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The Bridge Between by Lindsey P. Brackett + q&a

Hello, reader friends! Join me in welcoming author friend Lindsey P. Brackett! She is visiting us today as part of a Singing Librarian Books blog tour celebrating her latest novel, The Bridge Between! My review is below and I’m delighted to have Lindsey visiting us for a quick q&a and sharing a giveaway opportunity for y’all!


about the author

Lindsey P. Brackett

Lindsey P. Brackett writes southern fiction and cooks big family meals, but she complains about the dishes. Her debut novel, Still Waters, released in 2017 and was named the 2018 Selah Book of the Year.

Her latest novel, The Bridge Between, released in 2019. Someday she hopes to balance motherhood and writing full-time. Until then, she’s just very grateful for her public school system.

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Name five favorites!

L: outdoor activity: Hiking to a waterfall.

time or place to read or write: Early morning in my chair with my coffee.

scripture verse: Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. Ephesians 3:20

secondary characters: Hannah and Ben! You can read their story in my free novella Magnolia Mistletoe.

childhood books: Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

bookish website: Modern Mrs. Darcy is my favorite for all the book and life things.

B: I like all these things too!

Alyson McPhee on Unsplash

What is your favorite activity or hobby not related to books?

L: I love to cook which is probably why I feature a lot of food in my stories. I’m not a baker, but I do really enjoy bread making—the old-fashioned turn and knead and rise and knead again way. I truly find the experience spiritual in a way, such a good reminder that everything doesn’t have to be done quickly.

B: I’m so impressed (the only thing I enjoy making is cookies)!

Share the inspiration behind your current series.

L: My family has always been the root behind my Edisto books. We lost my maternal grandmother when I was very young and in a lot of ways, these stories gave me a chance to explore her life as it was and as it could have been if she had lived longer. As a mother myself now, I have all new respect for my mom and the life they lived in rural Colleton County, South Carolina. Edisto was a haven then and has become one now for myself and my own children—just as it does for Lou and David and their family in The Bridge Between.

B: I love that you have shared your intimate connection with this place through your stories!

What book(s) are you reading right now?

L: I am always reading multiple books! Right now, thanks to my recent experience at a booksellers trade show, I’ve got a toppling TBR that’s full of new and soon-to-come releases. I just finished Sarah Loudin Thomas’s When Silence Sings (November 2019), and I can’t wait to dive into Robyn Pearson’s debut A Long Time Comin’ (January 2020) and Anne Bogel’s new non-fiction Don’t Overthink It (March 2020). I’m also reading Little Women with my classics-based book club. We have a lot of fun revisiting books we “should” have already read.

B: I miss tandem reading! These all look like great books and I’m glad you’re enjoying them all at once!

What is your reading style?

L: I’m a print only girl and read primarily before I go to sleep and early on Saturday mornings when everyone else is sleeping in.

B: Wait… people sleep in at your house?! How do I teach my people to do this?!

What’s your writing style?

L: Oh, it’s so fun to be the only pantser in my writing group. My critique partners are hardcore plotters. I’m always loosey-goosey with this general idea of where the story is going and how it will end and what theme I’m exploring but NO IDEA how we may actually get there. I drive them crazy.

B: Ah, you’re the wild one of the bunch! Good for you, my friend! Normal is boring anyway.


about the book

The Bridge Between by Lindsey P. Brackett

Title: The Bridge Between
Author: Lindsey P. Brackett
Genre: Adult, Romance
Publisher: Firefly Southern Fiction a division of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
Publication date: July 31, 2019

Louisa Coultrie Halloway has returned home as caretaker for the family home on Edisto Island, but years before she left this world behind. Now she flounders to find her place. When Liam Whiting, a local professor studying tidal creek preservation, invites Lou to join his research team, she welcomes the opportunity for purpose.

David, her ex-husband, has followed Lou and their children to Edisto. As he finds his footing in this new life, their once strained relationship eases into a familiar rhythm—and he hopes for more.

But the past still has a hold on them all, especially in the presence of Grace Watson, whose son intends to marry Lou and David’s daughter. Somehow, Grace and Lou must let the past of a shared love settle between them.

In this idyllic setting, relationships, like the creeks, deepen and shift. Once more, Lou finds herself caught between the life she’s chosen—and the love that might be meant to be.

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my thoughts

The Bridge Between by Lindsey P. Brackett quote graphic by Faithfully BookishWith genuine characters and sometimes painful authenticity, Brackett explores and exposes the human condition and our soul-deep need for forgiveness and unconditional love.

The Bridge Between does not shy away from the nitty-gritty of life and complicated relationships. The tangled webs of love and loss in this story had my emotions tied up in knots, effectively holding me captive to the end! Fortunately, the calming ambiance of idyllic Edisto Island soothed my nerves as the characters worked through their numerous issues, past and present, to make way for a brighter future.

Readers of women’s fiction or contemporary romance, ready your heartstrings! I especially recommend this story to fans of Catherine West, Karen Kingsbury, Katherine Reay, and Lindsay Harrel.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review. The opinions expressed are my own.



Still Waters by Lindsey P Brackett Magnolia Mistletoe by Lindsey P. Brackett The Bridge Between by Lindsey P. Brackett


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