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Promise of Peppermint: First Line Friday #40

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First Line Fridays

Happy Friday, reader friends! Well, this week has been a mad scramble to catch up while also preparing for a special celebration (more about that tomorrow)!

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It’s time again to peek at a first line and chat books in the comments!!!

As always, you can find my blogger buddies at the bottom of the post and I encourage you to go check out their featured books after you say hi and drop off your first line here!

Promise of Peppermint by Valerie Comer

Promise of Peppermintgoodreads | amazon


Rebekah Jackson laughed in all the right places as she listened to her best friend’s story.

This story is not only a prequel to the Urban Farm Fresh Romance series set in Spokane, WA, but it is also a sequel to Peppermint Kisses from the Farm Fresh Romance series set in northern Idaho.

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Peppermint Kisses by Valerie Comer
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 Urban Farm Fresh Romance

goodreads | amazon

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So, open the book nearest to you and post the first line in a comment below!

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44 thoughts on “Promise of Peppermint: First Line Friday #40”

  1. “Matthew Cuthbert and the sorrel mare jogged comfortably over the eight miles to Bright River.” ~Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery

    My first line is from Chapter 2. Chapter 1 was very lengthy!


  2. My first line is from For the Love of Grace by Kimberly Rae Jordan
    “Grace Anderson stared straight ahead at the white wall of a small hospital room.”


  3. Prologue

    Dublin, Ireland, 1916

    She heard it before she felt it. Harsh air sucking through clenched teeth, the grunt of an arm raised, the soft swish of a hand slicing the air. – A HEART REVEALED by Julie Lessman

    Happy Friday and Happy Reading!


  4. Hmm… that first line makes me think that the character is similar to Madeline in Chautona Havig’s “Meddlin’ Madeline” series (where she listens without listening). 😉


  5. From My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains: Carmela’s Quandary by Susan Page Davis
    You get out there, and I mean now.


  6. I’ve need to make time for one of Valerie’s books!
    My first line from Charles Martin’s Long Way Gone:
    “I’d seen him before.”


  7. 40 FLF posts! Wow! Congrats!

    My first line is a non-fiction offering this week:

    “It was the worst twenty-four housr of my life.” – Your Next 24 hours by Hal Donaldson


  8. My first encounter with light as more than illumination from a flashlight was on our homestead in Alaska at age five.
    Introduction to Who Told You That You Were Naked by William E Combs


  9. “A thin layer of snow and ice covered the narrowing road, and Link Whitman tapped the brakes to slow his pickup.” Home at Last by Deborah Raney


  10. My first line is from The Viscount’s Proposal by Melanie Dickerson
    May 1813
    Was this the night she would actually die of tedium, triviality, and hypocrisy?


    1. Hi, Allthebookblognamesaretaken.
      I will contribute to your temptation. I have one and love it! I also have a Fire tablet, but for e-reading, you can’t beat the Paperwhite. I bought the “Free 3G” version for my mom, who could no longer read books because of eye disease and does not have an internet connection, I add books to it for her. She LOVES it! She reads every day now. The ability to enlarge the font size and the fact that there is no eyestrain is perfect. It also has a great battery life.


  11. “Bernadette had been dead two weeks when her sisters showed up in Doyle’s living room asking for the statue back.” – Run by Ann Patchett.

    Happy Reading!

    Dinh@Arlene’s Book Club


  12. Last night was my brother’s college graduation, so while I was waiting for the 200+ students before him to get their diplomas, I read “Love at First Bark” (Dana Mentink). It was short and amusing. 🙂 The first line…er…paragraph… was great…

    “Marcy Deveraux was surprised to discover she didn’t actually miss the prince very much. The naked truth was, he’d been high maintenance with all that dark broodiness and not much of a sense of humor to speak of. By the end of their time together, he’d even gotten on her nerves just the tiniest bit. Still, Prince Rafe’s departure left her at a loss. It was not as though His Royal Highness was required to save anyone else from assassination, and it had been twelves months since that perilous jungle crossing, complete with poisonous spiders and the one-eyed bandit. The prince had survive more adventures than could be expected of anyone, fictional or not, and he deserved his happy ending.
    So now what?
    Marcy chewed her pencil eraser, staring at the blank pages of her notebook as the summer wind rattled the cabin windows.”


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