made any fancy cookies like the ones at the right but I’d be happy to sample them!

Christmas hymns

Carols and Christmas hymns
After getting a late start in my Christian walk and attending worship services centered around the latest contemporary praise tunes for several years, I was surprised to discover how much I love all the old classics and modern hymns that focus on the reason for the season.

Participating in the rich centuries-old tradition of hymns gives me a deep sense of connection to church history and the devoted faith of those songwriters. Meaningful lyrics with classical instrumental accompaniment or relaxed bluegrass and country-style gospel music are my personal favorites.

hot cocoaCocoa and Chocolate 
Again, anytime is a good time for cocoa and chocolate but winter is especially good time for hot and melty! We love to dip everything from pretzels and nuts to cookies and brownies in melted chocolate.

Although I usually stay hydrated with a tumbler of ice water, hot cocoa and hot apple cider are my comfort drinks! Those rare snow days (or more often, any day I need help keeping the chill away) wouldn’t be complete without a steaming mug or insulated tumbler full of hot cocoa!

Suzie (my furbaby)Cuddles 
Between movie nights and storytime, our advent season is full of fuzzy socks, cozy blankets, and snuggly, cuddly goodness!

I’m OFTEN cold so having my warm hubby, four little people, and my sweet little diva furbaby available for couch time takes the chill off… no wonder I rarely want to leave home!



While our family’s Christmas focus is on The Story, there’s always room for more stories! Here are some top picks from my wishlist and favorites!


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What is YOUR favorite (Christmas) thing, reader friends? 

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25 thoughts on “A Few of Our Favorite (Christmas) Things: blog hop”

  1. Started the hop, but got hung up at one that wouldn’t let me go to the next. The words I have gotten are “our favorite things always”. ☹️


  2. I so wish everyone would be as #1 on their Christmas list to remember the reason for the season.

    I love to bake during the holidays and share with the elderly and shut-ins. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than to bring a smile to ones face of those that have no one. We just happened to make homemade cinnamon rolls this last week. 🙂

    We, also, love to watch Christmas movies together with the fireplace going. The Christmas Visitor happens to be my all time favorite one.


  3. Your cookies look so good! I love the older hymns best. I think it is because of my age. I grew up with it. It was nice to meet you.


  4. My favorite Christmas thing is to celebrate Jesus’ birth with our family. I love that it was your first favorite! Cookie & cinnamon rolls -yum – as well as other Christmas treats. For us it includes Oostakaka which is a Swedish dessert eaten with berries. We only make it on holidays, and no holiday is complete without it. And carols & Christmas hymns & choirs are another of my favorites also. I look forward to the special drinks at Christmas – hot cider, PSL, Creme Brulee latte, Peppermint White Mocha lattes, hot peppermint chocolate, … And I also love cuddling in warm throws, fuzzy socks, and watching Christmas movies or reading Christmas books. I loved your choice of books, have 6 of them, and have read 2 of that list. Can I just say these are all my favorites, too?


  5. Some of my favorite things are Christmas Eve candlelight service, then riding around looking at Christmas lights afterward, baking cookies & other treats & getting together with family & friends.


  6. I love the Christian Christmas music that point to the reason for the celebration. I also love getting together with my family and doing special baking. It’s also fun to unpack and display ornaments that have been collected over the years, many with special memories attached.


  7. My very favorite Christmas thing is the same as your #1. Jesus! If it weren’t for Him, we would have nothing to celebrate. Coming close after that is just spending time with my family….whether it’s baking cookies, driving around looking at Christmas lights, snuggled up watching a movie, or whatever.


  8. Of my many favourite things, attending church and school concerts and programs are among my top items. Love seeing the creativity!


  9. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love the atmosphere in the air. It seems that people are happier or more willing to talk about Jesus. I have no problem asking people to come to church.


  10. My favorite is Hong is the reason for the season , Jesus. Then there is the baking with daughters and decorating for the holidays. And our huge dinner the whole family attends every year. Happy Holidays.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com


  11. My favorite Christmas things are books, hot tea or cocoa, and having the time to read all day.
    Janet E.


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