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The One True Love of Alice-Ann by Eva Marie Everson

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The One True Love of Alice-Ann by Eva Marie EversonLiving in rural Georgia in 1941, sixteen-year-old Alice-Ann has her heart set on her brother’s friend Mack; despite their five-year age gap, Alice-Ann knows she can make Mack see her for the woman she’ll become. But when they receive news of the attack on Pearl Harbor and Mack decides to enlist, Alice-Ann realizes she must declare her love before he leaves.

Though promising to write, Mack leaves without confirmation that her love is returned. But Alice-Ann is determined to wear the wedding dress her maiden aunt never had a chance to wear–having lost her fiance in the Great War.

As their correspondence continues over the next three years, Mack and Alice-Ann are drawn closer together. But then Mack’s letters cease altogether, leaving Alice-Ann to fear history repeating itself. Dreading the war will leave her with a beautiful dress and no happily ever after, Alice-Ann fills her days with work and caring for her best friend’s war-torn brother, Carlton.

As time passes and their friendship develops into something more, Alice-Ann wonders if she’ll ever be prepared to say good-bye to her one true love and embrace the future God has in store with a newfound love. Or will a sudden call from overseas change everything?

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My Thoughts

This story’s classic Christian fiction vibe draws readers in with the ease and the intimate style of Alice-Ann’s experiences compares to cherished Janette Oke books. Both the WWII time period and the “coming of age” season of life lend the storyline drama and conflict yet the author beautifully layers additional elements of love, friendship, and faith for an authentic and satisfying adventure of the heart.

Alice-Ann is an average starry-eyed rural Georgia teenage girl at the beginning of this story and (like most of us at that age) she’s convinced that she has the rest of her life all planned out. She’s a responsible and hardworking farm girl who is doing her small part during a tumultuous time in history. Alice-Ann’s family and friends are a supportive bunch though not overly affectionate.

Readers will enjoy the peek at life in rural Georgia during WWII while indoor plumbing and telephones were still making their way into farmhouses and folks often traveled from town to town by bus and train. The One True Love of Alice-Ann will appeal to readers of all ages. I highly recommend it and will definitely be saving it for my daughters’ early teen years.

I requested the opportunity to read this book through the publisher. The opinions expressed are my own.


About the Author

Eva Marie EversonEva Marie Everson is a best-selling, multiple award-winning author of both fiction and nonfiction. She is the president of Word Weavers International and the director of Florida Christian Writers Conference.

She enjoys teaching and speaking at writers conferences across the US as well as coaching new writers via her company, Pen In Hand, Inc.

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In the past, folks were expected to marry in their late teens or early twenties.
In some communities, this tradition holds true today.
My husband and I were 20 on our wedding day.

What say you, reader friends?
Did you marry young? Did your parents?
How old are today’s average first-time bride & groom?

13 thoughts on “The One True Love of Alice-Ann by Eva Marie Everson”

  1. I just got this book off hold from my library. I was sold from the book blurb. Your review makes me think it won’t be as emotionally difficult to read as I first thought. That’ s a good thing. 🙂


  2. Nice review. I’ve added this book to my wishlist.
    I married young. I was 18 and my groom was a couple of weeks away from 23. His job was transferring him from Indiana to Colorado so we got married. Yesterday, 6/18 was our 34th anniversary.


  3. Nice review and definitely a “lovely” heart-tugging book! I’ve never married but my parents married at 18 and 25, and my grandmothers were 14 and 18 or 19 when they married my grandfathers who were, respectively, in their early 30’s and early 40’s.


  4. Thank you so much Beth Erin! As for me, I married in my early twenties (very early… 21) and my husband was in his late twenties (28). Yes, I married an “older” man. LOL We’ve had 38 years together. Ups, downs, and everywhere in between. I wouldn’t trade him for a thing!


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