No Safe Place with Sherri Shackelford

Hi, reader friends! Today, we welcome back our author friend Sherri Shackelford to celebrate her new release, No Safe Place, with a guest post and Prism Book Tours giveaway! Sherri is sharing some of her fascinating research with us and she’s put together a wonderful giveaway prize you won’t want to miss!

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Tips on Hiding

When I bought the book, Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud, my husband was a little worried. The book was written by Elizabeth Greenwood, and I used her name as the inspiration for my heroine, Beth Greenwood.

The book is a fascinating look into the underground world of ‘making people disappear.’ Believe it or not, there’s an entire underground industry dedicated to helping people fake their death—should the need arise.

Some fun facts:

  1. You’ll need about $30,000 to disappear. Start saving.
  2. Overwhelmingly, people disappear to avoid debts rather than to flee bad love affairs.
  3. Pretending you’ve drowned virtually guarantees you’ll be caught. Think about a disappearing while on a hike, instead.

Beth, my heroine, was the daughter of a cop who worked with some shady characters over the years. Beth uses these contacts to begin the process of disappearing. The hardest part, it turns out, is the human factor. Documents can be forged, and histories can be created, but the first time you call home to wish your mom a ‘happy birthday’, the gig is up. Depending on what you’ve done and who you’re running from, there’s a good chance your mom’s phone has been tapped.

Years ago, I was watching a documentary about a bank robber. He did everything right. He walked away from his family without a backward glance. He started a new life across the country. He didn’t go on a spending spree with his ill-gotten gains. Instead, he saved and spent his money wisely—except for one minor splurge: He bought a fancy car.

I guess if you’ve successfully robbed a bank, you can’t resist a little treat for yourself. Unfortunately for our bank robber, a sheriff lived in the same neighborhood. Each day when the sheriff left for work, he’d wonder how a regular guy could afford such a fancy car. The sheriff figured the guy was dealing drugs, and he decided to do a little digging. Instead of uncovering a drug ring, the sheriff solved a twenty-year-old bank robbery.

Had our guy bought a Volvo, he’d probably still be on the lam.

Disappearing in the twenty-first century comes with a unique set of challenges. Paying cash isn’t easy to do these days. Action hero, Jack Reacher, travels by bus to ‘stay off the grid’. Personally, I’d rather pay my debts and stay on the grid than ride the bus!

I think most of us would have a hard time leaving our family and friends forever. Do you think you could successfully disappear if you had to?!

about the book

No Safe Place by Sherri Shackelford cover

No Safe Place by Sherri Shackelford
Christian Romantic Suspense
Paperback & ebook, 224 Pages
January 1st 2019 by Love Inspired Suspense

He lives by the law.

She’s running for her life.

After forensic accountant Beth Greenwood uncovers a money-laundering scheme tying her company to the organization that murdered her mentor, she knows she needs to go into hiding. With ruthless killers in pursuit, she’s forced to rely on homeland security agent Corbin Ross’s protection—even as his investigation suggests Beth is complicit in embezzlement.

Can their uneasy alliance develop into something deeper—and keep them alive?

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about the author

A former naval reservist with a top-secret security clearance, Sherri writes rapid-fire suspense featuring captivating characters and heart-pounding romance. She’s authored more than a dozen novels for Harper Collins publishing, including both historical and contemporary suspense.



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One winner will receive”A Little Bit More Romance Box,” which includes the following items in a Decorative Box (pictured): Romance Bubble Bath, Classic Cover Harlequin Notebook, Collectible Addition Book of Romance Poems, Romance Bath Bomb, Scented Candle, Fuzzy Socks, and Books: No Safe Place and His Substitute Mail-Order Bride by Sherri Shackelford, and Undercover Memories by Lenora Worth!

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Did y’all get a good look at that giveaway prize?!
It’s a reader’s dream day in a box! I love it!

Sherri asks, “Do you think you could successfully disappear if you had to?!” Leave your answer in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “No Safe Place with Sherri Shackelford”

  1. What an awesome giveaway. The book sounds so exciting. I don’t think I could hide from family. I love my family and we depend on each other. Thank you for telling us about you and your books.


  2. I could probably do it for a while if I had to, but it would be hard and I could only do it if my family was in danger and there was no other way to protect them.


  3. Thank you for being part of the book tour for “No Safe Place” by Sherri Shackelford hosted by Prism Book Tours.

    Loved reading the author’s guest post and learning of some of the research for the book. Love the Love Inspired Suspens books and this one sounds sure to please. I would love the opportunity to read this great sounding book which is now on my TBR list.

    It wouldn’t be hard for me to disappear at all if I were to choose to. Other than the love of my life, my husband of 36+ years, I having outlived the loved ones that would have made me feel the need to stay. So either hubby would have to go with me or if it was after his going to his heavenly home, I think I could disappear easily if I felt the need. However, I could probably stay where I am and just blend into the woodwork just as well. Be a whole lot easier. 🙂
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


    1. I think I would probably mess up pretty fast. I’d do good for a while, then I’d forget and blurt out my name or something!


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