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A Flight of Arrows by Lori Benton

Hello, reader friends! A Flight of Arrows by Lori Benton is the highly anticipated conclusion of The Pathfinders duology

about the book

A Flight of Arrows by Lori Benton (The Pathfinders book 2)

A Flight of Arrows by Lori BentonOctober 1776 – August 1777

It is said that what a man sows he will reap–and for such a harvest there is no set season. No one connected to Reginald Aubrey is untouched by the crime he committed twenty years ago.

Not William, the Oneida child Reginald stole and raised as his own. Identity shattered, enlisted in the British army, William trains with Loyalist refugees eager to annihilate the rebels who forced them into exile. Coming to terms with who and what he is proves impossible, but if he breaks his Loyalist oath, he’ll be no better than the man who constructed his life of lies.

Not Anna, Reginald’s adopted daughter, nor Two Hawks, William’s twin, both who long for Reginald to accept their love despite the challenges they will face, building a marriage that bridges two cultures.

Not Good Voice and Stone Thrower, freed of bitterness by a courageous act of forgiveness, but still yearning for their firstborn son and fearful for the future of their Oneida people.

As the British prepare to attack frontier New York and Patriot regiments rally to defend it, two families separated by culture, united by love, will do all in their power to reclaim the son marching toward them in the ranks of their enemies.

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my thoughts

A Flight of Arrows is the second installation of an epic saga set in Colonial America during the Revolutionary War. An excellent book to review on Independence Day! Of course, book 1 of this series, The Wood’s Edge, is also an excellent choice!!

Despite being forgiven by Stone Thrower and Good Voice, Reginald continues to carry the guilt of his sin like a millstone around his neck. His inability to forgive himself effects every relationship he has. My heart is so heavy for Reginald as he trudges through life.

Anna is nearly desperate to move forward in her relationship with Two Hawks, with or without her father’s permission or approval. Despite her frustration, I admire the way Two Hawks and Anna weigh the challenge and sacrifices their union would create, exhibiting wisdom and discernment. The many cultural differences and the prejudice they face would discourage even the most devoted sweethearts. A true gentleman, Two Hawks is especially committed to seeking God’s will, honoring Anna’s father, and seeing her relationship with Reginald healed.

Since learning the truth of his heritage, William feels stripped of his identity and struggles to rebuild an authentic sense of self. I can relate to the temptation of running away from problems and attempting to hide from trouble rather than deal with it. William’s interactions with some of the natives traveling alongside the troops slowly begin changing his thinking about his Oneida blood but he wrestles with the sense of duty that binds him to his enlistment.

William’s struggle as he marches towards his home and family poignantly captures the reality of divided loyalties at the time. The reaction and unity of his loved ones and the sacrifices they are willing to make in order to reunite with him beautifully reflect both the Good Shepherd’s pursuit of the lost lamb and the price paid by our Savior.

I cannot praise this book enough, it is magnificent! I hope to see this story continue and I’ll be reading more Lori Benton titles in the meantime!

I requested the opportunity to read and review this title through Blogging for Books. The opinions expressed are my own.


about the author

Lori Benton was born and raised east of the Appalachian Mountains, surrounded by early American and family history going back to the 1600s. Her novels transport readers to the 18th century, where she brings to life the Colonial and early Federal periods of American history, creating a melting pot of characters drawn from both sides of a turbulent and shifting frontier, brought together in the bonds of God’s transforming grace.

When she isn’t writing, reading, or researching 18th century history, Lori enjoys exploring the mountains with her husband.

Burning Sky, Lori’s debut novel, was a finalist for the ECPA 2014 Christian Book Award, and winner of the 2014 Christy Award for First Novel, Historical, and Book of the Year.

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We’ve had a great weekend celebrating our nation’s birth! Our little volunteer fire department organized another impressive fireworks display this year. We enjoyed a fun party with our friends and they had an excellent little amateur pyro showing.

How did you celebrate Independence Day? International friends, do you celebrate the founding of your nation, state, or town? I’d love to hear all about it! Be sure to add A Flight of Arrows by Lori Benton to your tbr!

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