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Imagination Station series

We’re gearing up for summer reading by featuring recent kids favorites (book or series) from our family’s collection every Thursday in June. The Imagination Station series books are reread favorites for us! Feel free to return the favor and tell us all about your kid lit favorites in the comments!

about the books

When they step into the Imagination Station, kids experience an unforgettable journey filled with action-packed adventure. With each book, readers are whisked away with cousins Patrick and Beth to embark on a new journey around the world and back in time. This easy-to-read (20 book) successful adventure series has now sold over 500,000 books.

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Why we like it…

We first learned of this series through friends of ours. We had a playdate and instead of running wild outdoors (which is their usual practice) the older kids devoured one book after another while a few of the younger ones looked through illustrations.

Each book is approximately 130 pages and the layout is great for younger readers. The illustrations are spaced out every 5-10 pages and range from small items within the text to full 1 to 2-page spreads. Just like the trusted Adventures in Odessey audio and video series, these stories are written from a biblical worldview.

So far, we’ve added the first 12 books to our personal collection and have enjoyed them time and again. We love traveling through time and experiencing a glimpse of history. The kids love the adventure and I love the fact that they are feeding their growing appreciation of history.


Are y’all familiar with Adventures in Odessey? if so, you’ll love the Imagination Station!
Which format does your family prefer? Audio, video, or books?

(Don’t forget to tell us all about your kid lit favorites in the comments!)

4 thoughts on “Imagination Station series”

  1. We LOVE Adventures in Odessey! We preferred the audio and the books! Our favorites are The Magic School Bus, Encyclopedia Brown, The Boxcar Children, and The Sugar Creek Gang, along with so many others!


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