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Blown Together with Janet W. Ferguson’s Elinor Bosarge

I’m a big fan of Janet W. Ferguson’s Southern Hearts series and today’s featured character is a kindred spirit of mine, Elinor of Blown Together.

Meet Elinor Bosarge

Lonely Regency romance writer Elinor Bosarge (heroine of Blown Together) lives with her hairless cat, Mr. Darcy, in her Fort Morgan, Alabama, beach cottage–the perfect location because of her severe allergies. The queen of disastrous dates, she longs for a wonderful marriage like her parents, but her dating experiences have left her sour on real-life romance.



Describe yourself in five words

Elinor: Five words? Dear Beth, five words is hardly an adequate space to sum up a life, no matter how insignificant. May I add one or maybe two? Please?

Beth: Certainly! I understand authors have a deep fondness for words. I have a bit of a word fetish myself.

Blown Together by Janet Ferguson quoteElinor: Thank you ever so much. You are such a dear.

Let me contemplate for a second. How about the following?

Author, Allergic, Peculiar, Caregiver, Beachcomber, Cat-lover.

You’ll notice I hyphenated cat-lover to limit myself to six. I do my best to please.

Beth: Well done! You’re very kind to play along. 

What do you want readers to gain from your story?

Elinor: I had been betrayed by people I cared about. I had built barriers around my heart, perhaps more like a fortress with a moat around my heart. Trusting no one but my parents, God, and Mr. Darcy (my cat) was a lonely existence.

I had the Lord’s love which was enough, but at times, He wants us to tear down those ramparts, venture out of that castle, traverse the moat, and allow others (other humans, specifically) into our lives.

Beth: Ah, yes… I tend to hide myself away at times as well. Relationships are so important.

If you could be an animal, which would you choose and why?

Elinor: Mr. Darcy, of course, my kitty. Despite the fact that his anxiety about thunderstorms have caused him to shred many a favorite hat or piece of furniture. He’s actually a Sphynx, a cat without hair because of my dreadful allergies. You’ve seen his picture or portrait, right?

I love those wrinkles around his neck, and how his purr vibrates the creamy bare skin as smooth as toasty suede, his big green almond eyes. He’s such a sweet baby.

Beth: Well, you did warn me about the “Peculiar”… 

What book are you reading right now?

Elinor: I’m reading multiple lovely Inspirational Regencies, and I am always rereading a Jane Austen. I simply adore the formality and the manners. Can you imagine the lovely dresses?

Beth: OH! I enjoy reading about that time period but I wouldn’t want to live in it. I’m a casual gal, comfort first.

What is your go-to beverage?

iced teaElinor: Being from Mobile, Alabama, I have to claim a partiality for sweet tea. I enjoy sliced lemon, three pieces, in mine with a good volume of ice. Mother simply prepares her brew perfectly, sweet but not syrupy.

Beth: I was raised on sweet tea, still remember when my mama switched the whole family to decaf. These days I stick to ice water, I think I consumed enough caffeine and sugar in my childhood to last a lifetime!

What is your comfort food?

Elinor: Another regional favorite we have since our locale is near the Gulf of Mexico would be shrimp. One can prepare the crustacean in so many ways, baked, boiled, sautéed, grilled, in pasta, with grits, in gumbo.

They are low in calories, protein rich, and provide an impressive array of nutrients. (I research many subjects for my novels.)

Thank the Lord I do not have any food allergies. Yet. At least, I hope I don’t. I might have that rechecked next time I see my allergist.

Beth: My husband enjoys shrimp, especially fresh from the Gulf! Thank you so much for visiting with us today!

Elinor: Beth Erin, this has been simply delightful visiting with you today. I would love to offer your readers an eBook copy of my story. (Or the author will, since they say I am fictional.)

I’d love to hear from other allergy sufferers or anything to do with strange allergies. Does anyone have a cure? Can anyone relate to my malady? If not, just send encouraging comments to Mr. Darcy. He’s a needy kitty.


About the Book

Blown Together by Janet W. Ferguson

Blown Together by Janet W. FergusonWealth manager Sam Conrad is accustomed to his domineering father ordering him around, especially at the bank where they both work. But when his father demands that Sam manage the inheritance of his bossy ex-fiancée, Sam has finally had enough. He leaves in search of a new life, and attorney Big Roy Bosarge from Mobile, Alabama, agrees to mentor Sam on his quest for direction. Sam didn’t expect to be thrown together with Big Roy’s eccentric and opinionated daughter.

Storm damage forces lonely romance writer Elinor Bosarge and her hairless cat, Mr. Darcy, out of her Fort Morgan Beach cottage. She plans to take refuge in the boathouse on her parents’ estate, but finds the place already occupied by one of her father’s “projects.” She’s shocked her father would allow another young man onto the property after his last mentee robbed her family and broke her heart. And from the moment she meets Sam Conrad, they disagree about everything from her cat to how to best renovate a local nursing home.

Between her mother’s health issues and the hurricane brewing in the Gulf, Elinor feels like her life is being ripped apart. It doesn’t help that she’s falling for the man she’s determined not to trust. Sam finds himself drawn to Elinor, wanting to help her and this new family he’s grown to love. But can he overcome the barrier she’s built to keep him out? When the storm rages and the two of them are blown together, can Elinor find the faith to open her heart again?

review | goodreads | amazon


About the Author

Janet W. FergusonJanet W. Ferguson grew up in Mississippi and received a degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Mississippi. She has served her church as a children’s minister and a youth volunteer.

An avid reader, she worked as a librarian at a large public high school. Janet and her husband have two grown children, one really smart dog, and a few cats that allow them to share the space.

website | facebook | twitter | pinterest


Southern Hearts Series


As Elinor said, Janet W. Ferguson has an ebook copy of Blown Together for one fortunate Faithfully Bookish reader!

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Share YOUR thoughts on allergies, reader friends!
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14 thoughts on “Blown Together with Janet W. Ferguson’s Elinor Bosarge”

  1. It’s so much fun to play pretend here! Thanks for the invitation! Elinor was such a fun character!
    Hugs 🙂 & Blessings


    1. Hi, Tim! Nice to meet you here! Blown Together is the 4th book in my Southern Hearts series. It stands alone, but the series begins with the novel Leaving Oxford, set in Oxford, Mississippi. They are romantic comedies set in the South, dealing with tough issues, at times. Thank you for stopping in!
      Good luck on the giveaway!


  2. Allergies….sigh. We have plenty of food and chemical allergies in our house. But the children are troopers and make the best of what they’ve been given 🙂


    1. It’s so weird how many allergies are out there these days. I’m glad they are making the best of the difficult situation.
      Blessing and prayers


  3. Hi, Mr. Darcy! With such a name, I bet your owner loves books, especially Pride & Prejudice. I mean, who could blame her? Your namesake is pretty spectacular and swoon-worthy.


  4. Hi Chanel! Mr. Darcy adores your comments, especially the swoon-worthy part!
    Thanks for your encouragement 🙂


  5. I think I’m allergic to my house. We moved here two years ago. I cough a lot. We installed allergy filter on the HVAC system. Still cough but not really sick! Oh well.


    1. My daughter went through that at an apartment she rented in college. It’s so frustrating. We had the carpet cleaned and she did a little better, but still, not fun! Prayers you can figure out and alleviate the source!


    1. Hi Janice! My sister is the same way! I can never wear perfume or scented lotion around her. It gives her a headache. I’m sure it’s not fun. Sorry!


  6. Hello to Mr Darcy (I hope you mean the Colin Firth one!). And alas, I have no allergies. And none of my three daughters have allergies. I have told them too choose their spouses wisely. lol


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