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Burning Proof by Janice Cantore

Burning Proof by Janice CantoreAfter months of investigating the brutal homicide of a young girl, Detective Abby Hart finally has the evidence she needs. But when the arrest goes terribly wrong, Abby begins to doubt her future as a police officer. As she wrestles with conflicting emotions, old questions about the fire that took her parents’ lives come back to haunt her.

“There is proof.” PI Luke Murphy can’t stop thinking about what Abby’s former partner, Asa Foster, mumbled just before he died. When he uncovers a clue to the murder of Abby’s parents and his uncle, he’s reluctant to tell Abby, despite his growing feelings for the beautiful detective.

A decade-old abduction case brings Luke and Abby together, but will his secret tear them apart?

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My Thoughts

This action-packed law enforcement drama has heart and soul!  Abby’s faith and confidence are shaken when flashbacks and nightmares plague her after she faces a devastating incident. The turmoil and anxiety produce a more authentic character. Abby struggles as she reexamines the very foundation of her faith and her career. Her introspection and soul-searching reveal a deeply vulnerable side of her personality.

Luke continues investigating the cold case that intertwines his life and career with Abby’s. He reluctantly withholds new information in an effort to protect her from false hope. Luke has good intentions but he knows better than to pull that stunt on a gal like Abby! The intense investigations and new revelations in the murder of Abby’s parents and Luke’s uncle kept me on the edge of my seat. Emotional and spiritual elements anchor this series and keep me coming back for more!

Make sure to read book 1, Drawing Fire before picking up this title. Janice Cantore provides enough back story for book 2 to stand alone but I’m telling you, you will want to read this whole series. I am eagerly anticipating the release of the next book in the Cold Case Justice series!

I requested the opportunity to read and review this book through The Book Club Network. The opinions expressed are my own.

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About the Author

Janice CantoreA former Long Beach, California police officer of twenty-two years, Janice Cantore worked a variety of assignments, including patrol, administration, juvenile investigations, and training. She’s always enjoyed writing and published two short articles on faith at work for Cop and Christ and Today’s Christian Woman before tackling novels.

A few years ago, she retired to a house in the mountains of Southern California, where she lives with three Labrador retrievers, Jake, Maggie, and Abbie. Janice writes suspense novels designed to keep readers engrossed and leave them inspired. Accused is the first book in the Pacific Coast Justice series, featuring Carly Edwards. Janice also authored the Brinna’s Heart series, which includes The Kevlar Heart and A Heart of Justice.

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