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Written in the Stars by Christina Coryell

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Written in the Stars by Christina CoryellRoundabout these parts, dirt roads don’t just get you from point A to point B. They intersect to create a maze of life often missed when outsiders drive through a sleepy town.

The number on the population sign might seem insignificant, but a few short steps from the beaten path, there’s more than meets the eye.

Look a little closer… That sleek out-of-town convertible is bringing former pageant queen Brooke Langdon back into town for the first time in a decade. She’s dragging nothing with her but the hyphen in her last name.

Gatlin Moore is running his tractor along the fence line, spending his days keeping up his parents’ farm instead of living out his dreams in Nashville.

The sheriff is pulling into Holly Christian’s driveway, preparing to tell her that her life’s about to crumble.

And Hunter Pearce, the guy everyone calls when they need something fixed? He’s racing to Holly’s place too, wondering if things are too broken to put back together.

Welcome to Hope Canyon. This is our backroads story.

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My Thoughts

Y’all, this story gives me all the warm and fuzzy down home feelings! I adore the characters and the small town culture. Written in the Stars has an encouraging message that touched my reader heart.

Speaking from a lifetime of experience, I have to say that the way the lives of these former friends and acquaintances are intricately intertwined throughout the story is authentically reflective of intimate communities across the heartland. The author does a great job of introducing the characters one by one then weaving their stories together and seamlessly revealing past connections and individual background stories.

I hope y’all will forgive the brief review because I do NOT want to risk any spoilers here! This story is too good, I just can’t risk it! After reading this book, a gentle reminder for each of us lingered in my heart… we need to find our identity and worth in Christ, not our circumstances. My heart was fully engaged by the residents of Hope Canyon and I will be eagerly anticipating next visit while reading more stories from this author’s backlist!

I requested the opportunity to read this book through the author.
The opinions expressed are my own.


About the Author

Christina CoryellUSA Today bestselling author Christina Coryell was born and raised in southwest Missouri, where she lives with her husband and children. She had plenty of people tell her that her degree in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing would be useless. They were probably right. Added to her dual major in History, she became the least likely candidate for nearly every career on the planet, save being a writer. That suits her just fine.

Christina has written from the back hatch of an SUV, in a lawn chair while at soccer practice, in the front seat of her car, with kids climbing on her, and often with extremely loud noise in the background. At least half of her books have been written during baseball games.

She believes great fiction mirrors life, and great life contains a little humor, so it’s difficult not to sprinkle a little funny business throughout her work. Oh…and character is everything.

She loves hearing from readers. You can connect with her on her website and social media.

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Where do you land on the spectrum, reader friends?
Country folk, Small-town dweller, or City slicker?

3 thoughts on “Written in the Stars by Christina Coryell”

  1. The book description is wonderful. These characters and the setting felt familiar. Then I read Christina is from a rural town in southwest MO. No wonder! I live in a rural town on the opposite side of the state. 🙂 Must read. 🙂


  2. Guess I’m between country folk and small-town dweller. We actually live in the country (outside city limits) but just barely and our town is very small (less than 3,000 full time residents). 🙂


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