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First Line Friday: Waves of Freedom series

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Welcome to our special Veterans Day edition of First Line Friday!

First and most importantly, a sincere thank you to all the service men and women and their families who sacrifice so much to protect us all.

Waves of Freedom series by Sarah Sundin

Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin When Tides Turn by Sarah Sundin
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On a platform by the bow of the USS Ettinger, Mary Stirling prepared supplies no one would notice unless they were missing.


Lillian Avery’s dream couldn’t have come true at a worse time.


A touch of kindness and enthusiasm could transform a person’s spirit, and Quintessa Beaumont delighted in participating in the process.


This series is on my all-time favorites shelf and these books are always the first books to pop into my head when I think about military or patriotic stories.

The richness of Sarah Sundin’s storytelling coupled with her meticulous attention to research brings the WWII era to life down to the most minute details.

I highly recommend this series, y’all!

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34 thoughts on “First Line Friday: Waves of Freedom series”

  1. I haven’t read the final book in this series yet. I must remedy that!

    I already had Drew Farthering’s latest adventure, Death at Thorburn Hall, all lined up for today before I remembered about the Veteran’s Day theme, so that’s the book featured on my blog, but I thought I would pick one of Ronie Kendig’s books to share here in honour of Veteran’s Day. This is the first line from ‘Raptor 6’:

    “Can’t breathe. Can’t breathe.”


  2. Happy Friday! I’m sharing the first line from A Love Like Ours by Becky Wade on my blog today, but I’ll share the first line from a book near the top of my TBR pile here. “Blizzard-like conditions are expected to last through the evening.” That line is from The Engagement Plot by Krista Phillips.


  3. This book explores the need and struggle of individual people to be noticed and remembered by others.

    Significant Me? Our Need to be Noticed and Remembered by George Weaver


  4. That series looks quite interesting. I’m such a sucker for pretty covers as well.

    My first line today is from The Art and Craft of Murder by Cat Parker:
    “One of these days, someone’s going to murder that stupid old woman,” Martha Johnstone said to me, as Hilary Short left my teahouse and walked off towards the harbor.

    Over on my blog, I’m featuring a Veterans’ theme from Abigail Strom’s Waiting for You.


  5. Here’s another series on my TBR that I need to get to!

    It was so fun to hang out with you this week! Are you recovered from your long day yet?

    Over at my blog, I’m sharing the first line from Susan Sleeman’s Cold Terror.

    I’m currently reading Welcome to Wishing Bridget by Ruth Logan Herne, so I’ll leave that first line here:

    Don’t do it.


  6. My first line (well, really first two lines because they are so good) is from Runaway Romance by Miralee Ferrell:

    “Ann Stanway sat in her television producer’s office trying to still the butterflies doing battle in her belly. No, not butterflies, more like buzzards.”


  7. My first line is from a book I’m going to be reading soon Hope Travels Through by Loni Kemper Moore…..

    The first time Dad picked me up at the Evansville airport in his 1976 Corvette, I should have recruited a fairy godmother. Not that I believed in such things.

    Have a great weekend!


  8. My first-ever night away from home, I struggled with sleeplessness, having left abruptly with two other Amish girls. The Proving by Beverly Lewis. Ican’t wait to read this one!


  9. I read my first book by Sarah Sunden recently and really enjoyed it. Once I’m done with some that I’m committed to read, I hope to finish the series.

    My first line is from an anthology called Out of the Blue Bouquet. The first story is Sourting Callie by Hallee Bridgeman.

    “Callie Vaughn felt the telltale shudder of the car through her seat just as she started to pull through the gate.”


  10. Happy Friday!

    I too thank all the service (past & present) men & women & their families who sacrifice so much to protect us all & pray for them.

    The Waves of Freedom series is a great series. I have not finished reading all the books in the series yet but love the ones I have read.

    My first line is from Runaway Romance by Miralee Ferrell.

    “Ann Stanway sat in her television producer’s office trying to still the butterflies doing battle in her belly”.

    Blessings, Tina


  11. I keep wanting to read these books. I must, I must!

    I’m currently reading The House on Foster Hill by Jamie Jo Wright, which looks like it’s going to be full of suspense. Here’s the first line:

    Death had a way of creeping up on a soul, and Ivy Thorpe determined that when it visited her, she would not be surprised.


  12. Happy Weekend, Beth!

    SEPTEMBER 1943

    Esther’s father halted the lazy swaying of the porch swing. – While We’re Far Apart by Lynn Austin


  13. I will have to check these books out!

    Happy Friday!

    I’m showcasing The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck by Bethany Turner on my blog this week. So, here I will share a line from the book I’m currently reading, Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan. I’m just starting chpt. 15, so that’s the line I’ll share:

    “On Monday morning, Kate heard her email ping and saw the message was from the Northern District of Georgia. Her heartbeat sped up as she clicked to open it.”


  14. Thank you so much for featuring the Waves of Freedom series! And yes, I adore the covers! Revell did outstanding work on all three!


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