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Amish Rescue with Debby Giusti five favorites

Hello, reader friends! Today we welcome back our author friend Debby Giusti for a little chat about her new release, Amish Rescue! She brought along a generous giveaway as well!  Enter to win two of her books and a 2018 calendar/planner!

about the author

Debby GiustiPublishers Weekly Bestselling Author Debby Giusti is a medical technologist who loves working with test tubes and petri dishes almost as much as she loves to write.  Growing up as an Army Brat, Debby met and married her husband–then a Captain in the Army–at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Together they traveled the world, raised three wonderful Army Brats of their own and eventually settled in Peachtree City, Georgia, where Debby spins tales of suspense that touch the heart and soul.

Debby’s stories have won numerous awards, including two Daphne du Maurier Awards for Inspirational Suspense, the National Readers’ Choice Award, the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award, Golden Quill, the Beacon, the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and the Write Touch. Her twenty-third novel, AMISH RESCUE, released in April and is the third book in Debby’s Amish Protectors series. Book four, AMISH CHRISTMAS SECRETS, will be out in October. Watch for AMISH SAFE HOUSE in February 2019, the second book in a new Amish Witness Protection Continuity series from Love Inspired Suspense. In addition to full-length fiction, Debby has written magazine articles for Southern Lady, Woman’s World, Our Sunday Visitor, Army and Family, and served for over twelve years on the editorial advisory board of ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory.

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five favorite covers

Debby: I write for Love Inspired and am so grateful for the Art Department that creates amazing covers for my books. They take my suggestions and turn them into engaging representations of each story that invite readers to open the book and enter into the adventure.

Beth: I love covers, this is going to be great!

Amish Refuge by Debby GiustiDebby: I was thrilled when they sent me the cover for AMISH REFUGE, a May 2017 release and the first book in my Amish Protectors series. In the story, Miriam Miller, an Englisch woman who was carjacked and held captive, flees her assailant and holes up with Amish widower, Abram Zook.

His farm, pictured on the cover, provides sanctuary, but it’s Miriam, hiding out in Amish clothing with her hair pulled into a bun and wearing a starched white kapp, who grabs the reader’s attention. From her expression, readers know Miriam is frightened and rightfully so. Danger lurks and her life is in peril when the man who killed her mother and trafficked her sister comes after her.

The story made Publishers Weekly’s Bestseller List, and I’m sure the cover helped garner that success.

Beth: Absolutely and I love the white farm buildings.

The Agents Secret Past by Debby GiustiDebby: THE AGENT’S SECRET PAST (March 2014) was the first book in my Military Investigations series that included an Amish subplot so it holds a special spot in my heart. I had wanted to add an Amish element to my series and when my editor gave me the go-ahead, I eagerly tackled the story.

Thanks to the Art Department, the cover portrays that challenging and a bit unusual combination of Amish and military threads. On the cover, an Amish buggy stops in front of an entrance gate at Fort Rickman, Georgia, the fictional Army post I created for the series. My heroine is a special agent with the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division. She grew up Amish but left the plain world when her family was murdered. Now the killer, who was thought to have died, is coming after her.

The story won the Daphne du Maurier award for Inspirational Suspense, which is a wonderful honor especially since I’m a huge fan of du Maurier’s stories.

Beth: Amish military IS an unusual combination, I like it!

The Colonels Daughter by Debby GiustiDebby: THE COLONEL’S DAUGHTER (August 2012) is the third book in my Military Investigations series. I set the stories in and around Fort Rickman, Georgia, a fictional Army post I created by drawing elements from Fort Knox, Kentucky, and Fort Benning, Georgia.

This particular cover shows the heroine, Michele Logan, in her parents’ military quarters. A serial killer is on the loose and Special Agent Jamison Steele needs to keep Michele safe. But Michele walked out of Jamison’s life some months earlier before he could declare his love. Now she’s back and in danger. I sent the Art Department a photo of the quarters I lived in at Fort Knox with my parents and was so excited to see that home on the cover.

The story was a HOLT Medallion Award of Merit finalist, and the cover always reminds me of Fort Knox, where my husband and I met and married.

Beth: That house is beautiful, I love the style!

Debby: Protecting Her Child by Debby GiustiThe cover for PROTECTING HER CHILD, a May 2009 release and part of my Magnolia Medical series, shows a pregnant woman—the widowed heroine—through her bedroom window. A car stops on the road outside the small bungalow where Meredith Lassiter has been hiding out. The men who killed her husband have found her. She needs to save herself and her unborn child and finds an unlikely hero in medical researcher Pete Worth.

Meredith’s biological mother gave her up for adoption soon after birth and enlists Pete’s help in tracking down her daughter who might have inherited the mother’s life-threatening disease. Not only is Meredith worried about her own safety but also the health and well-being of her own unborn child. Hopefully, the cover makes the reader want to learn more about this young pregnant woman on the run.

The story won the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence and was embraced by Von-Hippel Lindau Connections, an organization that helps patients and their families deal with VHL, the genetically transmitted disease that plays into the story.

Beth: Thank you for shining a light on that disease, knowledge is power!

Christmas Peril by Margaret Daley and Debby GiustiDebby: I love the toppled Christmas tree and broken ornaments on the cover of CHRISTMAS PERIL, a December 2009 release that features my story, YULE DIE, and MERRY MAYHEM by Margaret Daley.

In YULE DIE, undercover police officer Joe Petrecelli falls head over heels in love at first sight with medical technologist Callie Evans. They’re both taken hostage on Christmas Eve, and Joe has to use his head instead of his heart to keep Callie alive.

The story won the Beacon Award for Excellence and was one of the easiest stories I’ve ever written. I completed it in six weeks and felt that the characters were in charge, instead of me.

Beth: Oh, this one sounds right up my alley! Guy loves girl, girl has no idea… yeah, that’s a fun one!



Tell us about your latest release

Debby: Amish Rescue, released in April and is the third book in my Amish Protectors series. A middle of the night carjacking on a desolate road in the North Georgia Mountains places three sisters in danger. Sarah, the youngest of the three, has been held hostage and forced to care for her captor’s infirmed, elderly mother.

Amish carpenter Joachim Burkholder is hired to repair the old antebellum home where the elderly woman lives. He helps Sarah escape, but she needs to find her sister and fears another woman could be held captive as well. Sarah was mentioned in the first two books in the series, and I enjoyed writing her story, at long last.

She leads us to the heroine in AMISH CHRISTMAS SECRETS, book 4 and the final story in the series, which will be out in October of this year.

Beth: Okay, Debby… you know I don’t usually gravitate towards Amish fiction…but I am rearranging my tbr pile right this minute!

Amish Rescue by Debby GiustiEnglischer Sarah Miller escapes her captor by hiding in the buggy of an Amish carpenter.

Joachim Burkholder is her only hope—and donning Plain clothing is the only way to keep safe and find her missing sister.

But for Joachim, who’s just returning to the Amish, the forbidden Englischer is trouble.

Trapping her kidnapper risks his life, but losing Sarah risks his heart.

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Tell us about your next release. What are you working on now?

Debby: I was invited to take part in the Love Inspired Suspense Amish Witness Protection continuity. My story, AMISH SAFE HOUSE, will be out in February 2019. The heroine is a single mom who’s trying to keep her kids safe in the inner city. When her son sees a gang murder, the gang comes after him, and the family is forced into Witness Protection. Their new identity takes them to an Amish community in Yoder, Kansas, where they find lodging in Abraham King’s dawdy or grandfather’s house. I recently submitted the Art Fact Sheet to the Art Department and am eager to see the cover they’ll create for this story.

Presently, I’m brainstorming a new series for Love Inspired that features Amish heroes and heroines in the fictional town of Willkommen, situated in the North Georgia mountains. I always pray for my readers and hope they enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

Beth: So many exciting stories! Thank you so much for visiting with us today, sweet friend! 


Debby has a copy of the first two installments of the Amish Protector series (Amish RefugeUndercover Amish) plus a 2018 planner for one Faithfully Bookish reader!

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Debby will be by to chat with readers so be sure to say hi
and ask her any questions you might have!
Which cover and story most caught your interest, reader friends?
Be sure to pick up your copy of Amish Rescue!

26 thoughts on “Amish Rescue with Debby Giusti five favorites”

  1. Hello Ladies! I like Amish Protector series covers – they are intriguing!
    Thank you for the post! Blessings!


  2. Thanks, Beth and Debby!

    Debby, it was interesting to learn more about you and your books. Thanks for sharing your talents!


  3. LOVE – LOVE – LOVE all the covers! I would be beyond thrilled if selected to receive not one but two of your wonderful books. Both “Amish Refuge” & “Undercover Amish” fill most of the things I love about reading. I’m sure that ” Amish Rescue” is equally as great a book. Thank you so much for this amazing chance!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


  4. Hi Debby:

    So glad to see you included your Christmas novella “Yule Die” in your cover selections. The novella format is my favorite for romances and “Yule Die” is my favorite novella. I think it is the perfect novella and I read it again just before I start writing a novella myself. I just knew it would win awards when I first read it just days after it was released. Do you have any plans to write more novellas?

    I have all your books so there’s no need to be in the drawing.



    1. Vince, you’re always so generous with your praise. Thank you! I’m grateful and so glad you enjoyed “Yule Die.” I’m hoping to write a new series of novellas and am working on the story lines now. I’ll keep you posted!


    1. Vivian, thanks for stopping by Faithfully Bookish and leaving a comment. Isn’t Beth’s site wonderful! I’m thrill to be here and grateful for your interest in my stories. Good luck in the drawing!


  5. Hi! Enjoyed reading about your Amish suspense books. I know I would enjoy reading them. And learning how the covers came into being. They are very nice.


  6. ciao, thank you for let us try to win your books! I hope to enter, I’m from Europe- Italy.
    I looove reading, both in italian and english language.
    ciao, martaA


  7. Benign though it might seem, CHRISTMAS PERIL cover captured my attention. I think that would be a good read. All these featured books look teriffic. If I were to win the Amish books, I’d share them with a group of older ladies in our church that love Amish fiction.

    I’m in the middle of North Carolina


  8. Hi Vera, I’m glad CHRISTMAS PERIL caught your eye. You must enjoy Christmas stories. I do too! Thanks for sharing your books with the ladies at church. You’re very generous and thoughtful!


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