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First Line Friday: The Lacemaker

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It’s the FINAL 2017 Friday, reader friends!!

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Anyone have New Year’s Eve plans?! I’ll be dropping in on a party hosted by our dear friends in Seekerville and y’all are invited too!

Seekerville New Year's Eve Bash 2018!

December 31, 2017
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First Line Fridays hosted by Hoarding Books

The Lacemaker by Laura Frantz

The Lacemaker by Laura Frantz

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Elisabeth took a breath, breaking an intense hour of concentration.


In honor of the New Year, today’s featured first line is from one of my most highly anticipated 2018 new releases, The Lacemaker! I’m currently reading a digital ARC and I’m simply delighted with the story so far!

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47 thoughts on “First Line Friday: The Lacemaker”

  1. I’d love to read this one, but I still haven’t managed to read LAST year’s release from Laura Frantz… #overloadedTBR

    I’m featuring the first line from Angela Hunt’s upcoming release “Judah’s Wife” on my blog this week, but right now I’m going to share the first paragraph from Christina Coryell’s newly released novella “Merried Off” (because it’s just better with the whole paragraph rather than the first line!)

    “It must be sheer ecstasy to be known not by a name first and foremost, but by a song.” Celeste Jordan sighed as she sank deeper into the scratchy cushion on the old wooden chair. “It’s tempting to choose such a song for myself, but I’m afraid it would be impossible to narrow it down. All of life is one lingering melody.”

    Such a sweet novella–and only $0.99 at the moment!


  2. Happy Friday!

    My First Line Friday comes from a book I will be reading and reviewing soon, A Courtship on Huckleberry Hill by Jennifer Beckstrand.

    Elsie Stutzman forced a smile and took the last bite of asparagus potato raisin casserole on her plate. She swallowed decisively, and it slid down her throat like a cup of wet cement.

    Have a great weekend and stay warm!


  3. Love the cover of this book. My first line comes from a book I will start later today. “Mordecai knew what it was to wrestle with death and win.” — On This Foundation by Lynn Austin.


  4. The cold liquid splashed the back of my neck before it rolled down and underneath my shirt.
    LOST BOOKS AND OLD BONES by Paige Shelton


  5. Hi Beth! My copy of The Lacemaker just arrived yesterday! I’m super excited to read it!

    Over on my blog today I’m sharing the first line from My Heart Belongs in Niagara Falls, New York by Amanda Barratt. It is scheduled to release on Jan. 1st! I’ll share with you here a book I’m currently reading – Across the Blue by Carrie Turansky
    “Isabella Grayson’s shoes sank into the plush red carpet of Broadlands’ south hall, and she released a soft sigh. What luxury!”
    Happy New Year!


  6. I just finished “The Lacemaker” yesterday. It’s wonderful! I am re-reading one of my favorite books ever . . . . “The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn” by Lori Benton.


  7. I can’t wait to read The Lacemaker! Happy Friday! My first line is from Would-be Mistletoe Wife by Christine Johnson.

    “Louise Smythe spotted her quarry and motioned her students to follow her across the sand dune.”

    This is a fun & interesting read about lighthouses and the Chicago Fire!


  8. That is a pretty cover–and an author I’ve not read yet. 🙂

    I’m currently re-reading “The Lost Heiress” by Roseanna White. I got book three of the Ladies of the Manor series for Christmas, so am giving myself a refresher of books 1-2 before I get to the third. 😉

    First line:
    Temptation sat before her, compelling as the sea.


  9. The Lacemaker is on my MUST read list!


    “WHO ARE YOU?” I asked. – The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn

    Happy New Year!


  10. “Elisabeth took a breath, breaking an intense hour of concentration.” I am 100 pages into The Lacemaker and do not want it to end. Laura is one of my FAVORITE authors. All her books are treasures.


    1. Lol…I left out a word. So typical of me. I was in a hurry yesterday. The line should of been: Rachael Ashford wanted to throw ‘up’ her hands up. (One word makes a big difference????).

      I absolutely can’t wait to read The Lacemaker. I have read all of Laura’s books. They are set in my favorite era. Her writing makes me feel like I am apart of the story.


      1. LOL! It certainly does! I admit to a little head scratching over that one! 😀 I completely agree with you on Laura’s books (even though I have not yet had the pleasure of reading every single one)


  11. I would love to read The Lacemaker! I’ve read a couple of “heavy” themed books back to back and needed something a lottle lighter. So my first line is from Charlotte Hubbard’s “A Simple Wish”: Ordinarily, the shaded front porch was the coolest place to spend an August afternoon, but the sweat trickling down Loretta Riehl’s back had nothing to do with Missouri’s heat and humidity.

    Happy New Year!


  12. “Of the many lessons I learned in childhood, one made a permanent impression on my soul: God should be feared, and so should my father.”

    Judah’s Wife by Angela Hunt


  13. I can’t wait to read this one!

    Happy Friday!!!

    I’m sharing the first line from Nicole Deese’s novel, A Season to Love, on my blog. I’m just starting chapter 23, so I will share the first line from this chapter here:

    “I dreamed of coffee: dark and rich and boldly brewed.”

    A great dream to me!!! Hope you have a great weekend, and a happy New Year. ????


  14. Christmas or not, there was nothing merry about the twisted alleys of Holywell. This is the first line in the book 12 Days st Bleakly Manor by Michelle Griep.

    Have a blessed New Year!


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