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Written in the Dust by Christina Coryell

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Written in the Dust by Christina CoryellThere are two basic types of people you’ll come across in small towns. Planters have the land in their blood and want to stay forever. Dreamers long for the day they will finally escape.

Holly Christian? Definitely a planter. She’s never considered leaving for greener pastures, but it’ll be a whole lot easier to move forward when people finally stop telling her that will never happen.

Thank goodness she has an ally in Hunter Pearce. He has no desire to leave now that he has what he’s always wanted. Well…almost. The words he can’t take back are still clinging closer than a humid summer afternoon.

Then there’s Gatlin Moore, who leans more in the dreamer direction. He used to imagine a future away from his hometown, but circumstances changed his plans long ago.

Now he can’t stop thinking about bringing some of his dreams back to life, namely the ones that involve Brooke Langdon. Breaking up in their small town was hard, but getting back together might prove impossible.

She may not be around long, unless she rediscovers what she used to love about the place. Putting her future in order by piecing together the past could mend her heart…or break it for keeps.

Welcome to Hope Canyon. This is our backroads story.

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My Thoughts

This place, this story, these characters… y’all, I LOVE! Coryell has captured the heartbeat of rural communities across the heartland with authentic characters and their completely intertwined relationships!

Holly and Brooke have great friend-vibes, like a modern-day Lucy and Ethel duo (minus the over the top slapstick comedy). They balance and support one another with honesty and compassion. Holly and Brook are different flavors of crazy but that just makes life interesting!

Hunter and Gatlin are a couple of hometown good-ol’ boys of the swoony variety. They are both doggone hard workers and more loyal than the day is long. Hunter and Gatlin are men who know how to love. Devotion and romance sure look good in Levi’s!

These friends help each other along the way on the backroads of love and life. This story is tucked away deep within my reader heart and on my all-time favorites list. I highly recommend it and plan to make future visits to all my Hope Canyon folks.

I requested the opportunity to read this book through the author.
The opinions expressed are my own.


About the Author

Christina CoryellUSA Today bestselling author Christina Coryell was born and raised in southwest Missouri, where she lives with her husband and children. She had plenty of people tell her that her degree in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing would be useless. They were probably right. Added to her dual major in History, she became the least likely candidate for nearly every career on the planet, save being a writer. That suits her just fine.

Christina has written from the back hatch of an SUV, in a lawn chair while at soccer practice, in the front seat of her car, with kids climbing on her, and often with extremely loud noise in the background. At least half of her books have been written during baseball games.

She believes great fiction mirrors life, and great life contains a little humor, so it’s difficult not to sprinkle a little funny business throughout her work. Oh…and character is everything.

She loves hearing from readers. You can connect with her on her website and social media.

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Backroads series

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Where do you land on the spectrum, reader friends?
Are you a Planter or a Dreamer?

6 thoughts on “Written in the Dust by Christina Coryell”

  1. I’m 100% a planter! I’ve lived in the same neighborhood my whole life, except for the worst ten months ever. My first husband was in the military and I left rural Virginia with a 6 month old to be with him in California. I hated it! My roots definitely run deep.


  2. These books look and sound sooooo good! They’re on my wish list. I’m a planter. I’m perfectly content right where I am. I do like to wander and travel for short times, but after a week or two, I’m longing for home again.


  3. I am a planter who dreams . . . of course, that makes no sense. Thanks for the reminder about this author, she has been on and off my “radar”, just have not made the time to read these books.


    1. Makes perfect sense to me! Our families have been right here for generations, centuries even, yet I would love to settle down someplace new or try our hands at a nomadic lifestyle like full time RVing! I guess home is more the who than the where for me.


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