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From Winter’s Ashes by Amy Leigh Simpson

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If you can trust your enemy with your life, what’s to stop him from stealing your heart?

From Winter's Ashes by Amy Leigh SimpsonHopelessly unlucky in love and a target for tragedy, Joselyn Whyte hardly leads the charmed life you’d expect of an heiress. When she becomes the mark of an arsonist, the last person she expects to ride to her rescue is her nemesis—the man who sealed her fate as a frigid and lonely “Snow Whyte.”

Firefighter Finn Carson might talk a big game, but behind the swagger and the dimples is a man tormented by a mistake that cost a life. When a force stronger than his stubbornness pulls him off the bench and into a 5-Alarm fire for a miraculous save, Finn decides the key to his redemption lies with the Ice Princess he loathes. But the price to freedom from the guilt and nightmares might be too steep if it means bartering with Joselyn’s father by posing as her boyfriend—her safety and the ruthless billionaire’s senatorial campaign hanging on the combustible edge of a decade old grudge.

When secrets from the past resurface, the ruse and reality collide and threaten to thaw their heated rivalry—turning hate into something that terrifies them even more than the cunning predator with a bent sense of justice.

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My Thoughts

One word persistently leaps to my mind as I read and reflect on this delightful story… HOT! Literally hot fire, figuratively hot attraction, and all while an arsonist is hot on their trail! I am a melty puddle of happy reader, here!

Joselyn Whyte has spent years perfecting her cool and collected façade of indifference. The wall of ice she has built around her heart is a defensive fortress and bless her heart, she has earned the right to be suspicious of men. Joselyn is passionate and independent yet exceedingly patient with her loved ones even when they don’t (or can’t) love her back.

Finn Carson is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fighting fires but he can’t catch a break in his own inner turmoil. Despite his tough guy appearance, he is fiercely protective and compassionate to the core. Seems to me, Finn experienced a moment of temporary insanity when he volunteered to set their history of animosity aside and protect her by posing as her pretend boyfriend.

When these two rivals are forced together by circumstance and imminent threat, SPARKS most definitely fly. There is nothing dull, cool, or mediocre about this story! It is a blazing FIRE of brilliance!!! I love this book just as much as the first in this series (maybe even a little bit more!) and I can’t wait to get my hands on book 3!!!

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About the Author

Amy Leigh SimpsonAmy Leigh Simpson is a rather enthusiastic writer, singer, runner, foodie, on-the-precipice-of-crazy mother of three.

When she’s not stealing a few precious moments at naptime to guzzle another critically necessary coffee and squeeze out a few more adventures in storyland, she’s chasing around two tow-headed miscreants (Ahem)—boys, playing dress up with one sweet princess baby, and being the very blessed wife to the coolest, most swoon-worthy man alive.

Perhaps not traditional fodder for mystery and suspense (albeit apropos for the hefty dose of romance in her books) but, alas, stranger things have come from sleep deprivation, voracious reading, and restless creativity.

She is a contributor to the popular blog The Writer’s Alley and a member of ACFW. Her Sports Medicine degree is wasted patching up daily boo boo’s, but the remnant medical musings usually find their way onto the page with fluttering hearts, blood and guts, and scars that lead to redemption.

Connect with Amy on Facebook where she shares amusing mommy anecdotes, recipes, and everyday life and writing blunders, or at The Writer’s Alley for writing tips, inspiration, and fiction fun.

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The Girl Next Door series


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10 thoughts on “From Winter’s Ashes by Amy Leigh Simpson”

  1. Goodness, girl! YOU’VE got some serious writing skills. A book in your future?! What a beautiful, thoughtful, and eloquent review! You’re good for my heart, dear friend! Thank you so very much for this!


    1. HA! You come back Saturday when I bemoan my fear of writing 😉 Thank you for your kind words, Amy! I truly enjoy your stories so you make my job easy ????


    1. The author is in the process of rereleasing this series after regaining the rights to them from the previous publisher. Book one was just released this month so we should see books 2 and 3 very soon!


      1. Thank you so much for your speedy reply! Should I just keep checking Amazon for it, or is there a way I can be notified when they are released?


      2. Since you specifically asked about a Kindle copy, you can follow Amy Leigh Simpson on Amazon and be notified by email!
        If you are on Facebook or Twitter, use the links below her bio above to follow her author page. For Facebook, make sure you Like and select Notifications under Follow or you won’t see any of her posts.


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